Shubharambh 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja doubts that he is not good

Shubharambh 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gunvant calls Raja and Rani in his room. Gunvant gives Raja’s father’s diary to him and says I never read it, I have saved this for you as it’s a blessing from him. Always take care of it. Raja hugs him and thanks to him. Mehul comes there and says someone attacked Nattu. They see Nattu injured. Hitank says someone attacked him in the shop. Gunvant says we keep having this trouble. Hitank takes him to the doctor. Kirtida tells Gunvant that you gave the diary to Raja and this happened, his kundli is cursed that’s why this is happening. Raja hears it and leaves. Kirtida says will he be affected? Gunvant says he will.

Mehul stops Divya and says Jharna is my wife but we don’t have a relation, I don’t like her. I met you and I fell in love, I didn’t want to lose you that’s why I didn’t tell you before. If you want then I will leave your life. He leaves from there.

Raja reads his father’s diary and recalls his moments with him. Rani comes there. Raja says my father has written about my birth. Tell me about your childhood. Rani says nothing much, I used to like the school food. Raja says I lost everything when my father left me. Rani says I had to snatch everything in life, we are different but we complement each other. Raja says you are right and smiles at her.

Scene 2
Raja opens the shop and it’s renewed. Raja prays to God. The banker comes there and Raja starts opening his account. Gunvant puts his father’s diary on fire in the mandir. He screams. Raja and others run to stop the fire. Hitank throws water on the fire. Raja dozes off the fire and sees his father’s diary burned. Raja recalls Kirtida’s words that he is not good enough.
Rani calls Raja and says what happened? Raja says my father’s diary burned. Kirtida hears it and asks what happened? Did something else happen? Asha says why this is happening daily? Rani says what your diary got burned? don’t worry, mistakes happen. Raja says you are right.

PRECAP- Gunvant thinks that I have to do something big. He makes a chandelier fall on his legs. Raja is shocked and runs to him. They take him to the hospital. Kirtida cries and says this is happening because of Raja going to the shop. Raja looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Verma4

    f**ken moti’s a wanker and a b*t*h.

  2. Is Raja such an stupid guy that he believes everything that fatso & husband ignites in him He is too gullible Every day they are planning an idiotic scheme to destroy Raja Thought Rani was the intelligent one here Asha is just as dumb The shop belongs to Raja he should kick that whole family out on to the streets & business Tired of this cat & mouse scheme Any thing that Mota papa says is so fake

    1. Verma4

      that’s where Rani will come in and give Raja some balls.

    2. Raja is stupid as he has been manipulated his whole life by Mota papa and kirtida

  3. i cant believe some one can b so dumb. as d saying goes is always ur family who do u bad and hate to c u progress not all family like this though. hope rani opens raja eyes and show him who dey really r greedy lying conniving manipulative selfish plp hope he throws dem out when he find out their truth.

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