Shubharambh 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir lets Rani go back to Raja

Shubharambh 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani gets ready as the bride and sits infront of the dressing table. She gets Mihir’s call and he tells that he is entering OT and just as the operation ends, he wants her to stand infront of OT. Rani ends the call and wear bangles and jewellery. Sajni song plays….while she recalls her marriage with Raja. She thinks she will come there as a bride, but not his bride.

Mihir is about to begin the operation and thinks after today everything will be changed between us. He begins operating on Raja. Utsav asks Hitank where is Rani? Hitank tells that Rani has locked herself in the room and she must be worried about the happenings. Utsav calls her and tells his father that Rani is not picking the call. Mihir operates on Raja, while the latter takes heavy breathe. Rani looks at the poison bottle and says I will come with you, but not alive. She wipes her tears and gets up.

The nurse comes out of OT and then runs inside. Asha says why they are not saying anything, my heart is breaking. They all cry. Just then they see Rani coming there, dressed as a bride. Darshana thinks this might be Mihir’s cheap trick. Asha looks at Rani angrily. Utsav and Rani’s parents look at her. Rani walks past them towards the shrinath ji’s temple. Mihir comes out, looks at her and tells everyone that the surgery was successful and they can meet Raja after he is shifted to ward. Asha thanks Mihir and then Shrinath ji. Rani thanks Shrinath ji and tells that now she has to fulfill her promise.

She feels apologetic to Raja and tells that she has to drink this poison for him. She is about to drink the poison, when Mihir stops her and holds her hand in which she is holding the poison. Rani cries. Everyone looks at them. Mihir looks at Rani in shock. He makes the poison bottle falls down and asks what was she doing, if she has gone mad? Rani says I have promised you that I will come with you, but didn’t promise that I will come with you alive or dead. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Hitank asks what is happening here? Darshana says Rani and Mihir know each other since childhood. They used to stay in the same neighborhood and since then Mihir loves her madly. She tells that Mihir wanted to get Rani and threatened not to save Raja. She says when Rani tried to shift Raja to some other hospital. Rani says Mihir shifted him to this hospital and yesterday, he told me in hotel room that if she wants to save Raja then have to come with him. She says I have to fulfill my promise to save Raja and that’s why it is better for me to die. Hitank says doctor and grabs Mihir’s collar, says you are a devil. Utsav says you are even now cheap. Rani asks Utsav and Hitank to stop and tells that Mihir has saved my Raja’s life so I have to fulfill my promise.

Mihir asks what is all this, you wanted to sacrifice your life for Raja. He asks if she thinks her life is a film and tells Rani’s father that Rani is doing drama even now. He bends down on his knees and says I love you so much, it is my love and stubborness to get you, may be my way to get you is wrong, but I get my love get black spot by taking your life. He says go, I am giving your Raja to you. He says when you can sacrifice yourself then I can sacrifice my love for you. He picks the glass pieces and asks Rani to go to Raja and take care of him. Rani is about to say. Mihir asks her to promise that she will never show her face to him.

Precap: Rani and Raja come home in a big car, talking to their clients. They walk inside and pray to Shrinath ji for getting young entrepreneur Jodi. Rani tells that they have opened their factory and their business is prospering due to shrinath ji;s blessings. Gunvant thinks to burn their factory.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally my favourite show is back on track. I missed rani and raja happy together. Big ups makers. Now waiting for kirtuda and gunwant next evil moves

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