Shakti 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman locks Soumya

Shakti 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto throwing the keys and asking Harak to keep it, as she isn’t interested in his money. Harak picks the keys and asks Shanno to manage the locker keys. Raavi makes a face. Shanno asks me? Veeran smiles. Harak asks her to manage it. Preeto asks Soumya to come, Harman would be coming. Harman and Jasleen come. Harak smiles seeing them. Jasleen says I got my anklet today. Harman says and I got my old friend back. She takes him along. Varun says I had made duplicate keys of the cupboard. He gets the file and says Surbhi wants to fly, now fly and show me. Surbhi goes and checks the file. Varun looks on. He says you aren’t innocent, but you are dump, how didn’t you get a doubt on the file.

Jasleen calls out everyone. Harman says don’t tell them. Jasleen says its big news,

Soumya should know her husband is so cute. She shows her anklets and says Harman had stolen one anklet and kept it safe for 20 years, can you believe it, so sweet. Harak thinks this matter should reach mangalsutra, it will be good. Soumya thinks if Harman remembers old things, how can he forgive me. She offers help to clean the anklet. Harman says I will get it cleaned. Jasleen says let her do it, she will also have right on my anklet. She gives anklets to Soumya and thanks her.

Kaki comes to call Jasleen. Jasleen says I will meet Bebe and come. Harman scolds Soumya. Jasleen says I will get my phone charger and come. Harman says I can’t tolerate this kinner around me, why is she cooking food, why can’t anyone else make the food. They get shocked seeing Jasleen. Jasleen says I have come to see my phone charger, I don’t remember. They all get relieved. Jasleen asks them did anyone see her charger. Harman says I will find it. Jasleen asks Soumya to make Harman work. Preeto says yes, explain her, she is very innocent. Jasleen says she is sweet, I can’t believe how did Harman get such a diamond. Harman gets her charger and says you are still forgetful, you should thank me. Jasleen says I won’t tell thanks or sorry, I m your childhood friend. She goes.

Surbhi gives her presentation. Varun burns the papers and says this time you will break by this failure. Surbhi sees the papers missing. The man asks did you come with incomplete preparations again. Sumit defends Sumit. Harman says I told you to leave the house, you didn’t understand. Harman takes Soumya and locks her inside the toy room. He gives the keys to Raavi and says you hate Soumya the most, keep your hatred. He goes. Soumya sees the teddy and smiles dressing the teddy as Harman. She recalls Harman.she says you know you have a friend, Harman made the teddy wear my saree and named her Soumya, today I made you look like Harman, I will keep trying to convince Harman. Jasleen comes for dinner. Harman calls her talkative. He asks her to have food. Jasleen asks Preeto to serve her food quickly. She asks where is Soumya, call her, its not fair that she cooks food alone. Harman says Preeto you forgot Soumya is not at home, she went to her Maayka. Preeto gets shocked.

Soumya says I don’t need Jasleen to reach you, my love is enough to reach your heart. Harman looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. OH no you guys jasleen has come to meet harman with hidden motive to seperate harman and soumya. She already knows soumya is a transgender and is taking advantage of that to get close to harman! Harak is behind her arrival he asked her to come because harman isn’t happy with soumya there taking advantage of the situation. Another drama with another girl in harmans life. Dont know if harman will fall for her as shes going to trick him into falling in love. Will he fall fornthe trap or not?? But harman is being rude these days to soumya even eats without her ? locks her in the room!

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