Shakti 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chameli asking Kareena, what she is thinking? Kareena is looking at Lohri fire and says people celebrates with their family during Lohri, but my old relation is burnt in this fire. Chameli asks if she is talking about Tarana. Kareena says she wants to make her Tarana again. She gives a letter to her and asks her to give letter to Chanda, and asks her not to let Mallika/Saya know about it. She tells something. Chameli hears her. Kareena makes an evil plan.

Raavi tells Preeto that she don’t understand why her son don’t respect her or her family. Soumya comes and asks shall I feed Chintu, if you permit me. She says when I used to get upset, Maa used to make me eat food. Raavi says no need, and says you are a kinnar and your maa was mad. She says I will convince my son. Preeto scolds Raavi politely and asks Soumya to try and make him eat. Soumya nods and goes. Harman comes. Preeto asks him to come, and asks him to send woolen clothes for Chintu. Harman says his head is so hot, let him stay in cold weather. Preeto asks him to buy warm clothes for him. Harman says okay and goes out.

Soumya comes to Chintu. He is sleeping. She smiles and sits at his bed side. Chintu wakes up and gets angry. He says you are the one who made me stay here from that Kans mama’s room. Soumya holds her ears and apologizes. Chintu refuses to talk to her and asks her to go. Soumya caress his forehead. He asks what you are doing. He says mum is greedy. Soumya says mum is greedy. Raavi hears her and thinks she is teaching wrong thing to my son and goes to call Preeto. Soumya tells him that she is greedy as she will eat his half food. She says if you throw all the things then who will come near you and who will give you food, as everyone will be scared of you If you get hungry, then rats will jump in your stomach and then who will make them calm down. Chintu thinks this is the chance to eat, if anyone donn’t give me food later. Preeto and Raavi comes. Chintu says he don’t drink only milk and asks her to add something else. Soumya asks him to come and mix whatever he wants. Preeto and Raavi holds on.

Maninder tells Bebe that Surbhi was looking unmarried in Harman’s home. Bebe asks him to wait and says she will not bear injustice for long. Someone comes and says I want to clear something from you. He says people are making stories and told that Surbhi is staying in Soumya’s house. Maninder says no..and tells that Surbhi is working in the city and went to Soumya’s house for Lohri celebration. Man says okay and goes. Maninder tells Bebe that if anything happens to his Surbhi then he will burn the world. Bebe asks him to talk good.

Kareena and her kinnar gang come to Harak Singh’s haveli. They play the dhol and dance infront of their house. Shanno comes out, sees them and runs inside to inform Preeto and Harak Singh. She tells Preeto that kinnars came outside their house. Preeto is shocked. Soumya gets scared and says why did they come here. Surbhi asks Soumya not to worry. Preeto says you have to find out and asks Soumya to handle her people. She asks Surbhi to wait inside. She holds Soumya’s hand and takes her outside.

All neighbors also come there. Neighbor asks why you people came here? Kareena says you people will know soon….Kinnars don’t go to anyone doors without a reason. Soumya tells Preeto that she is Kareena didi. Preeto asks her not to address her as didi infront of everyone. She says my bahu (Soumya) will give nek to everyone today. Kareena goes to her and says today we came here to take your bahu Soumya with us. Soumya is shocked. Kareena says we came here, but soon so many people will come. One day you have come here to our basti and did drama. Now I will also do the same thing. Soumya says we were good friends and asks why she is doing this. Kareena says we were friends before and asks her to come to her world to know answer. She loudly says that she will get good nek and asks her kinnars to play dhol, and dances. Preeto asks Soumya to go inside. Soumya goes inside.

Neighbors are standing still and seeing the drama. Harak Singh tells Preeto that all neighbors are coming here. Preeto says I will do something. She goes inside. Harak Singh follows her. Surbhi calls Harman, but he doesn’t pick her calls. He thinks he will not pick her call and asks Soumya to call Harman. Soumya is about to call Harman. Preeto takes phone from her hand and says nobody will call him. If he comes here, he will tell everyone loudly about the truth. Chintu is about to go out. Raavi tries to stop him. Chintu says even I wants to dance, and asks her to move. He sits down there. Raavi tries to get him up. He pushes her. Soumya signs Raavi that she will handle him. She calls him Chintu ji and asks him to go to his room, says I will bring milk and chocolate mix for you. Chintu says I will go when you are saying. He goes. Raavi looks on.

Kareena and other kinnars are dancing. Neighbors ask what do you need in nek? Kareena thinks she shall start drama now and tells them that kinnar is there inside Harak Singh’s house and they want her. Shanno asks Preeto to handover Soumya to them, and says we will see what happens then. Surbhi says nobody asks her not to think this thing as she is with Soumya. She says Soumya will not go anywhere. Harak Singh and Preeto are tensed. Harak Singh asks Viren to come out with him. Neighbors asks what do you mean? Harak Singh’s family have a kinnar with them. Viren asks Kareena to take nek. Neighbors asks Harak Singh what is the truth? He says bring that kinnar out. He says their world is different and they shall live there. Harak Singh asks them to look at their house problems and not to dare to ruin his respect. He tells Kareena that he will file defamation case against her. Kareena says it seems that you will not agree like this, and says seems like I have to expose the black truth. Saya comes and asks which black truth is she talking about? Kareena gets tensed.

Harman tells his family members that he knows that they are scared that Soumya’s truth will be known to everyone, and tells that he will go to terrace with her, and will shout aloud that his Gulabo is a kinnar. Preeto and Harak Singh stop him. Harman says I will end this Siyappa today and asks her to come. Harak Singh fires his gun. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hai frnds…can i join u all??
    nice episode nd nice precap…luv u harman nd soumya…

  2. OMG Soumya action is really amazing today.saya is very good and she saved I hate maninder, Kareena both r doing so much HAYA mostly Preeto also support Soumya indirectly.hope this change will continue.Pls end that surbhi character.

  3. So true bunny, Surbhi is a pain to the eyes, she should have married Abhishek or Varun to help in Haya reunion..but she wanted to be called as so called “tyagi”….I hope Harman shows Surbhi her aukat….

  4. What happened to all of u guys?where u all ammu,kopz,karthika,raji,uthaya, d show is going interesting.sorry if i miss any our daily commentators.only tanvi nd i r commenting daily without ur support it is very bad .This week both our haya rockkkkkkjkkkkjjjjkkkkks .but only few comments.hope all u join very soon.

  5. How r u all?.day by day guys r not do comment wat hppnd?….chintu s clsd wit somya..nice 2 c.

  6. I can realise ‘mamtha’ n soumya eyes.i m waitng fr dt awsm momnt of her prgnt..she realy deserve fr it..m i right?Grls.

  7. Hi.
    Iam back , how r u guys? Sry , iam not feeling well, for past two days, so I can’t comment. Anyhow happy for current track.

  8. Hi raji, kopz,karthi,uthaya,Ashley hw r u all? Y no comments?
    R u all busy or upset with the track which is going on ah?
    Karthi un mobile sari aagiducha ma?

  9. Semaya iruku ipo tha track muna vida…..ammu ma fever ah?Take rest..
    WAITING FR NXT WEEK EPI..expctng more haya scenes.

  10. I am also eagerly waiting for that wonderful moments kopz.if really Soumya will pregnant then OMG I am d first person to be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy.hoe this will happen.thank u Ammu,kopz hope all r joining soon.

  11. Yeah, the serial is back to its form!!!!!!!!!
    Mainly I want surbhi to be positive. The writer should change one by one to positive . Then all should love somya slowly which makes her strong and forget her kinner identity. Lets see wat the makers do.

  12. No chance to remain as positive surbhi…definitely preeto ne kuch na kuch kichadi pagayegi surbhi k saath………when will harman finds varun’s evilness…..
    Raavi sure help our haya to reunite against preeto bcuz haya helps getting back her son…this will sure happn…
    G evng allll……..

  13. Harman and soumya r best couple and I hate surbhi alot…. Waiting fr time whn soumya will become pregnant

  14. Somu pregnant? Is it confirmed news or as usual fake news ah? Becoz makers always gives us fake news only like Harman stops marriage with surbhi at last moment. But it doesn’t happen??

  15. No ma…enoda asai ya sonnen…wrtr enga irundhu indha madiri gud news la solrathu………

  16. Hay shakti fans I am back with very very very happy news.
    Kopz, you said very correct. Somya is not kinner. She will become pregnant and everybody shocked. And surbhi is the original kinner. Now now I read this episode in serial update in. If the story will move this track then I Will watch continue this show. Now really I feel happy.
    Ammu,Ashley,karthi,udaya,bunny and new Tamil friends h r u all? Just I was busy and I don’t like to give comments. So I decided I will command daily for our friends. Not only serial.

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