Shani 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Clash of beliefs between Shani and Hanuman

Shani 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Matang Rishi reminds Hanuman how he said he would curse him if he creates any nuisance next time. Get ready now. Shani and Kakol are shown running towards Matang Rishi’s asharm. Matang Rishi pours holy water in his hands and is about to pour it on Hanuman when Shani tells him to stop. Matang Rishi tells him to stay out of it. Let Hanuman get his Karamfaldata. You cannot stop Hanuman. He ruined the yagya which was held for his Acharya. He must bear the punishment. Shani justifies his right to punish. It is also your duty to think about the situation though. Why will Hanuman ruin the yagya organized for his own Guru? He has a right to explain. Listen to him once and then decide. Kakol tells Hanuman to speak up or they will also get in trouble. Hanuman says I want to speak but Matang Rishi has told me not to. Matang Rishi allows him to speak up. Hanuman says I heard that this yagya was organized for the well being of Surya Dev and his family. I am also his disciple. I thought it was also my duty to pay my respects in the yagya. I wanted to give Aahuti but the branch which I was holding onto broke before I could do anything. Shani points out the same to Matang Rishi. Do you still want to curse him? Matang Rishi agrees not to do so this time. I wont forgive Hanuman next time too, irrespective of whatever his intention is!

Sumali says thi is the place from where we both got that boon from Mahadev. It was because of Shani but this time my brother died because of him only. He should have let us die then itself. We would have atleast died together this way. Rahu says I can understand your pain. Sumali warns him to go away. You are also one of the reasons why I am in this situation. Go away before I kill you. Rahu reasons that he is already beheaded twicw. We are in the same boat. I was beheaded twice because of Shani only. I came here looking for you – Shani. Don’t you want to seek revenge? What’s the point of crying here? Would it not be nice to question Shani as to why he let Mali die? Decide then only. Sumali agrees. I want to know Shani’s decision.

Hanuman says what kind of justice is this. How can someone curse me for my devotion? Shani says your intention was right but your karma was not right. Hanuman says you value karma but love and devotion matter to me. Shani says devotion and strength are not devoid of karma. Hanuman says the motive behind karma is equally important. You would understand it one day. Shani says the same to him. Hanuman points at the fruit. It blossoms because of Surya’s warmth and turns ripe. Shani says that is also its karma followed by it turning into a tree. This is the reason why I love mustard seeds. It is a small seed but it can become anything. It lets light, water and everything work on it. You would understand it one day. He keeps some mustard seeds in Hanuman’s hand. Hanuman nods at him.

Tridev are watching it. Brahma Dev is relieved to see everything turn back to normal. I am out of guilt now. Till the time they are together there wont be any problem either on them or the world. Mahadev says what if they get into a fight. They have different perspectives. When they will collide then entire world will witness it!

Sumali is unhappy to see Devraj. I came to meet Shani. Why am I brought here? Devraj ties him in his powers. This is part of the plan. Stay calm. We have to go to Surya Loka to meet Karamfaldata real soon. Now I am waiting to see who will win – Shani’s karma or Hanuman’s devotion!

Celebrations are going on in Surya Loka. Devraj joins them. Sumali follows him as he is tied in chains. I too am happy to win another fight with Asuras today! It is an amazing atmosphere. Surya Dev, Dharmaraj Yam, Karamfaldata Shani and Surya Dev’s best disciple Hanuman is also here. Hanuman says his name. You forgot your name while naming everyone else. Kakol smiles with him. Devraj tells Surya Dev he came here with Sumali. Shani says we all saw how you brought him here. He gets hold of his weapon and immediately frees Sumali. It wasn’t right to bring him here like this. Sumali is glad he was right to trust him. I was sure you would do justice and let me leave. Shani says I dint say you can leave. Sumali asks him if he wont do justice. Shani says he would. Remember that I never was and never would be with anyone. Justice and Karamfal are not bound by any relation or bondage. It is a crime to use powers without thinking. You are smart. Sumali apologises for his mistake. I lost my brother. It was my punishment. Wont I be forgiven? Shani reasons that Mali got his Karamfal. He became too arrogant. Your Karamfal is still due. Devraj asks Yam what his opinion is. Yam supports Shani this time. Mali was forgiven earlier once when he tried attacking mother. Father had to die once. This isn’t a mistake but crime this time! Devraj turns to Surya Dev next. Should Mahadev’s devotee not gain forgiveness? Surya Dev is about to reply when Hanuman offers to share his point. They all turn to him.

Devi Sanghya asks Devraj what this new tactic is. Devraj says the game is old. Only the moves are different. I want to somehow pit Karma against devotion. Hanuman says I was about to get a curse but I was forgiven because of my devotion. Shani saved me just now. When I and even Rahu can get a second chance then why not Sumali? Shani replies that crime is deduced by the damage done. Your mistake dint put anyone’s life in risk but Sumali’s act could put the lives of so many Asuras in risk. I saved Rahu but he still got his punishment. Sumali will surely be punished and Surya Dev will be the one who will decide it. Hanuman asks him how he can be sure that this punishment will bring Sumali on the right path. He will be on the right path if he is challenged. I have hope. Should such a big devotee not get a chance due to his devotion and love? Shani reasons that no one is bigger in the eyes of Karma – neither God nor devotion! Devotion and love don’t stand before Karma. Hanuman suggests changing the rule then.

Precap: Sanghya says everyone thinks we hate Shani. Giving him the right to give Karamfal doesn’t mean that he will hurt anyone. Hitting on a mother’s stomach is not justified. I am also a Devi. Hanuman says I dint know it. I will talk to Shani right away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. oh no. shani and Hanuman r the best. but waiting for next episode.

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    Mai Shani ke sath hu !!

    Karm hi sab se bada hona chahiye !

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    “Nyay karm ki drishti se hota hai….bhakti ki drishti se nahi”

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