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Mahadev tells Shani he has to do his duty as Karamfaldata on earth now. You will have to go meet Raja Harishchandra.

Raja Harishchandra smiles as Rani Taramati enters in the Sabha with their son. Raja Harishchandra notices the worry on her face. Be patient Taramati. Keep a hold on yourself. She says it reflects on face when one is tensed. Raja Harishchandra thanks his people for coming here to bless his son on his 12th birthday. A Maha Puja has been organised for the occasion. Everyone is invited. People cheer after their son. A Maharishi (Rishi Vishwamitra) shows an inclination to be part of it as well. Raja Harishchandra and Rani Taramati get tensed. Raja Harishchandra tells his wife not to worry. I will protect my son come what may. I wont let anything happen to him. He next greets Rishi Vishwamitra. Rishi Vishwamitra hopes he will fulfil his promise asap. Remember how Varun Dev blessed you with a son 13 years ago. You had promised to return your son to him when he turns 12 years old. Raja Harishchandra nods. Rishi Vishwamitra points out that it is time to fulfil that promise. I ask your son Rohitashva from you today. Why does your face say otherwise? You are Suryavanshi. I hope you will neither break your promise nor hurt your family’s respect. Everyone requests Rishi Vishwamitra not to take their prince. Raja Harishchandra announces that he cannot back out from his promise as a King just because he is a father. Will you (his people) accept me as a King even if I break my promises? He turns to Maharishi. I will surely live to my word. He walks up to his son and takes him to Maharishi. Shani watches everything from far.

Raja Harishchandra tells Maharishi he can take his son with him. He tells the same to his son. Maharishi keeps a hand on Rohitashva’s head.

Maharani Taramati goes to a room and tells someone not to step out of the room. She leaves.

Shani follows Maharni Taramati in the jungle. Maharishi is happy with Raja Harishchandra for living to his word. Shani is watching everything from a distance. Rohitashva keeps looking around in confusion. Raja Harishchandra gives his hand in Maharishi’s hand. A couple gestures the kid to go with Maharishi. The kid nods. Shani notices it. Who is this couple who continues looking at this kid? Why is Rani Taramati looking at the palace again and again? Things are not how they appear to be! I have to find out the secret.

Shani comes to the same secretive room in palace. He is shocked to see a shadow inside and peeks in. Someone is hiding under of the tables. Shani very politely asks for his introduction. I will help you. The kid introduces him as Prince Rohitashva, Raja Harishchandra’s kid. Shani understands Raja Harishchandra’s ploy. It was his plan to handover someone else to Maharishi.

Raja Harishchandra pays a hefty amount to the couple. Maharani Taramati thanks the mother of the kid for her sacrifice. Her husband points out that just as the king protects its people, we too have some duty towards the king. Raja Harishchandra says I will look after you for life from now on. I am indebted to you for what you did. But make sure no one else should know about this. The guy nods. Shani walks in saying he knows the secret now. You are King who looks after its people as his kids. He does not snatch anyone’s kid for selfish reasons. What you did today is adharma, injustice. If you have promised Maharishi then it was you who should have followed it. You should have refused his proposal at that time itself if you dint want to give him your son! You have cheated a Maharishi! You should have been thoughtful about the consequences in future. It does not suit a king like you to cheat people. Raja Harishchandra demands his introduction. Shani gives his introduction. I am Chhaya-putra Shani. I came here to warn you. What you did was wrong. You cannot make someone else do your karma. Your attitude will cast wrong influence on people. Will they trust you when they will find out the truth? There is time to come on the right path. Give your real son to Maharishi.

Rishi Vishwamitra wants to sacrifice the kid to Mahadev to complete his tapasya. World will remember me as Brahma-rishi. I will prove Brahmarishi Vashishtha I am no less than him. He begins to chant mantras when he is disturbed by someone’s voice. It is Rahu who tells him that sadly his tapasya wont be complete. Maharishi asks him how he dare create a hindrance in my yagya. Give your introduction or I will burn your right away. Rahu shares his introduction. This kid here isn’t Rohitashva, Harishchandra’s son.

Rani Taramati refuses to give up her son at any case. Raja Harishchandra advises Shani to stay out of his personal matter. You have committed a crime by entering in my state. I can punish you for the same. I wont do it though as you are a kid. You haven’t harmed anyone as of now. I allow you to leave but on one condition – you wont tell the truth to Maharishi. Shani promises him. I am not used to breaking promises but you will have to bear the consequence of breaking your promise. Are you ready to get the results of your karmas?

Precap: Maharishi asks Shani why he shouldn’t punish Harishschandra. Shani asks the king to vow never to lie. He will remember it forever. Raja Harishchandra takes the vow.

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    1. Pooja

      😀 Yup, speed is fine, just hoping with minor typos and not major! I am doing good too. Take care.

  2. Eagerly awaiting for the next update.

  3. How can CVS twist the original story at their convenience.. Raja Harishchandra is famous for his truthfulness and sacrifice. Just for TRPs they are twisting the Puranas.. horrible


    Satyavadi Harishchandra

    HOMEStories for kidsFables and Fairytales School ProjectsEvents and HolidaysGamesFun and JokesHobbies Unsolved Mystry
    Once there was a great king named Harishchandra who never lied and alwasy kept his promise. He was the ruler of Ayodhya. He ruled his Kingdom wisely. His subjects were happy and prosporous. He was well-known for his truthfulness. The gods decided to test him. They asked Sage Viswamitra to help them.

    One day, Harishchandra went hunting in the forest. Suddenly, he heard the cries of a woman. As he went to help her, he entered the ashram of Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra was disturbed in his meditation and became angry. To cool his anger Harishchandra promised to donate his kingdom to Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra accepted his donation but also demanded dakshina (fees) to make the act of donation successful. Harishchandra, who had donated his whole kingdom, had nothing to give as dakshina. He asked Vishwamitra to wait for one month before he paid it.

    A man true to his word, Harishchandra left his kingdom and went to Kashi along with his wife, Shaivya, and son, Rohitashwa. In Kashi, he could not earn anything. The period of one month was about to end. His wife requested him to sell her as a slave to get the money. Harishchandra sold Shaivya to a Brahmin. As she was about to leave with the Brahmin her son began to cry. Harishchandra requested the Brahmin to buy Rohitashwa also. The Brahmin agreed. But the money was not enough to pay the dakshina and so Harishchandra sold himself as a slave to a chandala (a person who works in a cremation ground). He paid Vishwamitra, and started working in the cremation ground.

    Shaivya worked as a servant in the Brahmin’s house. One day, when Rohitshwa was plucking flowers for the Brahmin, a snake bit him and he died. Shaivya took her son’s body to the cremation ground. There she met Harishchandra. He was filled with grief to see his only son dead. To perform the cremation, he asked Shaivya didn’t have any money. Haishchandra, who was duty bound, could not cremate the body without tax. Shaivya was a devoted wife and she did not want her husband to give up his duty. She said, “The only possession I have is this old sari that I am wearing. Please accept half of it as the tax.” Harishchandra agreed to take the sari. They also decided to give up their lives on their son’s cremation fire.

    As Shaivya tore her sari, Vishnu himself appeared with all the other gods. The chandala, who was actually Yama, showed his real form and brought Rohitashwa back to life. Harishchandra and his family passed the test; they had demonstrated great virtue and righteousness. All the gods blessed them. Indra asked Harischandra to go to heaven with him. But he refused saying that he could not go to heaven when his subjects were suffering without him. He asked Indra to take all his subjects to heaven. Indra said that it was not possible because people go to heaven or hell depending on their deeds. Harishchandra said that he would donate all his virtues to his subjects so that they could go to heaven and he would bear the consequences of their sins. Seeing Harischandra’s love for his subjects, the gods were very pleased. They took all the people of Ayodhya to heaven. Mean while, Vishwamitra brought new people to Ayodhya and made Rohitshwa the king.

    1. Yes this is the true story,
      And vishwamitra never gave a Bali of a child
      Now I feel like I should stop watching shani for few days because I can see wrong thing as they are showing
      That’s why everyone calls purans a myth so sad

    2. I mean I can’t see wrong thing happening in show

    3. Kamalanayani

      You are right….

    4. Kamalanayani

      You are really fragile hearted person Sandya

    5. Chaaya

      Sorry, meant Madhushree Mandal, thank you.

  5. This is wrong vishwa mitra never gave bali of a child..yes he was blind in anger for brahmrishi vashisht but never much blind…..they r changing the storyline…this is not good to play with main storyline….y always hindu gods get such change in story for TRP

    1. Chaaya

      Yes, serials do take some dramatic licence but nevertheless the Truth is great . . These are stories, and even throughout the course of the Puranic sages stories changed due to the age itself. It’s the value base of the lessons that is superior. This life will fall and rise again when planted in a new earth (womb) and so too we all shall forget our previous births . . . It’s all stories, but one Witness . . . You are all smart so I don’t need to mention who that Witness IS.

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