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|| Neem is bitter but it has qualities to heal people. Similarly, truth is also bitter but it never harms anyone. Shani teaches that truth may be bitter but accepting it brings good results only ||

Shani and Narayan are walking. Earth begins to shake and also explodes as Devi Parvati’s anger keeps increasing. Shani points out at the same. Narayan tells him that they will have to hurry up. We will have to meet Gajasur asap. Gajasur greets them just then. Why are you guys looking for me today? Shani replies that he is Karamfaldata. It is time for Mahadev’s boon to come true but you will have to give your head to fulfil the boon. This way Mahadev and Mata Parvati’s son can come back to life. If you do it willingly then you will be the most intelligent and will always get Mahadev’s love as you will be always near him. Gajasur replies that he has been waiting for this day. There cannot be a better blessing for a Mahadev’s devotee. My head will always remain on his son’s head. Shani and Narayan smile. Gajasur agrees to give his head willingly. Narayan suggests Karamfaldata to cast his Drishti on Gajasur. Shani does as told. Narayan increases his size and Vakra Sudarshan appears in his hand. It beheads Gajasur. Mahadev gets emotional hearing his sound.

Shani brings Gajasur’s head in a plate before Mahadev. Mahadev gets teary eyed. Shani requests him to calm Devi Parvati now. Mahadev fixes Gajasur’s head over Vinayak’s body and calls out to Mata Parvati. She appears there visibly angry. Is my son back? Where is he? Shani tells her that Vinayak is ready to meet his mother. He moves aside and Vinakay steps forward. Vinayak requests his mother to calm down. She calms in an instant and returns in her normal avatar. Vinayak rushes to hug her. Everyone smiles seeing their reunion. This is you right? Vinakay nods. Your love wont diminish with the change in my appearance? She denies. Relation between mother and son are not dependent on appearances but soul. Shani explains that Vinayak was born out of her sweat which is why he was maligned even after being your son. This incident was important so he is purified of any negative element. It was destined to happen. Mahadev had to cut Vinayak’s head but he is pure and pious now and will forever remain so. He will be named Ganesha from now on. He will be an emblem of positivity. He will be Pratham Pujya as he is most intelligent and positive of all. His head is also a sign of positivity. He will sense troubles from far like an elephant and will finish it before the problem starts. Ganesha will be first prayed to whenever anyone prays or wants to do anything auspicious. Surya Dev says now I understand the reason behind father’s curse and Mahadev’s words. You are great. Mahadev calls Shani great. Shani chants a mantra (Vakratunda Mahakaya) and explain its significance. They all fold hands in gratitude.

Ganesha thanks Shani. You have cleaned all the negativity from my heart. I have confusion. Who will I first pray to if I have to pray? Shani replies that his answer is right before him. Parents are the first Gods for kids. They give you life and an identity. You should always pray to Mahadev and Mata Parvati whenever you have to pray. Ganesha does Mahadev and Mata Parvati’s puja. He also thanks / greets Karamfaldata next. Thank you for bringing me on the right path; for making Vinayak Pratham Pujya Ganesha. Shani smiles back with folded hands.

Chhaya does puja at home. Her entire family is right there. She says our family has been through a lot lately. Now that Ganesha is here, I thought to do his aarti to purify the house. Yam looks upset as he misses his mother. Chhaya does Shani and Yami’s tilak but Yam stops her from doing his tilak. Surya Dev asks him what this behaviour is. Chhaya is doing this for this family. Yam calls his family incomplete without his mother. How can kid become part of a puja for the betterment of his home when his mother is in trouble? SHani reminds him that he is Dharmaraj as well. Yam points out that he is son first. I don’t know where my mother is and in what condition. There is no problem (in terms of dharma) before me right now so don’t remind me who I am! He looks at Chhaya pointedly and throws the puja thaal. Surya Dev gets angry. You cannot disrespect one mother to respect the other. Yam tells him she (Sanghya) was his wife as well. Are you happy thinking you don’t even know in what condition or problem she would be in? Surya Dev replies that she will be bearing her Karamfal wherever she will be!

Devraj sees Sanghya and laughs. He greets her and mocks her at the situation she has gotten herself into. You were the queen of Surya Loka till yesterday and look at you now! She knows and can understand the real intentions / meaning of his words. I am not a fool. He asks her if she dint get fodder today. SHani has punished you really nice.

Yam accepts that his mother has to pay Karamfal but everyone makes mistakes. I attacked her but she still did not banish me from her home. You too must have made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes but it doesn’t mean you banish them from family. Why is my mother getting such treatment? Your silence is my answer. It means you have no answer to my questions. He leaves from there. Surya Dev looks at Chhaya and leaves as well. Yami goes to Chhaya. Don’t be worried. I will talk to brother. Chhaya nods sadly. Shani watches everything intently. Chhaya tells Shani that Yam wasn’t wrong. This family is incomplete without Devi Sanghya. Shani walks up to her. Truth is bitter but it must be accepted. The sooner we do so the better. Yam was made Dharmaraj for some reason. He too will soon realise why it is important for Devi Sanghya to bear her Karamfal. He turns to go. She asks him where he is off to. Shani replies that there is someone else also whose Karamfal is waiting for him.

Devraj says Maharishi needs you here or I would have taken you to Indra Loka. Airavat too would have company. Indra Loka would have been blessed by Surya Patni’s presence. He laughs at her. Shani tells him his wish will surely be fulfilled. Devraj is taken aback to see him there.


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  1. Kamalanayani

    Long awaiting scene… Vakra-drishti casted on Indra dev… Might be tonight….
    What karmphal will be given to him….

  2. Why there is no precap
    Precap:Shani throws everything in Indra lok and tells that now his drishti will be over Indra lok.Indra challenges that who will win this challenge this 12 years old boy or devraaj indra

  3. Will be good to see Vakra dhrishti cast on Indra dev.

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