Shakti 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 2nd March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to pick Preeto’s call. Soumya hesitantly picks the call. Preeto asks her to stay there for few days and says she will handle Chintu. She says Harman will come after 2-4 days to take you back. Soumya looks on. Preeto ends the call. Surbhi holds his hand happily and says because of him Soumya is staying with them, else it would have been cancelled. Harman says you have brought my Gulabo here. Surbhi leaves his hand and goes. Harman asks Soumya to write down her wishes on the paper. Soumya asks what you want to do? Harman says I know that you have been staying in a cage like a beautiful bird. He says I was unfortunate not to be with you, when your father used to bring toys for Surbhi and not for you, when you was not allowed to go to mela, when Surbhi used

to do homework and your eyes wanted to touch that books, when your father shouted at you whenever you try to talk to him. He asks her to live her life and fulfill all her wishes.

Soumya recalls her childhood and tells that she wanted to sit on Maninder’s lap and see mela. She says she wanted to have icecream, and says she wish to get drenched in rain, and says she always see it from window. She says I wanted to play with Papa, and doesn’t know what friends are like Surbhi, I want to live all the small moments of my life so that I can forget my incompleteness in me. Harman says you are perfect for me and says I want you to live fully. You just support me, and I will do as you says. Soumya asks what shall I do? Harman asks her to get up first. He takes selfie with her. Later he knocks on the washroom and asks Soumya to take bath fast. Soumya comes out of washroom and tells that tap is not opening.

Harman says I will check and goes inside the washroom He thinks why this is not coming. Soumya says I was good at Nani’s house, and says wherever I go, trouble follows. Harman asks her not to say that and opens the tap. Soumya feels shower water. Harman says I have fulfilled your one wish unknowingly. He says he had felt rain water and feeling is same. He says there is a mud smell due to rain water and here your smell. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…..Soumya asks him to go out and says she will come out in 5 mins.

Harak Singh comes home and romances with his wife. Preeto says I won’t let you go. Raavi asks why don’t they care about her, and says her life is getting ruined. She says you are mad about Harman. Preeto says you are our blood. Raavi says if my husband remarries then I will drink poison. Harak Singh asks Varun to take car out.

Later Soumya is drying her hair while sitting on the window. Harman asks her to use hair dryer instead. Soumya says I don’t know how to use it. Harman asks her to sit and says I will dry your hairs. Soumya refuses, but he insists. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays as he dries her air.

Rani and Raveena come to the tea stall to drink tea. Saya is keeping an eye on them, and says this means they haven’t went following Soumya, and thinks it is good. Rani and Raveena see Saya and says she will be after us, and Kareena will do the work.

Surbhi comes to room and sees Soumya’s hairs. She laughs. Soumya looks at her scattered hairs and tells that she refused, but Harman insisted to dry her hairs. Harman says I will comb your hairs. Soumya says we don’t have a doubt on your talent. Surbhi says I will make it alright.

Harak Singh comes to Kishan Lal’s house. Kishan says marriage is not now. Harak Singh reminds him about Harman’s accident and says you had done that accident and got that case closed, and says I am getting that case open. Kishan Lal panics. Harak Singh says I just initiated the talk and you got tensed. He tears the marriage invitation card and says your son is married to my daughter Raavi. He leaves. Varun thanks Kishan Lal for not taking his name. Kishan Lal thinks he will not leave him.

Kareena comes to Mumbai and thinks she will take her back to kinnar world whenever she sees her. She says I will take revenge for my dead mum. Soumya, Harman and Surbhi are in the restaurant.

Kareena searches for Soumya and says she will drag her to kinnar world. Soumya and Harman romance on the beach. Surbhi is happy for them. Later Kareena eyes Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What are Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki fans doing, guys do watch the show atleast for Vivian and Rubina…. Today I saw the trp and rival show on STAR plus trp is increasing, which is too bad for our show, although our show remains the slot leader and at the 5th place… But plz support the show, also Rashmi Sharma needs to add some interesting turns in Shakti so that trp increases…. Just hoping for better Shakti trp next week… I really hope that Shakti remains far ahead from its rival show on STAR plus..

  2. Don’t play pre to dirty trick against haya opposite his dirty trick and consummate haya marriage and remove surbhi forever in haya life and surbhi support harman and soumya against preeto and don’t spoil honeymoon trip and back fire his honey moon plan

  3. I can’t understand how all liked this serial nothing is there only kidnap nothing else this serial is top in TRP how it’s possible

  4. I don’t like soumya’s bevhavior for harman. Its is too rudly for him. I hope Kareena and Preeto’s plan not success plz writer don’t let them plans sucess

  5. Hello all, I am following the TU daily but never comment… actually Tanvi I would like Shakti to loose leader slot position for a week or so maybe then the makers will realise what nonsense track they are forcing on us viewers and start changing it to a more sensible more powerful and meaningful one instead by making Soumya’s character more stronger and admitting her true feelings to Harman as well as supporting both Harman and Surbhi in their fight fr her rights.

    Both Harman and Surbhi are suffering and had their lives ruined by their marriage just for her happiness’ sake and she’s not realising this nor appreciating it and is forcing them to turn this joke called marriage into reality to please this Preeto… without even thinking of their true feelings towards the matter… really pathetic and disgusting to see all their sacrifice go in vain because of weakness

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