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Shani 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru Shukracharya asks Shani why he came here. Shani says he is an important follower of Mahadev, if he is allowed to meet him. He demands him for permission to meet Mahadev. Guru Shukracharya asks the reason, Shani says he has to request him not to take his mother from him.
Guru Shukracharya comes with Shani to Mahadev’s Kailash entrance, he must move on alone. The highest peak in the front is Kailash, and warns this travel is never easy. He must face severe obstacles. Its upto you to complete this distance. Shani moves ahead with determination.
Indra Dev was ready not to let Shani succeed.
Chaya was crying at home that if Shani doesn’t succeed he would never return.
Shani moves on. He collects some white stones from the way. He says with every passing day he would drop a single

stone and would return to mother before dropping the fifth stone.
Indradev was furious at Shani, he wasn’t ready to forget his insult in hands of Shani. He tells his followers that Shani is going to Mahadev, can they all let him be superior to all Dev. One of the Dev wonders how they should stop Shani. Indra suggests about breaking his shoe that may prevent him from walking properly. Shani had moved towards the cold mountain. He drops a single stone from his hand, he then joins his hands ready to take the difficult most challenges for himself. Mahadev heard this all, and opens his eyes with a smile on face. Mahadev says he him to fulfil his duties as his Karma. Shani steps over a stone to move ahead when all of a sudden there was a huge crack in the mountain. Shani fell off the cliff. Chaya wakes up out of worry. Dev Vishwakarma asks what happened. Chaya was worried as Shani is really alone, she heads to leave as her son needs her. Dev Vishwakarma says she can’t always protect him, he needs to become the heir. Chaya was disturbed, then moves towards the temple. Shani steps down, he joins his hands saying he agreed Mahadev’s call about being with him. He again begin climbing the cliffs.
Indra was furious over his success, and was determined to revenge him. Shani had climbed half the cliff. Tri Dev and Lord Vishnu discuss about stopping Shani.
There, Indra Dev sends a God urging him not to lose the battle. He asks them to push Shani back from the roof of that cliff. There was sudden thunderstorm that Shani tries to avoid. Idra Dev was furious why he is moving forward.
Chaya was still crying, Dev Vishwakarma comes to calm her down assuring Shani would surely fulfil his promise. Shani wakes up on ice out of suffocation. There, Chaya also pants badly at once. Dev Vishwakarma prays for her. Shani had fallen asleep lying on an ice rock.


PRECAP: Chaya had been reborn in another world. Chaya lay in her bed panting badly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Epic episode

  2. haha, precap is wrong.. Also I think u don’t know what’s happening in series. It’s not Chayya is not reborn in another world. It’s sandhya, when chayya starts panting, vishwakarma says, it’s symptom that sandhya finished her penance. Sandhya opens her eyes on earth after finishing penance.

    In precap, when vishwakarma was talking about sandhya to chayya, suryadev enters and asks who is coming here. Vishwakarma and chayya gets shocked. Sandhya is seen to coming back to suryalok

    1. yes… ☺☺☺ & good observation.. ?

  3. I do not understand why chhaya had to go what was her mistake

  4. Nandhini

    I think Shani dev will meet Mahadev anyhow…lets see…waiting for monday’s episode…

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