Shakti 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Soumya rescues Harman’s reputation and factory

Shakti 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking the clients if they have milk with roti in childhood which was fed by their mum. She tells them that kids remembers their childhood toys and even after many years, they call chanda mama to moon. She says toys shall be made for kids and not with the intention to just sell it. She says she is not much educated to give them suggestion, and explains about her idea. The clients as asks them to make some sample and show them. They appreciate Soumya and leave. Veeran thinks Soumya has ruined his plan. He calls Shanno and tells that meeting was good because of Soumya. Shanno tells Preeto that Veeran said that meeting was good. Preeto says good and asks her to make besan laddoos. Harman thanks Soumya. Soumya thinks she can’t see his insult.

Harak Singh asks Ravi to take Balwinder out. Preeto says they will have food like that of party. Shanno says they shall celebrate after Soumya leaves permanently. Harak Singh asks her to control her tongue. Preeto comes and says she will make Pulao. Harman comes with Soumya and says she will make Pulao today. He says Soumya has won the battle in office, I had ruined it all. Preeto asks Veeran about the meeting and asks what happened. Veeran says all orders were about to be cancelled, but Soumya handled everything. Harak Singh is surprised. Harman says my Ghulam has saved your business today, and deserves prize. Soumya says she don’t want prize and asks him to give the calculation for today. Shanno laughs and asks who will make Pulao today. Preeto says Soumya will make as Harman said.

Kareena tries to instigate the kinnars against Saya and says she didn’t think about the baby and only thinks about Soumya. She says they shall agree for re elections. Chameli and Rani are shocked. Saya comes there and gives toys to Chameli for the baby. She says all babies coming here with play with toys and not with ghungroo so that they can live normal life like other kids and can fight with the world.

Veeran tells Shanno that Soumya has ruined everything. Shanno gets angry knowing Soumya got the order. Preeto comes to Soumya and asks why did she interfere. Soumya says she couldn’t see Harman’s insult and that’s why spoke. Preeto says she wants her to leave and asks her to go. Soumya says I want to go for forever so that Harman can find her anywhere and that’s why bearing everything.

Balwinder tells Kishan Lal that he will win Raavi’s heart, then divorce her and marry someone else. Harman tells everyone that Soumya has saved their factory today. Shanno says she will take money/price for the same. Harak Singh says even you can give good presentation. Harman says Soumya gave such nice presentation that he might he double contracts, and will open 2 factories. Harak Singh asks him to go ahead. Soumya opens the door and sees Surbhi standing with bruises on her face and hands and crying. She is shocked.

Soumya asks Surbhi what happened? Surbhi cries and hugs Soumya. Soumya asks her to stop crying and tell. Harman asks what is these bruises and asks why she is crying? Surbhi says Varun had beaten her. Soumya is shocked. Harman gets angry and calls Varun asking him to come fast. Soumya asks her to tell what happened.

Harman and Soumya does Ganapati aarti, along with Colors’ family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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