Which show sequel would you like to see?

Many recent shows have seen the closure, some were expected to shut and some ended before time. The shows were liked by the wide group of audience, yet they did not survive for long by facing the tough competition from other shows airing at the same slots. It was already known that Krishnadasi would be ending to give its slot to Bigg Boss, while Chakravartin Ashok Samrat is also ending as its reaching its Final Adhyay. Everyone will dearly miss the lovely cast of both the Colors’ shows.

Similarly, the viewers missed Vatsel Seth and Ishita Dutta starrer Baazigar. Vatsal’s show was expected to be on air for more time, but Baazigar ended due to low TRPs. Anokhi and Tushar’s pairing in Hum Ko Tumse Hogaya Hai Pyar Kya Karein was much appreciated. The show is ending this week, and giving away its slot to Star’s new starrer Chandra Nandni. Even Sony’s two biggies Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania is heading towards the happy ending. Behadh will be starting on Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania slot, while Ek Duje Ke Vaaste will be on air for few time till a new show gets available. Which show sequel would you like to see? Let us know in this poll by choosing upto two options. You may leave a comment as well.

  1. pls vote for CAS !!!!!

    1. yes pls for chakravartin ashoka samrat. pls pls pls

    2. Vote for chakravatin Ashoka samrat

    3. CAS Always?

    4. Astra

      yup… i vote for cas

  2. Plz everyone vote for ek duje ke vaaste. It’s the best!!!!.just luv the show ??

  3. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste always

  4. pretty preeti

    Edkv edkv

  5. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste always

  6. Priya15

    One n only edkv..we want edkv ..its the best..

    # ProudNamikFanEver..

  7. Krishnadasi ??

  8. Nitha


  9. Komal randhawa


  10. krishnadasi

  11. EKDV always

  12. ek duje ke vaaste

  13. Krishnadasi????

  14. Tara

    edkv.. of course

  15. Maleesha

    The bst of the bst of the bst … KRIISHANDASI.. pLS VOTE FOR OUR KD

  16. CAS!!!!! Vote for Chakravartin ashok Samrat

  17. Krishnadasi only. plz

  18. my Krishnadasi is the best. It should have season 2.plz

  19. Tiyasa

    CAS pls pls pls

    1. Astra

      i did it..cas

    2. Tiyasa


    3. Agreed… ashoka Hai ashoka

  20. Ek duje ke vaaste

  21. prasanna thanniru

    Of course ek duje ke vaaste

  22. prasanna thanniru

    ek duje ke vaaste

  23. Ek duje ke vaaste

  24. Krishnadasi

  25. Ek dujke ke vaaste only so going to miss watching sharvan and sumon

  26. Twinj aka Sidmin

    SHOCKED….TEI is not on the list !?

  27. CAS!!!

  28. Krishndhasi z the best..???Shravan & Sana are adorable,whole cast are so powerfull..I wish best wishes to all my kd entire teamz..Feeling sad?

  29. Devi


    1. Tiyasa

      Yah u are right……
      Nobody will remember Krishnadasi or EDKV after some years but many will remember CAS as it’s a historical serial and most of the actors are fabbbb !!!!

    2. Heyy..Dea..Dont say lyk that..Haan??I should remembr Kd..???Feeling nostalgic???Shravan & Sana..My 1 f the cutiepie couple as Aarya..I can’t able to forget..So @ what stands u say that no 1 will remembr Kd for along??
      Sry,if my words hurt u or ny1..✌

  30. Ruchi

    Ek duje ke vaaste…

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