Shastri Sisters 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal applying ointment to Minty’s hand. She cries and says she is very much hurt. Leela asks Minty did Anu do this intentionally. Minty says no, this is not Anu’s style to backstab, there is something else, Anu is not well, she fights directly, and can’t hurt anyone. She defends Anu. Leela tries to make her against Anu. Minty says no, Anu can’t get her anger out like this, I did not see her misbehave like this before, did she have any fight on Rajat, he will get in tension, I have to find out whats the real matter. She asks Kajal what is she thinking. Kajal says yes, I can’t let you have tension. Minty goes to call Sareen and inform him.

Anu sleeps in her room. She says why don’t I remember anything. Minty asks Rajat did he fight with Anu, because of her. Rajat asks what is she saying, we did not fight, what happened. Minty says why is she behaving like mad. Kajal says yes, Anu made hot tea fell on Minty;s hand. Rajat says I will take you to doctor. Minty asks him to take Anu. Anu comes and asks what did I do. Rajat says you burnt mum’s hand by the tea. Anu says what and sees Minty’s hand. She says I don’t remember and holds her head.

Kajal says how can this happen. Anu says Rajat, I don’t know anything, I did not do this. Minty says take her to the room, maybe she will get fine by resting. Rajat takes Anu. Kajal smiles. Anu tells Rajat that she does not know. Kajal says Anu is acting, did she lose memory, she is doing this to bring out her anger, think my mind this time. Minty looks on. Rajat pacifies her. Anu asks him to go for work, she will call Devyaani if she needs. He says I will come back soon, and hugs her. Kajal brings tea for them and gives the drugged tea to Anu. Rajat’s tea cup falls and Anu asks him to have her tea. Kajal gets tensed and says its less sugar tea, he can’t drink it. She asks him to take Minty’s tea, she will make another one for her. She asks Anu to have her tea cup. Anu drinks the tea and Kajal smiles.

Astha says she is sad and feeling hungry. She goes to fridge and eats an apple at night. She gets shocked seeing Sunil. He says its me Sunil. She faints down. He holds her. Alka asks Sunil to stay here. Sunil says I did not come to stay, you called me so I have come, if my doubt is right, I will make her sign the divorce papers this time. Its morning, Alka and Rohan wait for Astha to wake up. Astha thinks to end her drama as Sunil is back. Sunil comes there and looks on. Astha says Sunil and sees him. She hugs him. Alka tells her how she was referring to Rohan as Sunil. She says its all because of Sunil, I was in shock, now everything will be fine and hugs him. Sunil says Alka has called me so I came to help.

He says she was seeing him in Rohan, this looks her plan and asks her to sign the divorce papers, he is not related to her and asks Rohan not to keep any relation with her. He says he is his elder brother so he is warning them against Astha. Minty asks Rajat to take care of him and asks about Anu. Rajat says she is sleeping, its okay. Anu asks Kajal to wake up Anu and she should say bye to her husband. Anu gets restless in sleep.

Minty falls by the oil. Kajal says Anu has made her fall by the oil. Anu brings ointment and Minty asks her to be away. Anu reacts angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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