Shubharambh 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raja to have a new Shubharambh of their lives

Shubharambh 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani and Raja doing puja. Gunvant thinks to kill them both and plans to burn their happiness. He lights the lighter and burns the wine bottle cloth. He walks towards them. Kirtida thinks what is he doing and thinks to stop him before anyone sees him. She walks towards him and falls on him. Gunvant stumbles and the burning bottle falls down from his hand on the ground. The fire catches soon. Rani and Raja get worried for them and run to cover Kirtida and Gunvant. Others set off the fire catching around them. Rani asks if they are fine. Gunvant and Kirtida realize their mistake. Raja asks Gunvant if he is fine and wipes his face. Rani gives water to Kirtida. Kirtida drinks water and tells that she used to regard her husband as her God and became his partner in his crimes, now they have neither money nor family. She says now we have nothing, we had broken Raja’s trust. She apologizes to them and says you have saved us. She says she is apologetic from her heart and says sorry. She asks Hitank’s Papa to apologize to them. Gunvant says I know what to do, you don’t tell me. He goes and brings a stick shocking everyone. He says I have done many mistakes, if you hit me 100 times then also it is less punishment. He asks him to punish him. Raja throws the stick. Gunvant cries and hugs Raja. He says we have done wrong with our children, now I realize my mistake. He says we wouldn’t have been alive, if you haven’t saved us.

Gunvant asks Raja to let them get punished, asks why did you save us? He asks why? Raja says you have realized your mistake and that’s enough. Rani says we will begin our relations, will do shubharambh. She hugs Kirtida. Raja hugs Gunvant. Kirtida apologizes to Asha and asks for forgiveness. Asha forgives her

She wipes her tears. Kirtida says you have proved that you are our real Raja and tells that they will leave here and this will be their punishment. Raja says you don’t have to go from here, this is your house. Asha says how can you leave your Raja here and asks Gunvant and Kirtida, if they will leave their Raja. Gunvant says we have to go and bear the punishment of our sins. They are about to leave. Rani stops them and says elders do the first aarti of God, this is Reshammiya family’s values. Raja says yes. Rani says if the intentions are good then there is no problem to start shubharambh now. Raja says yes. Rani says we shall try and everything will be fine. Gunvant and Kirtida hug each other. They do aarti while the bhajan is played. Rani, Raja and others stand behind. Gunvant says say Lakshmi mata ki jai. Hitank says everything is good if end is good. Gunvant says not yet, I have to fulfill my promise made to my brother. Kesha asks what? Gunvant is about to go. Raja asks where is he going? Gunvant asks him to learn to trust him. He brings shop keys and gives to him. He says you have to handle Raja suits and shirtings shop too, your Papa’s shop is yours. Raja says but. Gunvant asks him not to say anything. Raja hugs him happily. Utsav takes selfie with them.

The show seems to have ended on a happy note with Gunvant and Kirtida realizing their mistake and apologizing to Raja and Rani. ,

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. As whole how is this serial?? Someone pls reply .. Its title song is just awesome-heard it for the first time ystrdy and now iam addicted to it.. When this serial is going to end?? .. Why today’s episode is too short.. Is this the end😒

    1. Shesha485

      Yeah, the show has ended yesterday. Overall, the show was sweet and lovely. This Mihir track was little exaggerated because of Akshit’s illness anyways it is a good watch

  2. Shesha485

    Will miss the show and the lovely pair. All the supporting characters did their roles perfectly. Even the ending was nice…

  3. Can anyone pls translate the title song of this serial for me

  4. It was a very lovely show…hoping there will be a season 2 💖…Only got to know now it finished😑😐

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