Shubharambh 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raja get young enterpreneur award

Shubharambh 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir telling Rani that he can’t let his love get bad spot on his love by taking her life. He asks her to go to Raja and asks her to promise that she will never show her face to him. He says Raja will be soon shifted to the ward. Rani runs to the ward. Everyone runs behind Rani. Mihir cries and looks at the glass pieces in his hand. Rani is sitting holding Raja’s hand beside his bed and asks him to open his eyes, says they all are with him. He opens her eyes and looks at Rani. Rani thanks Shrinath ji and cries. Raja says Rani….Asha apologizes to Rani for doubting her intentions. Rani says whatever we were doing is for Raja and asks her to forget everything and not to apologize to her. Gunvant and Kirtida come there and apologize to Raja for his condition. Mihir comes out of hospital and cries, thinking of Rani’s words. He takes out Rani’s dupatta from inside his shirt and tells that today he is taking her memories with him. He puts dupatta on his neck and leaves on his bike.

Rani asks Raja to get fine and come back soon. Raja asks where is that doctor who operated on me, I want to thank him. Rani says he has gone and tells that she will tell him everything later on. Hitank says Rani brought something special for you. Rani goes out. Asha holds Raja’s hand and cries happily. Rani brings the trophy and cheque to Raja. Raja gets surprised. She says I wanted to show you this at home, and tells that they have won and this is their life’s Shubharambh. She says now our dream will be fulfilled of Shoe company. She says they have to do so much work. Raja says they can do anything together.

After a year

Rani gets down from the car holding a trophy and thanks someone. Raja also gets down from the same car and tells that their shoe consignment is sent. Rani gets a call from someone and tells that they will not accept bad quality leather for their shoe company. They come inside. They keep the trophy infront of Shrinath ji. Raja prays to Shrinath ji and says we got young entrepreneur award because of you. Rani says we have gained so much and our business is prospering because of you. She asks him to get them blessed. Asha says you both have also worked hard. They touch her feet. Asha blesses them.

She tells that she has kept puja at home for their achievement and called the neighbors. Hitank and Darshana congratulate them. Asha says your business is prospering and you both are so simple. Raja gives credit to Rani’s parents, Hitank and utsav for their hardwork and Asha for her blessings. They go to get ready. Asha prays to Shrinath ji and tells Servant that the arrangements shall be good. She says I will handle everything. Kirtida comes there and says I will do all the arrangements. Asha recalls Kirtida’s words and asks her to do work, but not to do any mistake. Kirtida finds Gunvant counting some money and gets upset. Raja comes to the room and finds Rani trying to tie her dress lace. He comes to help her. Ang Lagade re plays…….

Precap: Rani tells that everything is fine. Asha prays for their happiness. Gunvant plans to burn everything and destroy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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