Shows you want season 2 for?

Many shows air for a very little time but they have a great impact on us , we start loving the show very much . there are some shows which we badly want to see again , which should have season 2 with the same cast3

Diya aur baati hum:
It was awesome show with awesome cast . it showed the journey of sandhya and her husband suraj , and how sandhya achieves great heights as an ips officer wid the help of suraj and his family . though it was on air for five years , we still miss the show and want season two wid same cast and interesting plots

Ek duje ke vaste:
The plot revolved around two lovers and childhood friends and followed their struggles to unite and be with each other . it had a huge fan following but went off air soon . people have always wanted season two of it

The best show which ended in very short period of time . people loved the chemistry of swadheenta and adarsh , the leads of the show . The series was a romantic courtroom drama and thriller, based in Delhi, which focuses on the bureaucracy of India, how the country works, and the high-level politics that happens behind closed doors with a terrorism angle .

Tashan e ishq:
People loved this show so much . The story mainly revolved around the lives of three characters Twinkle, Yuvraj and Kunj, who at various points in their lives experience variety of emotions including love, betrayal, jealousy, hatred and obsession etc . the show ended on a happy note wid the reunion twinj and marriage of yuvi . but the show and the Jodi of twinj r still missed

Its indeed a sad news for all swaragini fans that the show will be going off air soon . the pairs of swasan and raglak were greatly loved by their fans . the show will be missed by all . it would be great if the makers come up with a second season with the same cast

Nisha aur uske cousins:
It was one of the shows we have seen with a huge fan following . it ended shortly with the happy union of kabir-nisha .

Badtameez dil:
many people loved the Jodi of mehbeer(meher-abeer) , the show went off air in star plus and continued to be on air in hotstar , but it ended soon with the reunion of the divorced couple mehbeer and their son akshat .

there are many more shows which are loved by fans . so which show do u want a season two . vote for this and leave a comment as well

  1. Abirsha

    I want dabh, swaragini and nauc season 2…… I badly miss these shows…..

  2. Hey
    Plsssss I want season 2 for tashan e ishq i am very big fan of twinj aka sidmin So plssssssss start season 2 fr tashan e ishq with sidhanth n Jasmine
    As lead

  3. Want manmarziyan season 2….. Lovely series…

  4. SidMin

    I want season 2 for TEI missing the 3 actors a lot 🙂

  5. As it usually happens couple won’t repeat..yaa we can get actors in other show as d dikkat is that we won’t get that people as a pair & we SwaSanians love #SwaSan a lot ..#HeVa ( Helly Shah & Varun Kapoor ) a lot !! ? Lot se b zyada.. We don’t wanna loose them…not so soon… they r gems??? the decision chnnl has taken ..pissed us very badly ? hmse jitna ho ska hmne kia ? we spammed and it was marked in top trends at 5 the position !! ? still its decided to get Swaragini offair..then we spammed for extension BT no use ..its just that we don’t wanna loose ” Swara & Sanskaar ” and want them back..Want the whole cast back !! ????

  6. Manmarziyan and reporters

  7. Malhotrarochika

    Yrrr i really want tashan e ishq season 2..this dhow touched my heart yrrr i really want this show to come back with nxt season and with the same actors ..jasmin sidhant and zain were awesomeeee and they all looked sooo amazing on-screen ..I MISS THESE ACTORS AND TEI A LOT…LUV THEM TP THE CORE?????

  8. I want swaragini 2 miss swasan

  9. I want swaragini 2 miss swasan

  10. Anshupriya

    I would luv 2 c swaragini n nauc season 2

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    Most of the shows mentioned here deserve a season 2 here. But if I have to choose any 2, I would choose Ek Duje Ke Vaaste followed by Tashan-E-Ishq. But I want the same cast for both the shows if they have season 2. For EDKV, it deserves season 2 the most because the show had to end abruptly due to some reason and trp was not a reason. Even the hero said that he felt bad that they couldn’t show viewers the entire story so EDKV needs season 2 so that viewers can get a chance to know what the actual story was. And fans are still demanding for EDKV s2. Second comes TEI, because this show never ever went out of track , except for once only for the sake to show replacement (they could have replaced normally), it would be best if Sid, jasmin and Zain will be in S2 as TEI was all about them.
    I could have choose badtameez dil or dehleez but I think both the shows managed to show a complete story and also badtameez dil had been on air online after going off air even if It was for 2-3 months. And dehleez was anyways meant for 108 episodes.
    Dabh fans r so lucky that they r getting a S2 of their fav show. I really really wish EDKV have S2 and maybe TEI.

  12. Tei plzzzz it is missed by everyone

  13. Sriya

    Hey! Well I want season 2 of Sr and edkv!

  14. i want only swaragini s2 with tejasswi and helly shah

  15. I want swaragini season 2 to infinity season.I am very much connected with this show & swasan from my mind & heart.I always feel like their story is mine life story.

  16. Kruti

    I so badly want a season2 of TEI with d same cast……It use to be a treat to watch them together
    SIDZAMIN…..the best TRIO

  17. Zuha Fatima

    Well all the shows mentioned here are amazing at there respective places with a great fan following for each!

    But as of everything has to come to its end so the shows ended as well, leaving a few memories for the fans to cherish 🙂

    I would love to see a comeback of Tashan-e-Ishq with its rocking cast.
    This show have us the best couple and the best villain! The chemistry between the leads as much appreciated and YUVRAAJ LUTHRA’s tashan stirred the essence of obsession, madness, and tashan. But after the exit of Siddhant Gupta aka Kunj the show slightly lost its charm but still managed to run for the next 4 months biding us a final bye on 16th September 🙂

    Well now comes the most loved show SWARAGINI…This show rocked like anything…Though the show is ending the upcoming week and a few episode are there to cherish but the last episodes are full of high voltage drama and the romance by the leads. The couples, “Raglak and Swasan” rocked over the heart of the fans. Though the fandom was huge but due to the boring tracks and unnecessary dragging it lost its viewers and resulted in the decrease of TRP! Love u all Raglak aka Temish and Swasan aka VaHe ??

    Would love to watch these 2 shows back again 🙂

  18. Swaragini and edkv .miss swasan

  19. Swaragini season 2

  20. Want swaragini season 2

  21. Jeall

    Manmarzian. Best serial. ???But it’s not in the list???it should be back. #we_want_ardhika_back.

    1. yes , i forgot to add it actually i started writing but did not finish and posted it .as u said manmarzian was an awesome show

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Even I m surprised that Manmarziyan isn’t in this list that show deserved a second season the most even more than most of the shows mentioned in the list

  22. IQRA222

    want swaragini 2

  23. We love our swasan n raglak that’s why we want swaragini season 2 or a new drama with this 4 actor ……. personally I want some college love story between them

  24. We want our was ended very early because of its timings.a very different story which we had never seen.before in hindi soaps.The only show had revenge,love,romance,friendship.

  25. i want manmarziyan and swaragini serials season2. I love the pairs ardhika and swasan respectively. The pairs are just awesome. Manmarziyan is a best story i ever saw. But it ended very soon.swasan are best couple ever i saw. so i want mmz & swaragini 2.

  26. I want season 2 of swaragini, Manmaryan, IPKkND, Ek haseena thi

  27. Swaragini ka season 2 plzzzzzz?? love u swasan…..?

    1. I am really going to miss swaragini badly .love whole cast of the show but mainly teju as ragini and temish as raglak.

  28. I m from bangladeash……..I m mad about twinj aka tashan e ishq….. Anyone can believed that how much
    I cried a lot when sidhant exit of the serial…because I love him to the core that i cant express it…..and no one other actor not a single actor I like over sid…..even I don’t like my countries actor instead of sidhant….even I can’t see him with another girl yesss m very mad and crazy about him….he’s my only and 1 fantasy and dream boy… I always want that tashan e ishq season 2 ….


    1. Shaliniiiii m on d way to rob RBI… will u accompany me? waaaa i will open a new production house n will cast SR whole team … aww SWARAGINI season 2… i want SR 2… !!!

      well jokes apart Varshini ,, i love most of shows u mentioned but if i have choose one among them i will choose only my Swaragini… !!!
      huhh m greedy so much.. so i want all for ev1.. MMZ, D3(Dil dosti Dance) !!
      heyya. !!
      Thnk u dear !!! ;-*

    2. Manasvi

      Even me Kaku dii!!
      I want a season two for swaragini and D3 with he same cast!!

  30. Aasthu

    Why the hell isn’t Manmarziyan in here… was such an amazing show…..and much much better than that badtameeztil……unlike any sas bahu stupidity it potrayed friendship love everything………..Varshini do you have connectios in sp or colors ????? If so plzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz ask fir a season 2 of Manmarziyan with the same cast……please…..

    1. u r right , i forgot to add manmarzian here , i just wrote it but forgot to add it , really sorry . no i dont have any connection wid them , justt wanted to know how many want season two of some of these shows .

    2. Aasthu

      I’m sorry if I hurt r feelings..I was just sad not seeing mmz and also angry that Badta….. found its way here… my opinion MMZ is far better than Badta…. and the best serial I have ever watched……once again sorry….

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