The episodes starts with harman dropping them in college . He leaves for meeting then in whole meeting he does not say anything .

Then in taneja mansion

Twinkle is in her room
Thinking of kunj just then and other side kunj is also thinking of twinkle sajna ve plays. Then naira comes and ask who is that frog who came i mean the boy who came from kunj jiju side. U mean kartik. He is kunj best friend. Oh he is that frog.

Then leela talks with usha that when should we keep engagement usha says i spoke with pandit ji he said next week leela say there isnt much days left then she disconnect the call. Then leela say to twinkle that next week is u r engagement then twinkle say to naira that u stay here till my marriage naira agrees.

Then leela calls someone to give invatation for twinkle engagement. Leela tells com 5.00 to coffe shop.

Then leela calls preeto and tells next week is twinkle engagemnt
so please come with u r family

Then shivaay try is very hard to find about anika
Then he gets to know anika runs a restuarent he goes there to eat she asks what does he wnt eat he just stares then she snaps then he will say anything and then she brings he eat just then he ask her number for ordering food from home she g ives the number

Then om and dev take dadi to the doctor then ishana comes out she slips om holds her then they share eyelock o re piyaàaå…… play then their eyelock break she says thanks and goes dev dadi and om enter dev and sona are suprised to see each other then they say both say tum then dev say come dadi we will go to another doctor dadi says no i will get treated from her only dev goes out and wait sona asks dadi why u grandson is so khadoos dadi says he has forgotten to smile due to a reason.

Then she feels bad for him then in evening in coffe shop leela meets someone guesss who is it and give u r reiviews and comments

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