Short review about Imlie serial for fun

hands down , guns up 🙂
this is imlie universe. not our world , accept it after 389 episodes , please 🙂
superman can fly , kick buildings , can do big waves at sea with his fart you know.
imlie can here do many things beyond us , the normal humans.
you buy furniture . they have their own purposes.
serial bought t-family as a speaking furniture.
they are silent if required like ten episodes.
they can create trouble , when we dont need any.
they act against peace , oppose everything.
When you don’t want it to go wrong, the t-family will go wrong.
If aditya wants imlie, they will fire imlie.
If imlie gets unwanted, they become her best friend.
their purpose of existence is to cause trouble and oppose to the flow of the river.
malini mostly acts good as bad.
She’s our beauty queen, psychopath mix.
Most are waiting for her redemption
because indian audience likes to say
”if she’s beautiful then the rest doesn’t matter. ”
some will have touchy reactions, but that’s their common trait.
you know jasmin/udariyaan or ram/ bade … she is best evil , he is stupidest ceo but,
doesnt matter. she is beautiful for them. he is handsome for them.
we can find many examples but its imlies turn.
many spectators doesnt care to seperate things , remember incidents if they like character.
some of them said imlie should ousted from the show.
you know, show named ”imlie”
about logic , consistency
writers, producers :
”whaaaat, why???
we sell, they buy. we dont need them.”
old aditya :
impressive presence.
many gave him credit for his past.
in imlie he showed limited acting capabilities entirely.
new aditya :
i think he is giveaway.
mostly he uses only one camera angle and one expression
(Pakhi/ghkkpm is acting better then him ,
actually she has been choosen beyond zero acting prize.)
show some respect and effort to your presence in a hit show ,buddy.
and surprise us , please.
Our girl, who tries to live the way she feels,
does not know the rules of the city or the devils,
and does not care much when she understands.
she has her own way to walk .
she makes many mistakes , yes , but some are prices of choosing , some are experiences.

we like her accomplish the missions with choosing stupid ways.
(honey hunt, first meeting with dev, muddy car , head to the bullet , …)
we like her free , innocent , a little rude spirit
we like her groving.
we like sumbul acting…

she can handle many hollywood projects , unlike others.
she lacks general beauty standards for hindi audiences , but world cinema doesnt care for it.
all the best.
get rid of adi
Let malini try to take revenge on imlie with all her money and power.
In the meantime, let her find the right way , redemption and becoming best friend of imlie.
Let imlie progress step by step in the sea of friendship-love with aryan.
let her continue to develop and grow with various races, missions and challenges.
Isn’t she a journalist, you can make hundreds of topics.
What’s the point of getting stuck in a stupid aditya topic?
isnt 400 episodes enough?

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