Shivi love story OS part-2

(shiva wakes up and sees himself tied on a chair and his mouth is covered with a tape in a nice house ………..but he gets major surprised seeing raavi having her food nicely enjoying …….he tries to seek her attention by trying to untie himself or moving chair)

Raavi: why are you wasting your energy the knot is tight you can’t run ……..let me have last two spoons I haven’t had such good appetite from past few days and also I need more energy to handle you ………I know I know you have many questions I am coming just keep calm

(She finishes her food and goes near him with trying to be less scared ……

Raavi: I got to know about the truth that day …………I am sorry shiva that I didn’t listen to you …………..but why didn’t you trust me and why did you raised a question on my character …….can’t you just say me truth that day ………but you only wanted to end our relation

(He looks at her surprised when she says sorry but later sees her furiously ……and ask raavi to remove the tape ….and so she does)

Shiva : I don’t need your sorry …….nor I will say sorry because that day I realized we can never stay together …..and why are you doing this do you think I won’t divorce if you force……(
Before he complete his words she puts the tape back on his face

Raavi: this is why I tied you like this As I know you won’t let me complete my words and you will either runaway or will say hurtful things……..why don’t you understand shiva ……why do you want us to get divorce when you love me …..why

( shiva gets shocked and then she again removes his tape thinking at least after this he would confess but he gets furious )

Shiva: who told you that I love you because I don’t and however I am stupid fool, junglee and illiterate person so why do you even want to stop the divorce why don’t now go and marry whoever you want too

(She gets angry and then unties him )

Shiva : i told you we can never be together so stop doing such things

( and he goes to door leaving Raavi with teary eyes but to his surprise the door is lock from outside)

Raavi : what did you thought that I will let you go this easily after doing so much…..and if you think to break the door just remember this is krish’s friends house and also we are far away from Somnath and your bike is not their too and seeing the whether it’ll rain soon

( and suddenly it starts raining )

Raavi : if you think to run away from window then are sure…………that you want to leave me alone at night and at this isolated place that too in rain …..

( shiva starts searching for his phone )

Raavi: are you searching for phone…then don’t put so much efforts as krish took our phones and your bike locking us from outside…she smiles evilly

( flashback
Raavi analyses shiva’s changes after marriage and he only got angry again when Sneha told her and he read diary and she also remembers that he was trying to say something at reception she writes everything in that diary and later calls krish to help her talk to shiva and he remembers …..later she says that I wish if I can tie shiva and make him listen to her and talk properly for once ….then krish rememberers the time when he tied shiva actually for saving him from officers …so they made this plan but krish says it’s very very risky as he will kill me if he got know later …Raavi says I am their na I’ll make sure of your safety and then she thinks in her mind that “ishq hai toh risk hai “ )

( shiva hold her angrily )

Shiva : what do you want? why are doing this Raavi? why ….,why are you making things more tough for me ……what do you want to hear that I love you ….yes yes I love you ….that I am hurt more than you for saying those nonsense words to you, do you know how much I am dying inside for hurting you and making your life mess, do you want me to confess that I am madly in love with you that I can’t see you getting unhappy in our marriage…..and that I want to see you with a guy who deserves you …..are you happy now ……now you can make fun of me now you can say everyone that this illiterate fool loves you now are you satisfied

( Raavi gets happy seeing him confess and cries happily looks at him lovingly but cries more seeing him taking it everything wrong way …after saying everything he leaves her and turns his face away and cries ….Raavi breaks down and falls on ground )

Raavi: I love you shiva

( he turns and looks at her who is still crying and he too sits down in his knee and holds her )

Shiva : can you stop now ….can you stop making fun of my love I know you don’t love me.

Raavi : why you can love me but I can’t love you ……I realised late…….(she holds his collar) but I love you shiva I really really love you ….i didn’t even feel much broken when dev left me alone in mandap but do you know when i sign those divorce papers i felt something got broke inside me it was so suffocating that i didn’t want to live anymore …….I don’t know when but I got habit of the smell of oil and masala , i got so used to fighting with you that I can’t sleep without having a fight with you , I don’t know when your presence got so important that being alone without you thought made me die every second…

(she realses him crying but he holds her, wipes her tears )

raavi: i really love you shiva

shiva: i love you too raavi

(The song yuhi re yuhi re starts suddenly he kisses her on lips and she reciprocates it later …..then after a min both leave each other and Raavi shyly runs towards the window and tries to calm down and distract herself so she enjoys watching rain …..from behind shiva comes and holds her waist was about to kiss on shoulder but she splashes the rain water on his face she laughs and turns towards him and he then holds his waist again and this time more closer and tighter, Raavi’s hands on his shoulder…..he comes closer and Raavi closes her eyes he kisses her forehead and then holds her in his arms takes her to the room and makes her lie on the bed and moves forward to kiss her she shyly turns and he starts kissing his back and removes her dhupata unzip half the dress and she turns back he then kiss her forehead again)

Shiva : thank you for falling for me and coming into my life

Raavi : thank you for being my life

(She kiss his forehead and the so on continues and they complete their marriage in every terms …….and it’s morning they sleeping in each other’s arms naked covered with quilt….Raavi wakes up and smiles seeing shiva she recalls their life journey till now and kiss his cheeks and was about to leave but he holds her waist and moves her more towards him and makes her hair strands behind her ear with another hand)

Shiva : if you want to kiss me then do it properly

Raavi : shiva…..let me go

Shiva : for few minutes please I don’t remember when I had such good sleep

Raavi :if you want to sleep then go ahead but let me go as krish will be coming soon to pick us
He then leaves her and she gets ready and ask him to get ready too later when he gets ready

(he sees Raavi dressing up in front of mirror)

Shiva :if you don’t mind can I put sindoor and make you wear mangalsutra as at our wedding nor you and I was ready so it meant just like rasam for me but now I know it’s importance and seeing wearing those makes me happy so may I

Raavi : I was about to ask you the same and that’s why I was waiting for you ….one more thing this is your right and I am yours too so you don’t permission for it

He then makes her wear both and kiss her forehead after it and they both hug each other ….after that when both comes out sees a carry bag hanging near window with a letter from krish saying that sorry bhabhi but I won’t come in front of shiva he will kill me so I am keeping your phones and bike keys here and also this way you guys can spend more time alone …. Raavi laughs reading it)

Shiva: I won’t leave krish for sure

Raavi: dare you do anything to my devar

Shiva :wasn’t Dhara bhabhi enough that you are also taking his side

Raavi : think if he had not help me then today we would have not been together

Shiva : fine but this is the last time I am leaving him

Raavi: okay now let’s go our home
Shiva: yes let’s go to our home
One year later
Suman: where is everyone ….we are getting late for puja ….krish go to everyone’s room and call them.
Krish okay maa
he goes
gaura’s room
dhara: today I got so late maa will scold
gautham: don’t worry you got late as you were making vansh (gaura’s child) ready … your gajra
dhara: now you became father so you won’t put gajra on my hair anymore
gautham: it’s not like that ….i just thought you will then scold me for getting late …..come I’ll put on your hair
(he was about to put but suddenly hear’s krish knocking and drops the gajra)
Gautham: who is it
Krish enters the room
Krish : it’s me maa is asking everyone to come down soon ……but why is gajra on ground ….looks like something was happening which kids should not see so let me take vansh with me
Gautham: krish you will stop your nonsenses or should I
He runs taking vansh with him
Devrishita’s room
Rishita : dev please move I have to get ready
Dev: you look so good what’s there to get ready more
Rishita : dev … know I am fasting so don’t make angry as I am already irritated due to hunger
Dev : okay
He then sees her struggling with zipping her blouse so he goes and does and was about get romantic but hears knock on the door
Dev : who is it
Krish : it’s me and vansh ……
Dev : why are you here
Krish: maa is calling you guys to come soon ……but seeing you nervous so much looks like I came at the wrong time ……gosh can you guys …
Dev: will you go yourself or should I
Krish runs from their too
Shivi’s room
Raavi: can’t you wait till I get ready
Shiva : wait then I’ll never get ready ….and by the way I just need a minute to comb my hair can’t you……
Raavi: dare you say anything ……and if you want to get ready so much then why don’t you come before ahead …..and if you have so much problem with me why do you stare at me so much after I get ready … always forget to blink your eyes too
He holds her from waist
Shiva: because I know you put so much efforts for me so why can’t I stare at you ……
And he was about to kiss her on cheeks but hears a knock on door both gets separate
Shiva: who is it
Krish: it’s me and vansh ……maa is asking you guys to come sooner …….but now not you guys… too…..looks like every couple has to get romantic at puja time only
Shiva: krish…
Krish : before you throw me out I’ll leave okay
He goes to Suman
Suman : aww my Vansh is looking so cute give him to me krish
Krish gives him to Suman
Suman : what happened why is your face like that and did you call everyone
Krish : yes maa I called everyone but from next I won’t go to call them
Suman :why what happened
Krish : that …..
Gautham : Yaa krish what happened
Dev : Yaa what happened
Shiva : Yaa what happened
They all together surrounds and Dev and shiva put their hand on his shoulder
Krish : nothing…since you all came so shall we go to do puja in new branch of Pandya store
All :Yaa
The all go and do the puja then they dance on maiyyah Yashoda ( well it’s my wish specially after havelli track to have all the three couples dance on it as their is some similarities between hum saath saath hain and Pandya store ) they dance similar and in order like Saif Karishma – shivi, Salman Sonali- Dev rishita, mohnish tabu – gaura
Suman : now all four of you can break your fast and eat ….
Suddenly both rishita and Raavi faints luckily they were standing with their respective husbands Dev and shiva holds them on time…….they then make them lie in bed and calls doctor for check up
Suman : I was sure that rishita might faint as she can keep fast for much long and work too plus in that situation …but I didn’t expect Raavi to be weak like her…hope everything is alright ….both wakes up and Dhara makes them have sugar water but they ask for lemonade….the doctor comes by the time and says congratulations you both are pregnant …..everyone gets happy and in excitement shiva hugs Raavi and Dev hugs rishita infront of everyone ……krish coughs to alert them and they move back ……
Suman : now I can die peacefully after seeing your father’s dream getting fulfilled and seeing my grandchildren
Everyone :maa don’t say like that
Dhara : you have to raise them and have to raise krish’s children too
They all have a family hug
With the song in bg yaadon ki baraat nikali hai aaj


  1. Arshiya_princess

    So I hope you all liked it let me know in comments below
    And honestly I feel like they’re dragging the divorce thing as till now they didn’t drag any track so much and then they say it’s not totally based on shivi everyone has their equal contribution………plus I hate the fact that Dhara and Dev doesn’t care that shivi love each other or not but should stay together and happy in front of them as because of them they got married so they feel only guilty……….I am mean can be less shameless…..she asked Raavi to not divorce and try forgive shiva how can a lady forgive the question raised on her character…..and if she so much wants it she can go make shiva say sorry she can make him marry her and apologies rishita then why not now …….and Dev is just selfish for wanting them to be happy because he can be guilt free
    I just want shivi to have a happy reunion soon and let this guilty people realise that just because they are guilty they can’t force people to stay happy
    And why everyone says that gaura married each other in similar type of situation they got married when Dhara without any pressure accepted gaumbi and more importantly they were good friends

  2. Please update the next episode

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