totally insane topic. i must say it will be first shivri fan made story. i don’t know what will i do when shivikians and rikarians say …i know they must say that i am spoiling brother sister bonding.. first thing i must say haters stay away!!!

i will start these tales by tuesday hope all like this…entirely different from entire story of ishqbaaz and its casting…please guys i dont know that all fans can’t bear this.anyway i lke this and i made a cover…i didn’t decided any titles..

titles are accepted for this story

hope you all like this… i dont know who to mention this story..

character sketch

shivaay singh oberoi :- a bussiness man stone hearted pearson but certain changes happens when a girl enters to his life

gauri kumari sharma::- cute chabby girl.. boys will melt when see her eyes… great workshipper of lord shiva

obros are there but anika no if you want let me think… anyway rest of characters are same in the show no changes only for anika..

sorry that am i hurting shivikans and rikarians both are my favourites… dont underestimate.. totally new concept me no for you and the producers…hope you all like this

till then

tata bye…

with regrads


  1. Aafiya

    It looks very much interesting…
    Looking forward for the first update..
    All the best for the updates..
    Take care…

    1. Criz

      thankyou aafiya

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Interesting… Looking forward for the updates…

    1. Criz

      thanks ruby

  3. Nikita_jai29


    1. Criz

      thankyou nikita

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Hai Dear..I personally am a Shivikan..Par i love these two also..they look cute together..Will be looking forward to the Update..

    1. Criz


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