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Shani 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chhaya removes the curtain and is surprised / shocked to see Shani walking toward her. You here? Shani says I had to come. I had promised you that you will see me in front of you the moment you will remove this curtain. How are you? She says I am happy seeing you here. He says I meant health wise. She steps back. He asks about her wound. She lies to him that she is fine. Kakol asks her why she is lying. Shani looks at him and then his mother in confusion. Kakol says I saw it with my own eyes. Your wound is back. Chhaya is tensed. Shani isn’t as grown up now to ask me questions! You will have to answer me though. Why did you come here? Did you leave the competition? You promised to return after completing the competition. Did you complete your promise? Shani replies that he completed both her promise

and the challenge.

Flashback shows Shani getting caught in the chakra.
He hears a voice. Mahadev appears before him. You will have to answer my question. Shani greets him but Mahadev says I came here to ask you a question and not to exchange pleasantries with you. Are you ready? Shani agrees to try. Mahadev asks him about Tamoguna. Your answer will decide if you will get out of this chakra or not. Shani replies that Tamoguna is a negative energy which believes in destruction. It starts from anger and takes you to the end. Mahadev asks him if it is indeed a negative energy altogether. Shani denies. The one who uses it is wrong. The one who falls for darkness gets doomed. Mahadev advises him to find a way out of this darkness then. He disappears. Shani recalls how his father and Yam have been speaking badly to him whereas his mother was always on his side. Shani relates how his mother’s memory brought him to light. Shani steps out of the chakra shocking both Indra Dev and Devguru. Indra Dev wonders how Shani came out of the chakra. Shani says I answered correctly and came out. Indra Dev asks him how he came out. Shani says darkness can defeat darkness. Come out of the darkness of your anger inside you. Beware! Don’t get lost in your darkness for forever. Devguru tells him not to waste time. You have stepped out first but the competition isn’t over. Take that flag and hoist it at the top of that mountain. You will become Dharmaraj then only. Shani takes the flag when kakol asks him to stop. Shani is taken aback to see him there. Kakol tells him about mother’s wound. I was waiting to inform you only. You entered in the vyuh before I could tell you anything. Shani asks him to come. He notices Yam just then and stops. Kakol asks Yam to come. Mother isn’t well. Yam says the wish of parents is of priority. I came here to become Dharmaraj. I will surely complete the task. Dharma says, we must finish what we start. Shani tells him to do his Dharma. I will do my Dharma towards my mother! He places the flag back in its place and turns to go when Devguru says it is against rules and disrespect to Guru. Shani replies that rules are for people and not vice versa. My mother, who has taught every rule to me, is biggest for me. I have already told you who is more important to me in comparison between mother and Guru! He leaves with Kakol. Flashback ends.

Chhaya hugs her son filled with emotions. You broke the rules of competition for me but you broke your promise. Shani wipes her tears. I dint break my promise. I told you I will do more than what I am capable of but I couldn’t stop hearing my mother’s voice! She says you would have become Dharmaraj if you would have stayed a little longer. He says I would have lost as a son if I had stayed. I answered your question. Now you tell me what happened to you. She looks away and hides her hand. Nothing happened to me! He removes the cloth off her hand and is shocked to see her wound. Surya Dev had promised me he will treat you. Why dint he fulfil his promise? Why dint he treat you? Ht notices something in the corner. Where were you headed to in this direction? There is a secret passage out of Surya Loka in this direction. Where were you off to? She fumbles. He says I dint ask you anything till date which you dint want to answer. You always said I will get my answers when it is time. But today I am asking the questions which you don’t want to answer. I wont wait for time today! Answer me, where were you going to? Does Surya Dev know about this? Chhaya keeps looking down. A Daasi comes to inform Devi Sandhya that Surya Dev has called her in the court room. Yam has returned victorious. He can possibly become Dharmaraj. Chhaya agrees to come. She asks Shani to come but he again demands to know the answer to his question. She calls him stubborn. I will answer your every question but it isn’t right to make Surya Dev wait like this. Will you listen to me? He nods. She asks him to come.

Yam is welcomed grandly. Surya Dev tells him he is proud of him. Devguru says he has made me proud too. I am glad to announce that Yam has won this competition. I will appoint him at the right time on his post myself. Everyone cheers for Yam. Chhaya and Yami come there. Surya Dev says when such situations arise before us, when we lose our trust on ourselves, a good kid only gives us peace then. She smiles awkwardly. Shani enters. Chhaya agrees with Surya Dev while looking at Shani. Surya Dev says Yam lived up to our expectations. Chhaya blesses Yam. Surya Dev says I knew Yam is capable of becoming Dharmaraj which is why I blessed him to be victorious. Yam walks up to Shani. I told you you are only wasting time by going in the competition. Devguru tells Surya Dev his one son made him proud while the other only cast an eclipse on him! Shani not only disappointed us but has also insulted us. He left the competition in between. Surya Dev asks Shani if Acharya is speaking truth. Shani steps forward. Yes, it is true. I left the competition in between. My intention was not to break the expectation that my father had from me but it was to fulfil the promise that my father count complete. Surya Dev asks him what he dint do. Shani says before leaving, you promised to take care of mother. Did you? If father breaks his promise, can a son question him as to why he did so? Answer me Surya Dev! Chhaya tells Shani he is embarrassing his father. Shani declines. I am only asking a question. Surya Dev answers that he dint break his promise. I tried everything but couldn’t treat her as only a patient can be treated. Your mother’s treatment is impossible. She is near her end. Everyone present there is stunned.

Precap: Surya Dev says my duty is not just limited to Sandhya but to world. It is against rules. Shani decides to get his mother treated by Mahadev as he only has made these rules. I will go to meet him!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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