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Dev Vishwakarma steps forward. Where are you coming from? She keeps quiet. He repeats his question. Plus, what are you exactly wearing? She lies that she went to do a tapasya for Yam and Yami. I am coming back from there only. Dev Vishwakarma says mother does so much for her kids. But does a daughter forget her father? You dint come to meet me since many years now. She thinks Dev Vishwakarma is unaware of Chhaya. He asks her to come with him. I have to talk to you. She denies. I have to see Yam and Yami too. You are a father. you would understand there can be nothing bigger than her kids for a mother. He nods. A father can understand it. Can a daughter not understand her father this time? I too have to give a gift to Yam and Yami. Come with me. She goes with him reluctantly.

Shani climbs up. Sun

rises. He realises that he lost another day. He looks at the stones in his hand and drops one of them. Only 2 days are left. How many more problems will you (Gods) create to stop me? Mother says we will excel in problems only when we will take them as a lesson. It will only strengthen our motive then. Her son Shani will never forget what she has taught me. He begins to go but turns.

Narad Muni is touched by the moment. A devotee and God are going to meet.

Mahadev says be it devotee or God, they always have to go through tests. This is time to test Shani.

Lord Vishnu comes before Shani in disguise. Shani greets him with folded hands. He asks him his introduction. Lord Vishnu replies that it isn’t important to know who you meet on the way. It is important to know what path you are walking on. This path wont take you to your destination. Shani asks him how he knows where he is headed to. Lord Vishnu asks him if he does not know where he wants to go. I mean we all know this is Mahadev’s abode. You have surely come to meet me. I too came here to meet him. Mahadev is my Aradhya too. I very well know the path to Kailash. It is your decision now – will you walk on the path you have decided or will you reach your desination by choosing the path that I will show to you. Shani asks him how he can be sure he will take him to his destination. Lord Vishnu says it is your path that decides if you will reach your destination or not. When it is about finding the right path then you have to walk on it and not question it. Path tells you itself if it is right or now. Shani goes after him.

Dev Vishwakarma brings Sandhya to his palace. She gets emotional. It feels really nice to be back here after so long. He nods. You have come back after a long time. How much time has passed since you came here? Sandhya is in a fix. What if Chhaya came here in my absence? Father might have a doubt. Dev Vishwakarma asks her if she remembers when she came here last time. I am getting old so I cannot recall exactly. She denies. He calls it weird. You are young. How can you forget it? Are you forgetting in real or are you just acting? She says why I will act. He repeats that he has become old. Why should we discuss about when you came last time? It is important that my daughter is with me now. I want you to stay with me for a few days. She replies that this isn’t possible. I will have to return to Surya Loka asap. She tries to go but is stopped by a magical wall. What’s this? He asks her if she remembers how he used to create this magical wall in childhood when she dint use to listen to him. that age passed but you are still my daughter. I have every right to stop you. I want you to be here with me for some days. She asks about Surya Dev. He assures her he will inform Surya Dev. Sandhya requests him not to say anything to Surya Dev. Dev Vishwakarma says he should know where his wife is. Don’t worry I will explain it to him. Dev Vishwakarma goes from there. You have been locked behind this wall earlier as well so you must know you cannot step out of it. No one can even hear your voice. This will be invisible for everyone. Have rest now. I have a lot to talk to you about.

Dev Vishwakarma mentally apologizes to her daughter. You cannot leave from here till the time Shani returns with a solution to Chhaya’s problem.

Shani asks Lord Vishnu to hurry. It is very important for me to reach Mahadev asap. Lord Vishnu says I am walking as fast as I can. This baggage is slowing my speed. Shani says your steps will slow down depending on the baggage you are carrying. Lighten your weight. Lord Vishnu agrees. Why dint I think of it? There is nothing but some memories related to my father in this suitcase. He loved me a lot. It carries things related to him. I am carrying them for no reason since years. I should free myself. Shani stops him. Memories related to parents are very important for kids. You must not push them away from you. I will help you. He lifts the suitcase on his shoulder. Lord Vishnu and Shani resume their journey.

Indra Dev and Narad Muni are watching this. Narad Muni is touched to see the moment. Narayan gave such a beautiful logic while Shani’s answer was so good. This moment will be etched in my heart for many more yugas to come. Indra Dev says I am neither interested in this moment nor your devotion. I only want to see Shani losing. His mother will have to die. This is the demand of destiny. Narayan went to Shani with the same intention. Narad Muni is taken aback by his cold reaction.

Chhaya is still unconscious. Surya Dev says I cannot see this. I cannot see my wife becoming so helpless. Dev Vishwakarma said he has some solution. Where is he? I must go meet him to find a solution. He goes.

Shani and Lord Vishnu keep walking. Lord Vishnu asks SHani why he wants to meet Mahadev. Shani replies that fate has decided some thing. I have to stop it. Lord Vishnu says that will be like creating hindrance in the path of fate and wrong too. Shani says hindrance is created when you refuse to try anything. Why give up on life and attempts till the time you are alive? If aim is true and karma’s are good then destiny has to change its course and present a solution. Why did you stop? Lord Vishnu shows that they have reached the end of the cliff. Faith can be as much as you have but sometimes you still fail. You have to change your course. I will have to give up on these bondages to move ahead. Shani looks at the stone. I have only one day left. Lord Vishnu says similarly you will have to break away from every bondage. You will have break away from every relation. You will have to leave everything behind to move ahead in a fast pace! Are you ready to do the same? Shani is shocked by his words.

Precap: Sandhya thinks it is her father but it turns out to be Surya Dev. She thinks he has seen her. Shani greets Lord Vishnu. I have recognized you and have understood your words too. You have asked me to stop but I do want to go ahead. Though I will still stop if you want that to happen.

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