Shani 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani regains conscious!

Shani 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| The one who does his karmas with a pure heart gets blessed by God always. Shani teaches that true devotion means doing your karmas with full honesty. ||

Hanuman tells Surya Dev to take Shani to his room. I will return with his cure. I swear on my mother’s name that Shani will recover again and follow the path of righteousness.

Everyone is at Shani’s bedside. Dev Vishwakarma is anxiously waiting for Hanuman. The danger on Shani’s life is increasing. Chhaya hopes he returns soon. Kakol spots Hanuman outside the window and points at everyone. Hanuman has brought Ashwin brothers. Dev Vishwakarma gets up. Hanuman requests them to protect Shani the way he protected them the other day. Ashwin Kumars agrees to use their entire knowledge to cure Hanuman. Hanuman offers to bring any herb that is needed. I will bring it from any corner of the world. Ashwin brothers point out that they need a special herb which represents the five elements (air, earth, water, fire and sky). Dev Vishwakarma says we have very little time left.

Hanuman begins to gather all the five elements in his palm.

Chhaya keeps shaking Shani. Wake up son. You cannot leave your mother. I returned for you. You cannot leave me! She asks Dev Vishwakarma to do something to save her son. He replies that it is only in Hanuman’s hands now.

Hanuman finally gets hold of air too. The special herb appears magically in his hand. I am coming Shani.

Shani’s body has turned pale. Everyone smiles in relief seeing Hanuman come in. Hanuman hands Ashwin brothers the five elements. Ashwin brothers direct it towards Shani. Sanghya gets tensed. Shani begins to heal. Kakol says his wounds have healed but why isn’t he waking up. Dev Vishwakarma is also clueless. Ganesha says I have the answer. Shani has given up on life. He is dejected with himself and everyone. He has no will left to will. Chhaya refuses to accept it. Wake up son. Kakol says Shani cannot be dejected by me or Mata Chhaya. Ganesha says I understand but the reason of his happiness is that he must not stop following the path of karma. Till the time he gets a motive he wont wake up. Kakol claps for Hanuman. You won the war. You fought for your devotion. What can be a better victory than this? The Karamfaldata standing opposite you wont live! But tell me one thing. Do you have a solution for what just happened? Shani fought every battle for you. He even fought with his father for you. You fought to hit him instead! Amazing!

Hanuman breaks down. Kakol demands an answer from him. Can you give him happiness in any way? Hanuman recalls something and gets thinking. He looks at Shani hopefully as he holds the mustard seeds in his hands. He remembers Shani’s words about their importance well. I understood how I have to protect Shani. He shows them the mustard seeds. They will do the magic. They will treat Shani. They will give him a motive once again. He nods at Ganesha and everyone one by one. Their energies turn them in mustard oil. Hanuman rubs it on Shani’s feet. Shani begins to glow and slowly opens his eyes. Hanuman continues rubbing oil on his feet. Shani sits up with difficulty and tells him not to do so. I will be indebted to you then. Hanuman requests him to let him do it. This mustard oil will become the unbreakable emblem of our friendship. If I feel anyone needs you then I will make them realise that they should offer you this oil. Help them. You will pay me off that way.

Shani promises Hanuman that he will help whosoever will offer him this oil thinking of you (Hanuman) just the way this oil cured him. Hanuman smiles. Hanuman walks around him in circles and bathes him in mustard oil. Shani smiles. you were right. selfless devotion is higher than any karma. Hanuman tells him not to fool him. I have gained knowledge from Surya Dev. I have understood that there is nothing above devotion and it is karma in itself.

Precap: Shani shares his dream. I saw everyone unconscious. It was a hint to what is going to happen in future.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Sorry pooja di but there is bitter mistake. Shani dev said “YOU WAS RIGHT SELFLESS DEVOTION IS HIGHER THAN ANY KARMA”
    Please take care of this. Sorry again if any thing I said wrong.

    1. And also hanumaan ji said “KARMA IS ABOVE DEVOTION BECAUSE IT ITSELF A KARMA” sorry again for writing wrong if anything I wrote wrong.

    2. Pooja

      This one is fine 🙂 I just said it in a different manner.

    3. Pooja

      Thanks a ton Kartik! Actually, there was signal problem because of rains so it kept breaking. I will ensure not to repeat it in future. Thanks once again 🙂

    4. It’s okay di signal is signal what we can do. And sorry for my wrong understanding.

    5. Pooja

      No problem. And please don’t apologize… it is good to update everyone. I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Usually we offer sesame (gingelly) oil for Shani dev. But makers show mustard oil.

    1. Radhika di mustard oil and gigelly oil both are offered to shani dev by us.

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