why do they show crap after sometime??(swaragini)

Hey guys,
This article is not to hurt anyone sentiment but just to put forward my views..all comments are appreciated
Guys I really loved the show swaragini..as it was based on good plot of tale of two sisters but now this show is giving me a headache
First,they have concentrated on swara only…that she is mahaan the great saviour
Second,they had made a damm shit of Ragini make her the worse which no one could be and due to this Tejaswi has left the show which is really correct from her side
Now,dadi…how can a mother led her child to the path of destruction…this is nonsense. How can anyone except dadi n Ragini cannot know dp secret..how they came to know that veil women is kavita’s mother
They had get back kavita…which was declared dead in starting…how could they show such a crap
Guyzz it really hurtful on reading articles which criticize indian daily shows but they show just. A crap…dragging the story like Sasural Simar Ka and Balika Badhu
Guys they should show things which are worthful and new…which can teach us new things…these show just make fun of family love and marriage… This is not fair
It’s a request to you all that please demand for something which is logical and relevant what genre it might be!!!
Guys it us who led them make these nonsense..we should watch something worthwhile
Now , in swaragini
Kavita is returning..already they are dragging the story and now this kavita
Which is really a crap and bullshit!!!,
How can they make someone stoop so low like ragini
Nahh they are just showing which is irrelevant
Guys it’s a request to demand good plot which may recreate us n morale us
This is not to hurt anyone. These are my views and I want to know your views please do comment
Thank you

  1. s i no but i still feel ragin will sonn cm as this show not belongs to swara only they show kavita’s story after that ragini comes back and all happines returns so lets c what the makers do plz wait and c

  2. Yeah your correct they drag the serials. And show us many twists.

  3. actually u r rite…………if they keep on dragging the show like this without bringing swasan together , the audience will show hatred towards the serial ,then trp rating will fall down and that stupid rashmi sharma should close the show…………..the writers of the serial are so much dumb that they cannot think anything different……………………..idiotic dumbos…………if kavita’s going to spoil the unison of swasan then i’m going to stop watching the show….

  4. Yes u r rght

  5. The show has become like other shows…as usual drama…death person suddenly become alive…ragini who was so nice and pure hearted, now is evil minded…swara has become typical dil…totally illogical things..just dragging it and giving the audience irritation…headache ???

  6. Yeah i too agree..
    What a nonsense..yaar this show makes sister bonding as hell…
    There many serial like ek harzoon,
    sasural smirr,kanchana sisters, but they little bit fight r crate misunderstns only..but this one
    really sadd..
    Why don’t you mak twist like bcz of kaveri rag track the evil path to sav the family i mean kaveri had a strong proof against dp but it’s a lie without know that rag choose the way…exc…
    But this

  7. yeah i’m in ur side.. we can demand,…
    n this kavita she hugged sans.. in front of swara.. n sans reciprocated it..
    what the hell yr????????????

  8. u r right.someone back from the death???never impossible in real life and kavita died in sanskar’s arms.didnt he check whether she is alive or dead??and now she is back after so many years at the spot when swasan are fighting to unite.dadi is totally misleading her lado.and ragini!!!i wonder how the hell can a person stoop so low.this plot is making me cry a lot as swasan are not uniting,swaragini relation has been broken.its swara vs ragini.the name shows love between sisters but this is opposite.how can they turn ragini so evil that all wanna kill her.if she changes into positive then how can anyoone believe her again??moreover if ragini quits the show then wt is the use of swaragini???

    and most tension taking thing is kavita!!!ragini and the veiled lady(kaveri) will dance in the party and will reveal the secret and kavita will enter and hug sanskar.swara will be shocked and sumi will take her back to home.dude i wish kavita atays positive and unites swasan as she will also be shocked to know that sanskar has moved on in life………

    will someone plzzzz tell me whether kavita will play the role of a cameo or not as i ve heard that she will unite swasan but kaveri(her mother) will be negative only……..

    1. kavita will play only cameo role but donno abt her mom

    2. all they r showing is only crap………………….

  9. You are really correct dear .Iam with u

  10. Sry FOR WHAT I AM SAID..
    AND ALSO..
    Bcz don’t do the relation bad..
    U know even more than flim
    serials makes differents in people life..if you do like rag too evil
    it will affect society too..fr society sake change rags evil thinks
    SRY once again..

  11. I support u…

  12. I agree with you semma.

  13. I said sry for to interrupt the creator..for distract his decision..
    Not for my thinkingsss..
    I know everyone has rights for do whatever their wish..
    But it’s also important don’t hurt relationship thingingss..respectss..

  14. Jyotika patel

    Kavita is positive

  15. I completely agree with you

  16. sorry if i hurt people’s feeling, but i feel they destroyed both sisters characters not only ragini:

    Ragini: Starting she was not given freedom to speak up her views and her decisions then she was used by laksh with his family support, her own sister fell in love with laksh. She can’t forget laksh, try to destroy her sister image and kill her, felt insecurity about loosing laksh.Then gets insulted for her actions because over action of the family, no one tries yo understand her views or point except her sister n mother, so she felt her sister wants to enter good books by using her and irony is even then she has feeling for laksh after getting insulted and make him understand her pain by playing with feelings of 3 people. Then gets kidnapped by her so called love. Then she rewinded her life found that laksh n family is the reason of her unhappiness n her attitude change.
    Basically she does not know how to express her feelings, and due cv’s grace she will never know how to express her feelings.

    Swara: Happy going girl, knows things only which ragini doesnt know. Wants to unite her family and save ragini from laksh. laksh uses her family to break off engagement with ragini. Some how manages to unite family, by giving second chance to laksh. Gives hope to her sister about laksh. Then falls in love with him as if he is the only guy in the world. Her sister tries to destroy her image and kill her off. She comes back to unite her family by exposing her sister.she wants family to give second chance to her sister because of her guilt in return her sister tries ruins her image infront of family. Sent to jail by her family, in process magically forgets her love for laksh and starts loving her husband, but lady is not given second chance by him and thanks to her sister got divorced with sanskar.
    Basically in process of finding happiness she lost everything including her so called brain, thanks to cv’s she will never gets it back, and their is no wonder if she gives another chance to her sister.

  17. thank uhh guyzs….I wasn’t expecting positive feedback. .bt everyone thinks the same…now its are duty to demand for some good shows…n stop watching the non sense.
    YYYY: thank uhh
    shruthikasyap: I wish the same
    swetha: yup they are dragging n thanks for supporting me
    Honey:thanks dear
    Shabrin: thanks dear…this is reason I wrote my article
    Geethu:I wish the same dear
    Kritika:thanks for supporting me….so I wanna ask how we should demand for good shows??
    angel; yupp dear they show seriously nonsense
    lilly: thanks dear for supporting me…
    geethu:yupp dear that why I want that we should demand for good shows!! n thanks for supporting me
    jyotika: I wish the same
    surbhi:thanks dear for your support

  18. Sriranjani:thanks dear
    tasfia:thanks dear
    Aditya : uhh r right!! this is such a crap

  19. i agree with you angle .hw can a dead people can live alive.iam watching for swaragini sisters sentiment.nw the show s gng another side.if sanskar see kavitha means wht will happen to swara.

    1. yeszz they are dragging it to a high level

  20. i agree with you.dragging

  21. Yes I agree u all what the creatives r showing its unbelievable, we want a relevant n good story.

  22. even i feel d same thing… i stopped watching d serial and Im reading only ffs. they are far better than the serials

  23. I feel the same
    I have stopped watching d serial now I m. Reading ff only
    I totally to you seema

  24. yeah .. u write a good thing . even i think same . i want ragini positive and reuoin swaragini

  25. Yr tejaswi was my fav since 2612….nd what a crap….frst mahan swara thn -ve ragini nd sanskar nd laksh both love swara only….srsly….nd teju is leaving….thank god….she should not return…thn the makers will see how swaragini works without ragini…..nd if this happens then they definately gonna show LakIta (laksh nd kavita)…..

  26. Yeah seema all your views are 100% true but what I think is we should just wait for a good track ……if the writers wish then they can make the show better like uniting swasan or turning ragini positive….. So till a good track and till this kavita track is not over I am on leave….. But many other shows like tashan e ishq are really nice I think u all should watch that show …… I even think that this colors serials are all bullshit like sasural simar ka , balika vadhu even that udaan and meri aashiqui tum se hi !!!!!

  27. guys i think u should watch something like naagin its a good show so far

  28. Yeah I agree with you this kavita track is just crap

  29. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    you are wrong in point alone…..
    in swaragini also swara is traditional now and psycho ragini is modern………..
    just like all the serial…………

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