Shakti 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya gets flashes of Bangkok incident

Shakti 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi coming to the place and opens the door. She tells Preeto that they have left Kishan Lal and Mohini. Harak Singh leaves. Saya and others kinnars organize a fashion show of the kinnars. The kinnars who had kidnapped Soumya bring her to Saya. Soumya says I want to go. Kinnar says this is your place, you don’t need to stay here. Soumya asks them to leave her. Saya comes to her and asks what is happening here? Saya asks her to wear the dress and get ready. Soumya refuses to agree. Saya asks her to get ready. Soumya says I will not agree and wear this, if I am a kinnar then that doesn’t mean that I have no right to stay with my wish. She says if you sell me then I will kill that buyer and escape. Saya asks her to look beautiful so that she can get a good price. She asks all

kinnars to leave and let Soumya get ready.

Soumya manages to escape through the above window. She sees the kinnars fashion show and are about to escape, but Saya holds her hand. Soumya thinks Harman sold her here. Saya says God made you with much time and says I will sell you with double price. Soumya recalls Bangkok incident seeing the girls. Harman looks at her and apologizes for remembering the most bad phase of her life, and hopes she gets back her memory. Saya takes Soumya to stage and make her stand. Soumya gets black and white flashes of Bangkok incident. Saya tells that they will start the bid with her. Soumya asks if all those stories were fake. Saya says this is the market which you have to face everytime. Soumya gets flashes of the Bangkok inside, but nothing is cleared. Saya says I will start the bid and asks the men who will bid first. Men starts bidding. She finds everything familiar. Harman thinks Soumya remember atleast for our love. A man says 6 lakhs. Preeto and Raavi are making dolls which Soumya had made in the past.

Chameli comes to Harman and asks him to go and save Soumya. Sameer sees Harman and thinks he acted nicely, but Soumya will go away with me. The men place bid and Saya says 15 lakhs….She sells Soumya for 15 lakhs. Soumya is shocked. Sameer puts smoke bomb after lighting it on fire and throws it. He keeps handkerchief on his nose and comes to Soumya. He holds her hand and asks Soumya to come. Saya asks Kinnars to see what is happening? Harman looks for Soumya. Guards come infront of Sameer. Sameer beats them. They come near the car. Soumya picks her luggage lying on the road. Harman comes and holds her hand. He says 10 days are not over yet. Soumya says we have no relation between us, I never thought you will sell me. Sameer asks her not to listen to him and asks her to come. Soumya says I am breaking this bet, our friendship and everything. She asks him not to come behind her. Harman comes infront of her and tries to stop her. He tells that this incident is part of your memory. Sameer asks him to stop acting and says you tried to sell my Khushi, it is good that she called me else don’t know what would have happen. Soumya takes out the kataar and threatens Harman. Harman is shocked. Soumya asks him not to step infront of him and says she is ending everything today. Harman tries to make her understand. His palm get slit with her kataar. She leaves with Sameer.

In the car, Soumya gets all flashes of her past life and gets her memory back. She gets down from the car. Harman says Gulabo. Soumya says I have gained my memory. Sameer is shocked. Preeto is very happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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