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Shani 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani looks at the stones in his hand in shock and drops down again. On the other hand, Chhaya is battling for life. Dev Vishwakarma remarks that it seems Sandhya has completed her tapasya.

Devi Sandhya gets up from her place and creates fire around her. It does not harm her this time which pleases her very much. Thank you Mahadev for completing my tapasya. Thanks to you, I can now bear Surya Dev’s heat. His touch will give me love now and not pain. I can return to my family now. Thank you Lord. I don’t have to waste another moment now. I should head back to Surya Loka asap.

Chhaya extends her hand towards Shivlinga but her wound only extends. She says Shani and falls unconscious.

Dev Vishwakarma tries waking Chhaya. You have to wake up. Get up. Chhaya is thinking of

Shani in her unconscious state. She breathes heavily as she opens her eyes. Shani! Dev Vishwakarma feeds her water. She asks him what had happened to her. He says nothing. It might be because you were exhausted. She can see that he is avoiding meeting her gaze. You have called me daughter. You will have to tell me. He shares that Sandhya’s tapasya is complete. Your end is near! Your past is coming back. Surya Dev asks him who is returning. Chhaya tries to sit up. Both Chhaya and Dev Vishwakarma go quiet. Dev Vishwakarma says I was telling Chhaya not to worry. Shani will be back soon. Surya Dev says he dint listen to anyone when we told him against it. He left for such a dreadful journey on his own. He calms down. I am angry on him but this time I pray he succeeds. He should get my wife’s life from Mahadev in boon. You look really weak. Dev Vishwakarma nods. She is unwell. Plus, she is highly worried. Surya Dev says there is no point worrying unnecessarily. Stay calm and take rest. She says how the mother can rest whose son is on the way to Kailash. I wont be at peace till Shani returns back home safely. Surya Dev tells him to be ready for any result after the decision Shani too. She asks him what he means by that. Is there anything that you know and I don’t? Please tell me. He replies that he has come to know that Indra Dev does not want Shani to reach Mahadev. You very well know what extent he can go to to make his wish come true!

Indra Dev laughs. I got what I wanted! Obstacle named Shani is out of my life for forever! He drinks and remarks viciously – Shani is finished!

Narad Muni asks Indra Dev worriedly what he did. You were only supposed to stop him. You dint have to kill him. Indra Dev reminds him that he left it on him as to how to stop Shani. He challenged me! Your work is over Vayu Dev. You can leave. We stopped Shani.

Chhaya says no one can stop my Shani. If he has said he will meet Mahadev then he surely will! Indra Dev wont be able to stop him ever. She sits up feeling something strange all of a sudden. She relaxes a bit seeing the stone and gets up to hold it. Surya Dev and Dev Vishwakarma look on concerned. Chhaya grabs hold of the stone and holds it close. She takes Shani’s name.

Shani’s hand moves and he coughs a bit. He stands up on his feet and looks at Kailash determinedly.

Chhaya cries holding the stone in her hand. She sees the burn mark extending on her hand once again. Surya Dev is shocked to witness the same. He rushes to her side and makes her sit down. What’s this Dev? Why is the wound aggravating? Dev Vishwakarma replies that her end is very near now.

Devi Sandhya is on her way to Surya Loka. I cannot wait another second. I will see Surya Dev after years. Yam and Yami must have grown up by now.

Dev Vishwakarma says her death will inch closer depending on the wound spreading in Chhaya. There isn’t much time left now. Surya Dev says maybe this is destiny. Shani wont be able to reach Mahadev ever till Indra Dev is there.

Shani walks up the stones towards Kailash.

Surya Dev says you could have spent all your the time you are left with with your kid. Dev Vishwakarma realises something. Shani can reach Mahadev. He only needs some more time. I can give them to him. Surya Dev asks him how he can. Dev Vishwakarma says it isn’t the time to tell but show. I am leaving for some important work. Take care of my daughter till I return. Surya Dev agrees. Dev Vishwakarma leaves.

Shani keeps moving ahead towards his destination. Indra Dev is irked to see that. How is he alive? Narad Muni replies that he is Devraj Indra. You know more baout strength than me. You put in all your strength to stop Shani but you couldn’t understand the strength which is motivating Shani to move ahead. Lord Vishnu agrees. Narad Muni and Indra Dev greet him. Lord Vishnu says you overlooked the bond of mother and son; and also the karma’s of karamfaldata. Indra Dev accepts that his strength fell low before Shani but I still have more ways to stop Shani. Lord Vishnu says maybe it is beyond your power to stop Shani! Shani cannot be stopped by power but thought. I only will have to step in his way now. Or shall I say, I will have to show him the right path!

Devi Sandhya thinks of Chhaya. I will be able to meet my family once again really soon. Chhaya must have followed my rules. She would have raised Yam and Yami amazingly. She will do it after all she is my Chhaya only! She notices the change in weather and can see some reflection on the stone. are you in a rush daughter? She recognizes her father’s accent. Dev Vishwakarma steps forward. Are you coming from somewhere or are you going somewhere? She keeps quiet. He repeats his question. What are you wearing?

Epi ends on the split screen of Sandhya, Shani and Chhaya.

Precap: Shani says only 2 days are left. How many more problems will you create to stop me? Lord Vishnu comes there in disguise. Shani asks him his introduction. Lord Vishnu gives a logical reply. Surya Dev is worried for his wife as the wound is only increasing. He goes out and comes across Devi Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nandhini

    Dev vishwakarma stops sandhya! Lord vishnu tries to stop Shani dev by ‘thoughts’…either sides its working out…dont know what will happen next…waiting for next episode…thank you pooja for the clear written updates?? really helps people like me who hardly understands hindi…

    1. Vajra-SG29

      U r turn to part time member Nandhini…!!!
      Why cmt daily yaarrrr…

  2. Vajra-SG29

    Waiting for ty this week episodes…

  3. Vanshika

    OMG this is awesome.. Waiting for next eagerly. Thanks pooja di

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