Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Anokhi gets the job

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya, Tej and board members checking applications. Tej favors Vedika. The lady says sorry, Anokhi Bhalla has topped all the subjects. Tej gets angry and says she is Saberwal, not Bhalla, if we give this job to our bahu, it will look that we are favoring her. Shaan says we are seeing her qualifications, I think we should give her a chance. The ladies agree. Alok says we should see that with a different angle, she is newly married, she has pressure being a new bahu, she won’t be able to give her 100% to this job. The lady says but Anokhi has applied for this job. Shaan says we never looked at the marital status of the candidate before. Tej asks Shaurya what is his opinion. Shaurya recalls Devi’s words.

Aastha says I m also worried now. Anokhi says if Shaurya rejects my application, then there would be a big reason, I will accept his decision. Shaurya says I agree with Shaan and others, I had been Anokhi’s professor, I know she can do multi tasking, she can fulfill her responsibilities well, I think she is the best candidate. Tej says he is candidate’s husband, we can’t count your vote. Shaurya says even then majority is in Anokhi’s favor. Tej signs the papers. Anokhi says I had drawn my dreams n a paper, see this. She shows a drawing. She says I want to open a public institute to provide low cost education, I will name it Bhalla institute, I will dedicate it to my mum and dad, I want to open doors for many Anokhis, I got support from Aastha and Shaurya, every girl should get support. Aastha says you work hard and stick firmly to your dreams, your journey will be tough. Anokhi says I know, so I m taking slow steps, I will reach my destination. Shaurya comes and says actually…. He gives an envelope. Anokhi smiles reading the letter. He says congrats, welcome onboard. Anokhi hugs him. He says its college, what are you doing. Anokhi hugs Aastha and Reema.

Devi says I thought Shaurya will think of my words. Alok says we have to play a big game. Devi says I have seen them fighting, they are stubborn and have much ego, ego burns a relation, we have to hurt their ego and then they will be drifted apart. Shaurya comes to the room. He sees a romantic surprise. He sees the red flowers and balloons decorations. Anokhi comes. Shaurya says if you are doing this because I considered your application, then I m not responsible for it, you deserved it. She says I didn’t do this to thank the board director, but to spend quality time with my husband. He says not bad, its your job’s orientation tomorrow, you may get late. She says don’t worry, I will reach on time. He says okay, I went against Tej and Alok to support you, I feel you can get stressed, can you manage. She says I can manage everything, please stop these boring talks now. He says okay. He plays a romantic song. She asks him for a dance. Yeh moh moh ke…..plays…

She says we will always solve our fights and sleep. He asks why will we fight. He says okay, promise. She says promise. They hug. Its morning, Anokhi prepares the breakfast. Devi asks her to prepare salad and add lemon. Anokhi says yes. Devi says we have to see this everyday, food in one hand and book in another. Gayatri asks Anokhi to be careful. Devi says you will fall when you step in two boats, leave the job, and focus on your family. Anokhi says sorry. Devi says go and get medicines from my room. Kanchan says wait, I will get it. Devi asks is your name Anokhi. She instructs Anokhi and gives her more cooking tasks. Anokhi says I had checked temple diya in the morning itself, juice is ready for you. She gets the juice. Devi asks her to pay the telephone bill while going to college. Anokhi says I will do it online. Devi says we can also do it online, I want stamped receipt of this bill, it should be done today.

Tej says see the time, entire staff is here, Anokhi is missing, I had told you, a married girl can’t do this job. The lady says its time for orientation and lecture. Shaurya says Anokhi is punctual, she will come. The lady says students are waiting for us, give her the papers. Everyone leaves. Shaan says I m also getting late, ask Anokhi not to do this again. Anokhi comes and says sorry. She sees Shaurya and asks where did everyone go. He asks what’s the time, we can’t wait for you all day, you know who embarrassing this is, I told you that you need to reconsider your decision if you can’t manage your work and house. She says I was ready, Devi was giving me tasks. He says of course, you can’t be wrong, Devi is wrong, I m proved wrong here, everyone left, fine if you can manage this, else change your decision. He leaves the papers on the table. Anokhi cries and says its fine, I can’t lose so soon, I have to fulfill my dreams somehow. Anokhi comes home. Devi stops her and says get all your official documents, I m sure you won’t have your passport, get other IDs. Anokhi asks why. Devi asks can you do anything without questioning. She says we need your documents to change your name from Anokhi Bhalla to Anokhi Shaurya Saberwal, go and get documents. Shaurya says its fine, I got your documents, what happened. Devi says Bhalla will be removed and Saberwal will be added. Anokhi says no, I will not change my name into Anokhi Shaurya Saberwal. Shaurya looks on.

Shaurya says what’s the problem if our names are linked. Anokhi says I m not your property, why is everyone after me. Devi asks Shaurya what did you think. Shaurya says you can change the name. Anokhi looks at him.

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  1. can understand shauryas worry for anokhi that can she manage all her duties like studying ..ghar ki kaam and her job..there is a solution…why should anokhi alone should the household work…can understand baadi ma doesnt allow other ladies to help anokhi..shaurya should see this…i think shaurya and anokhi should share their household work ..household work is not only meant for ladies…even men can do it…whole household duty shouldnot be on anokhi… i think they should share it…after all they are partners.. or they can hire a maid for help.
    And about devi cant she do her needs by herself (like cookin task)…god gave her ability to walk and hands..why she is depending on anokhi…uffff..anokhi should understand that badima is just trying to trouble her.
    on telephone bill….if i was in anokhi’s place i would try to reach the meeting first because always reaching to the meeting is much important kyunki we cant make others wait for us…that too very first day.and if i go to pay the bill there is much chance to get late due to queue.
    After the meeting she could share about the telephone bill payment with Shaurya..He would pay the bill or she herself can go and pay the bill soon after the meeting.

  2. Devi is a snake ,evil
    Want shaurya and anokhi to drift apart which will never happen
    Such cute moments and naturally done
    Love this soap

  3. Maha914

    I Absolutely agree with you tm, about AVM’s line from IPZN. but this Badima is so evil, she want’s her son’s happiness when it is in anokhi, she can’t bare , how evil she is.
    But no sooner we have to say goodbye to our beloved serial Saakk
    i wish ki koi miracle hojaye aur show off air na ho

  4. Jayanyi Seeram

    Devi is so evil can’t wait for Alok to be exposed. Anokhi should go to the meeting first and then see about the bill preferably do it online. The writers are in shock so things going haywire. Only a few episodes left so let’s enjoy. Let’s see two weddings of Aastha and Babli

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