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Shani 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya Dev tells Shani his mother’s end is near. Yam and Yami hug their mother close. Everyone present there is stunned. Shani also holds his mother’s hand. Surya Dev says there is only one way to save her. I will have to give half of my warmth to save her. Shani says why dint you do it when you knew what was to be done. Why can you not give up half of your warmth for the one who gave her entire life to you? Surya Dev will have to give up half of his warmth then. Surya Dev outright refuses! Surya Dev says my duty is not just limited to Sandhya but to world. It is against rules. Shani says you know about the world but you don’t want to do your duty towards your wife. What kind of rule is this? Indra Dev says it cannot break or the world will go in darkness. Shani reasons that he will lose his

world if his mother isn’t treated. I agree you are a God and you have your duties but a son also has some duties towards his mother. Am I wrong? Indra Dev says the one who is going to become Dharmaraj can decide that. He asks Yam to give his decision. Yam says I agree mother is unwell but Surya Dev cannot give up on his duties to treat her. The one who burns for everyone can die for one person. Shani’s demand is unjust. Indra Dev asks Shani what he has to say. Would be Dharmaraj also gave his decision. All 3 of us think alike. Shani says it is about my mother and not about some position. It is my right to protect my mother. Indra Dev says we cannot break the rules made by Mahadev. Shani decides to get his mother treated by Mahadev as he only has made these rules. Dev Vishwakarma seconds him. He can treat any would. He is Vaidyanath. Shani announces that he will go to meet him now! Surya Dev offers to go but Shani says you would have already given half of your warmth by now if you had to. It is the duty of a son to find treatment for his mother. Indra Dev says Mahadev does not meet anyone. He is Mahadev. I am Devraj Indra. I will go meet him. Shani says if you knew about your responsibilities then neither would you have created storm nor this would have happened. I will do my duty now. Indra Dev tells Surya Dev he wont allow Shani to go to Kailash. Shani points out that he is Devraj and not Kailash’s doorman. I don’t have to beg anyone to meet him. Chhaya tells Shani she does not want to get treated. Don’t go son. Shani says I would have surely listened to you if I was doing it for you. But I am doing it for my faith. Please don’t stop me. He leaves from there.

Narad Muni greets Tridev. Brahma Dev can see he is in some dilemma. Narad Muni nods. I came looking for answers as it happened because of you only. It is Shani who has shaken entire Devloka. He is going far from the aim for which you have created him. One who has taken birth is destined to die! It is destiny but Karamfaldata Shani is refusing to abide by justice. He turns to Mahadve. Chhaya is dying as per your wish so he can get away from relations. He is coming here to seek your help to save his mother. How will it happen? Lord Vishnu says it will happen as per it is destined to happen. Narad Muni fears Mahadev might fall if a kid will call out to him. Lord Vishnu agrees with him. He asks Mahadev not to appear before Shani. Mahadev says it isn’t possible. Karma is what plans our moves ahead in life. Shani’s Karma will determine what will happen next. If he will come to meet me with true faith and dedication then I will have to bless him. Lord Vishnu says I too will have to do my karma then. He asks Narad Muni to take his message. Narad Muni readily agrees. Who do I have to give the message to? What’s the message?

Shani asks Surya Dev what his decision is. Will you help me? Surya Dev asks him why he does not stop being stubborn. He is Mahadev. He appears on his own wish. He wont meet you as per your wish. Chhaya seconds him. He has to take care of entire world. Shani says I have to take care of my mother. God’s duties have been going on since always. It is time for a kid to do his duty. Dev Vishwakarma tells him to understand the difference between duty and stubbornness. Shani calls it his duty as no one has answer to his questions. No one can treat my mother here. He asks Surya Dev to guide him. Surya Dev says you don’t need my permission so you also don’t need my guidance. Shani agrees not to accept it. Those who search for the way find their destination. They often make their path if they cannot find their destination. He requests his Nana Shri to take care of hismother in his absence. Yam says you are not the only son in the world. I am also here to take care of her. Shani says where God or son is. I can only see Gods here, who are all bowed down by their responsibilities and boundations.

Dev Vishwakarma agrees to take care of Chhaya. Be successful as there is very less time. Shani asks him how much time is left. Dev Vishwakarma says only 5 days! Shani is shocked. He takes leave from his mother. Chhaya says you just came. You are leaving me again? He says I have to so I can be with you forever. if I fail in doing that then I wont return! This is my promise to you. Chhaya is taken aback. Shani gives her the stone. She holds his hands and cries as he is about to go. Shani withdraws his hands from hers and goes. Chhaya looks at the stone and holds it close.

Indra Dev wants to punish Shani for his actions. He always challenges the capabilities of Gods. He always does something because of which we become loser before him. Devguru says it does not suit Devraj to get angry on a kid like this. Indra Dev is still angry. Narad Muni tells Devraj that anger is very powerful. You must not waste it like this. Indra Dev says there is no other option. Narad Muni says Lord Vishnu has sent a message for you to guide you. Luckily, he too wants the same thing this time. Shani and Mahadev should not meet at any cost. Indra Dev asks him if he can punish Shani. Narad muni says you punish the one who commits a crime. it isn’t a crime to save his mother. Devraj wonders what he should do. Narad Muni says I would have been Devraj if I could take decisions. You have to decide it yourself. Narayan only wants Shani not to reach Kailash. Indra Dev assures him of the same. Shani does not know the way to Kailash. Narad Muni reasons that it won’t be difficult for him if he can get out of Chakra. Indra Dev knows no one will guide Shani in Devloka. Narad Muni says who knows if Shani reaches Pataal Loka while looking for the way to Kailash.

Shani reaches Pataal Loka. Guru Shukracharya’s disciple stops him. No God or God’s son is allowed here. Shani says not Dev-Putra but a Putra (Son) has come here. Asuras gather around him but Shukracharya tells them to stop.

Precap: Shani’s journey of meeting Mahadev is about to begin. Shukracharya shows the path to Kailash to Shani. You will have to go alone from here. Chhaya prays for her son’s well being. Indra Dev vows not to let Shani’s journey complete. Shani falls down from a cliff and shouts Ma!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ishanvi

    Wow….Superb Episode…Cant see Shani like this…I hope Shandhya dont behave badly with Shani…
    Thank you Pooja Di for your update..

  2. HEART TOUCHING EPISODE this yam is so arrogant so sad 4 shanidev

  3. feeling very bad for shani dev.

  4. Nandhini

    So according to Lord Narayan’s order,, Shani dev wont meet Mahadev and his mother chaaya will disappear…and if devi sandhya comes back,, everyone including Shani dev will get to know the actual truth…dev vishwakarma will be questioned or blamed…really this is gonna be a sad cum thrilling journey of episodes until Shani dev leaves everything and becomes karmfaldata! Hii friends!??

    1. I thought that chaya had three children from surya dev but in this story only showing one shani. Also sandya decides not to come back because she doesn’t know how to explain chaya and didn’t want to ruin things for her so she continued with her tapasya so does thus mean that this story has been adapted?

      1. Nandhini

        Hii Alisha! From what you have mentioned about sandhya and Chaaya,, is that for real?? I mean sandhya didnt come back?? And only Chaaya gave birth to 3 kids-yam,, yami and shani??

  5. nice epi.and nandhini comment is so good,maine suna he ki jab suryadev ko pata chalta he ki shani unki wife sangya ka nhi balki chhaya ka putra he to surydev shani ko dhakka dete he jiske bad se shanidev langde ho jate he..anyway jo bhi dikhaya jay sach dikhaya jay..

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you gayatri.?

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