Shakti 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer crosses all barriers to prove her love for Virat

Shakti 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simran coming to kitchen and tells that she is concerned, if tea is not good then they throw it. Heer says I have seen my Gulabo making world’s best tea. Simran says you have taken that kinnar’s name and says you are so influenced with her, how will you become a woman. Heer asks her to talk with respect as she is elder than her and also her bhabhi. She asks her to listen with love else…Simran asks what will you do? Heer moves her sleeves back and makes her eat jaggery. She tells that relations become sweet with the jaggery. Simran looks at her. Heer asks her to become nanand cum bhabhi and tells that their tashan will end. Simran says my foot and goes. She comes out and tells that Heer doesn’t have manners. Virat asks her why did you go to kitchen and asks her to behave well with Heer. Heer brings tea and serves everyone. She asks how is the tea? Virat says it is wonderful. Gurwinder says it is tasty and gives her a gift for making first tea. She asks her to open it. Heer opens the box and finds mobile phone. She tells that she doesn’t know how to use it, she only use how to make a call just. Simran says how can anyone be backward in this century. Heer asks shall I explain to you again. Gurwinder tells that she will explain her how to use it and takes her to room. Virat thinks of Preeto’s words to stay Heer away from mobile phones else she will know about her identity. Virat gets shocked and comes to the room. Gurwinder explains Heer about the phone’s application. Virat finds the water jug on the table and pushes Heer, to make it fall in the jug. The phone falls down in the water jug. Virat takes it out and tells that he will get it repaired. Heer says I got phone for the first time as a gift from Gurwinder di. Virat says sorry to Heer and Gurwinder and tells that he will bring whatever she wants. Gurwinder asks her to ask what she wants. Heer asks him to take her for outing like newly weds go. He says honeymoon? We can’t go to celebrate honeymoon without rounds, so I will get the phone repaired. Heer thinks to do something and thinks of his words that they can’t spend the wedding night.

Later Heer sits on the table and makes a bahu to beti flowchart. She thinks this is your target Heer. Virat comes there and asks what is all this? Heer says she has made the flowchart from becoming beti to bahu. Virat tells that she has become bahu and that’s enough. She tells that he has accepted Preeto’s condition, but not fulfilling her conditions. She tells that she didn’t wish such life after marriage, you are neither taking me to honeymoon nor staying in the same room. She tells that she didn’t wish this. Virat asks her to understand. Heer asks what do you want and tells that until this condition will be fulfilled, our marriage won’t be complete. He asks her to have patience. Heer says you are on Preeto’s side, just listen that I am her grand daughter and will do what I want. He sits down on the bed and thinks how to make my Gulabo understand. Heer hears him and says Harman Singh used to understand his Gulabo and don’t use to make her understand. Virat falls down on the bed.

Heer comes downstairs and thinks she will start her plan. She asks Parmeet if she shall sit with her for sometime. Parmeet says no need. Heer recalls Preeto’s words and brings oil to massage her hairs. Parmeet refuses, but Heer insists and massages her hairs. Gurwinder tells Virat that Mummy haven’t let anyone touch her hairs until now. She says Heer will fulfill the first two conditions with her innocence and asks him to get her a job soon. Virat thinks he won’t fulfill Preeto’s conditions until she gets a job and gets Preeto’s call. He tells that he is leaving. Simran comes and tells that she is going for shopping. Parmeet asks her to bring headache medicine. Simran says ok. Virat says I will bring. He tells that he will drop Simran and they leave. Parmeet thinks Preeto is making her son dance on her tunes so she will do the same thing with her. She asks Heer to bring the comb and comb her hairs. Heer goes.

Parmeet throws the glass bowl of the oil on the way shocking Heer. Gurwinder comes out. Parmeet asks do you want to be my daughter. She says a daughter or son can give their life for their parents. She says Virat jumped in the valley for you. She asks her to make her believe if she can bear pain for her, if she becomes her daughter. She says secondly, if Virat can jump off from the cliff then can you give agni pariksha for him. Heer asks Parmeet to say. Parmeet says you have to bring this comb to me, by walking on these glass pieces bare foot. Then I will believe that you respect me and loves Virat.

Gurwinder asks what are you saying? Parmeet says you have never thought to becoming a daughter and don’t love anyone in this house. She says when this girl is trying to become beti then don’t interfere. She tells Heer that if she don’t want to do this, then tell Preeto that she is happy bring bahu. She tells that she won’t feel hurt that her son loves his wife much, but will be hurt thinking that her bahu don’t love her. Heer tells that she will make her believe daily about her love for Virat and that she wants to become their daughter. She says she can walk on the glass pieces. Preeto meets Virat and tells that she don’t want to provoke him against his mother, but that is a truth that she asked for the price from Heer. She says she is worried for Heer. Heer starts walking on the glass pieces and feels pain. She reaches Parmeet and gives her comb. Parmeet says you can’t comb my hairs, so I will comb my own hairs.

Precap: Preeto comes to Virat’s house and tells that she came to take Heer and Virat for Pagphera rasam. Parmeet says you always want to take them from there. A lady comes there with her bag and asks if Heer is also a kinnar like Soumya. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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