Shubharambh 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raja’s first day at work

Shubharambh 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja tells Rani that he will tell the truth to the shop owner that we are married. Rani says I am not ready to beg to Gunvant and Kritida, we can work hard there and maybe they will change their rules after seeing our hard work. Raja says no, I can’t start a new life with a lie, we will tell them the truth tomorrow.

Raja and Rani come home to see Kritida humilating Asha and telling her to accept the money from the begging bowl. Raja is about to stop her when Rani says no, this is Asha’s test so let her pass it. Kritida tells Asha to take this bowl and I will give 1 lac rupees to you, Raja-Rani won’t know a thing. Raja says Kritida will trap mom. Rani says no, I think mom will not be trapped today. Raja says I can’t see this, he leaves from there. Asha is about to accept the bowl but recalls how Raja had been getting help from God. She throws the bowl away and shouts at Kritida that I did wrong when I didn’t give confidence to Raja to show his right, we won’t lose hope now, we are together now and even God can’t do anything bad to us but you can’t understand as your kids have left you. Rani comes there and hugs Asha happily. Rani says why are you shivering? Asha says I got this courage for the first time. Rani asks her to calm down, we might have lost the money today but we have won our self-respect. Rani says don’t worry, we are with you. Asha says I had some money and I took some money from your room too.. I lost all of that. This Kritida fooled me and I lost everything, I am really sorry. She cries and begs her. Rani asks her to calm down. Rani tells Asha that I have to give you good news. Kritida looks on.

Rani tells Asha that we have got the job at the same place. Raja says but we can’t work there together. Rani says but it’s about 7-8 days until we convince them about our work, we won’t be husband and wife there. Raja says a lie is a lie. They both argue in front of Asha so Asha leaves from there. Rani mistakenly breaks a pot and asks Raja if he is happy now.. she suddenly stops and thinks I am having periods. She looks away and covers herself. Raja says let’s not talk about it as we will fight. Rani is distracted and looks away. Rani thinks I don’t have money to buy sanitary pads. She tells Raja she is coming.

Rani comes to Asha and asks her if she has any pads. Asha says I don’t but you should check with Kesha. Kritida hides and overhears them. She looks at the spot on Rani’s clothes and says you can beg me for one. Rani glares at her and says I don’t need to beg for anything. I will never touch that bowl even if she has to stay at home. Raja hears all of this and is pained to see the situation.

Raja comes out of his room and is in tears. He recalls Rani’s words that they don’t have money to even buy pads. He looks at the watch of his father and thinks.

Rani is trying to control her pain and weeps. Raja comes there and brings some pads. Rani says how did you get the money? Raja says don’t question, just take care of everything. Rani gets up and shyly covers herself. She goes to the washroom. Raja counts the remaining money and says we will use it. He puts in drawer and sighs. Rani comes out. Raja asks if she is fine? Rani nods shyly. Raja says I am sorry you had to bear all that. Rani says don’t say that, we will bear everything if we are together. Rani looks at his wrist and asks where is your father’s watch? Raja says yes, I sold it. What happened to you today shouldn’t happen with any girl. I can’t even fulfill such a small need for my wife and mother. You kept telling me the importance of money but I never listened. You were right, we can’t tell the truth to the jewelers, we will work and then tell them. Rani says you are doing everything a husband and son does for his wife and mother. Promise me to never say anything like that. Raja promises her. They both smile at each other.

Scene 2
Kritida tells Gunvant that they both got the job. Gunvant says to find out where they got the job, I have to focus on my work. Kritida says till Raja was on the job everything was fine. Gunvant glares at her and says don’t run your mind. All know that I run that shop, it doesn’t matter if Raja is there or not.

In the morning, Raja and Rani start leaving the house. Rani says we have to hide about our job from Kritida and Gunvant. Raja says yes, we will tell the truth to the shop owner after 7 days. Kritida hides and hears it. Rani feels her presence but Raja asks her to come, we are getting late. Kritida’s phone rings. Rani hears it but doesn’t find anyone behind her as Kritida hides behind a car. Raja and Rani leave. Kritida tries to follow them but her saree gets stuck. She sees them gone and says where did they go?

Gunvant is working in his shop. A worker is busy. Gunvant recalls Kritida’s words if Raja’s absence is affecting the work? Gunvant shouts at the worker to put the sarees in right rack. The worker says Raja didn’t use to shout at us over small things. Gunvant shouts that I am your boss and I give you the salary. He asks him to look down but the worker doesn’t so Gunvant slaps him and asks him to get lost. He says I will make you dance here if you don’t work.

The owner at the jewelry shop gives the laptop to Raja and shows him the tasks. Rani comes there so the owner says Rani is our new employee, meet Raja. Rani blushes. The owner says your names are Raja and Rani? What a coincidence. Rani greets Raja formally. The owner says you both have first day here so best of luck. He leaves. Rani smirks at Raja. He smiles as she leaves.

Rani is busy at work and gets distracted by her hair so Raja comes there and gives her a hair clip. Rani whispers how you got it? Raja says it was in my bag, it’s yours. Rani takes it. Raja turns around to see the owner standing there. Raja gets shocked. Rani says my clip fell down so he just picked it. The owner says no problem.

Raja and Rani sit at their respective tables to have lunch. Raja sees puris in his lunch and Rani sees veggies in her lunch. Rani whispers sorry I mixed it up. She silently tries to pass her lunch to Raja but the owner comes there and gives Rani some tasks. The owner asks Rani if she is eating veggies only? Rani says I am on diet. The owner nods and leaves.

The worker tells Gunvant that I can’t be slapped for a job, he leaves. Gunvant says get lost, I don’t care. Hitank has spoiled all of them. I can run this shop alone. I don’t need anyone.
PRECAP- A man comes to the jewelry shop. Rani is showing him the designs but he doesn’t like it. Raja comes there and says what kind of designs he would like? He asks Rani to bring tea for him. Rani nods and turns to see Kritida entering the shop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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