Shubharambh 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kritida hints that Raja might commit suicide

Shubharambh 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja is shocked to see his wedding photo. Pavan comes there and asks for the photo. He looks at the photo and says what is this? How did it get cut? Raja hides the scissor that he used. Raja says they sent it like this, maybe customer didn’t want to show their faces. Pavan says to call the customer and tell them that this will be done, he leaves. Raja says I am sorry God, I will tell him the truth soon. Raja thinks Kridita did wrong. Rani was right, I can’t trust you at all.

Raja comes home and shows his wedding photo to Kritida and Gunvant. He says what is all this? I can’t trust you at all. Rani was right. Gunvant says you are lying on your job and we are bad people? If we didn’t tell the truth then somebody else would and you would lose the job at any cost so just take the begging bowl. Raja says let us work and focus on yourself, he leaves. Asha goes behind him. Gunvant glares Kritida and tells her that you think you are intelligent? You should have talked to me. Kritida says I wanted to make you happy. Gunvant says I am already tensed, we have to bring Raja back to the shop. Kritida says he won’t come back at any cost. Gunvant says I will bring him back, Rani is not here right? He gets an idea and smirks.

Asha is going when she hears Gunvant and Kritida talking. Gunvant says they lost their young son. Kritida says I remember their son, he was so happy and then he killed himself because of monetary problems. Gunvant says our kids live in so much stress. Kritida says I have heard another case like this. Gunvant says these kids have storm inside them because of their egos. Kritida says then they take a drastic step by suiciding. Gunvant says that’s why they should talk to the elders. Kritida says I am worried about Hitank and Mehul so I talked to them. Asha is worried to hear that. Gunvant says I don’t like Raja but I am worried that Raja might do something wrong because of this stress. Kritida says he didn’t take the begging bowl, he might take a wrong decision with his life. Asha is shocked and leaves from there. Gunvant and Kritida smirk.

Scene 2
Raja calls Rani and tells her about Kritida’s act. He says leave it and tell me how was your day? Rani says so eventful. I could handle it all. Raja says I miss you. Rani smiles and says useless, say it in style like a movie hero proposing his heroine. Raja says so you want me to shout it to everyone? Rani says no but you can be filmy, she says some filmy lines. Raja laughs.

Asha comes to Raja’s room with milk and is worried. She sees a poison bottle with a letter there. She gets shocked and reads that I won’t have anything left if I don’t have my job so it’s better that I kill myself. Asha says no this can’t be my Raja.

Raja says some poetry for Rani and says I rather die without you. Asha comes there and shouts why are you talking about dying? Raja ends call and ask what happened? Asha says you didn’t take anything right? Raja tells Asha that I am fine but what happened to you? She says nothing but you will sleep in my room tonight, she leaves. Raja calls Rani and says Asha was tensed. Rani says she must be worried about money, we will tell the truth to Pavan when I come back tomorrow and then every tension will be gone.

Kritida and Gunvant come to Asha and hint that Raja might be under stress. Kritida says Raja might take some wrong steps. Gunvant says don’t worry, I am ready to give 50K salary to Raja to come back to the shop. Kritida says it will increase his respect too. Gunvant says I don’t want Raja to look for jobs, you all will remain hungry and Raja might commit some mistake. You are clever so think about it. Asha gets scared and says no I can’t let it happen, I have to do something.

Scene 3
At night, Asha comes to the lounge and sees someone lying in the white sheet. She takes it off to see it’s Raja. She screams and wakes up. Raja asks what happened? Asha says you are fine? Promise me that you will go back to work in your father’s shop. Raja says what happened? Asha says Gunvant wants to give you the shop back with salary, I am worried. They can do anything, please say yes, we can self-respect but we need money. We will have money too. Raja says I don’t want to be their slave. Asha says if you don’t take that job from Gunvant then I won’t eat anything. Raja says did something happen? She says I am not listening to anything, she goes to sleep. Raja says there is something that’s worrying her. Kritida and Gunvant hear them and smirk.

Raja is a video calling Rani. Rani says talk to Asha. Raja brings food for Asha. Rani tries to talk to her and says don’t worry, you can talk to us, you have to eat food. Asha says I don’t want to talk, tell me that you are going to our shop or not? Raja says but.. Asha leaves. Rani tells Raja that we will try again tomorrow.

In the morning, Raja wakes up with Rani’s call. Rani says I was worried about Asha. Rani tells Raja that I feel Kritida and Gunvant are behind this state of Asha. We have to find some clues. Raja checks his room but doesn’t find anything. Rani asks him to check Gunvant’s room. Raja goes and finds his suicide letter with a poison bottle. He says this is my handwriting. This might have been done by Gunvant and Kritida to scare Asha. It says that I will kill myself. Rani is shocked and says they scared her. Raja says I will talk to them. Rani says no we will teach them in their language. I will tell you what to do. She thinks I will teach them a lesson.
PRECAP- Raja comes to the house disguised as a police officer. Kritida and Gunvant get tensed to see him. He says we found a guy near the railway line and I saw his video in which he blamed you for abetting his suicide. Kritida says it’s not our fault but his mother’s. Asha comes there and slaps her. Raja takes off his hat to show them it’s him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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