Shakti 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat sneaks in Heer’s room to meet her

Shakti 26th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer asking Soumya to dance with her, else her celebration will not complete. She begins dancing with Soumya. She takes Mahi to dance with them. They dance. Everyone smiles. Heer takes Preeto to dance. Harak Singh, Veeran and Harman also dance with them. Preeto asks Heer to stop dancing and asks her to remember that she is the bride, and asks Soumya to get mehendi applied to her hand. Heer says she is lucky to have both her mothers and wants her Devki and Yashoda Maa to apply mehendi on her hands. She gives her hands to them. Mahi and Soumya look at each other. Mahi then applies mehendi to Heer’s right hand while Soumya applies mehendi to her left hand. Heer smiles. Later Heer applies sugar syrup on her mehendi. Soumya comes there holding milk glass in the tray. Heer says you made chocolate milk shake for me. Soumya says yes, and tells that she has to do something special for her. She makes her drink. Heer tells that Rohan Veer ji used to make chocolate milk for her, when she was not here and says don’t know where is he? Soumya asks her to drink milk. Heer says she has missed her a lot. Soumya says even I missed you a lot.

Virat is calling Heer, but her phone is on vibration. He thinks she got busy with family that not attending his call. Parmeet comes there and shows his Sherwani. Virat says nice. Parmeet says Preeto ji and I have got it made matching Heer’s clothes. Virat calls her again. Parmeet says you have to spend life with her, and asks him to spend night without her. Virat thinks he can’t live a moment without her. Soumya tells Heer that tomorrow you will marry and go to sasural, but I want you to fulfill mummy ji’s dream and become independent. She says I am sure that you will handle job and home both and tells that she doesn’t want her to get dependent on anyone and asks if she will complete her studies and do the job. Heer promises her. Virat comes to Harak Singh’s house and peeps inside Heer’s window. Soumya sees him in the mirror. He hides. Soumya asks Heer to finish the milk. Heer thanks her. Soumya goes wishing that their love is always strong like this. Virat comes to Heer’s room. Heer shouts. He keeps hand on her mouth. Tu hi mera khuda plays….He says today I met you after many days, and says how can I spend the night without seeing you. He sees chocolate milk shake glass and says so this is your Gulabo’s special chocolate milk shake and drinks it. Heer asks him not to drink it fully as Gulabo made it for her specially.

Virat says lets drink it together. They drink it together. Harman comes to Heer’s room and asks her to knock on the door. Soumya also knocks on the door and asks her to open the door. Virat keeps hand on Heer’s mouth and says if you make any noise, then I will take you from here. Soumya asks her to open the door. Virat says Heer. Heer says if Gulabo sees you here, then she will hold your ear and will ask you to come with baraat tomorrow. Heer asks Virat to hide and gives him promise not to make any noise. She opens the door. Soumya and Harman ask why did you shout? Heer says there was lizard on my wall so I shouted. Virat smiles. Soumya sees Virat’s shoe and realizes he is hiding behind the curtain. She says lizard. Heer says yes, it was big. Harman says I will check. Heer says it jumped down hearing me shouting. Harman says let me check once and walks towards the window. Soumya stops Harman and says she will handle the lizard and will make it go. She says she is going to marry tomorrow and asks if you will make the lizards run away in her sasural. He says if she calls me then I will go. Soumya asks him to come. Heer holds Harman and Soumya’s hands. She thanks Soumya for returning to her and tells that when she was not here, I used to talk to your pics and share my day routine with you. She thanks her. Soumya hugs her. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

Soumya says you can talk to me now, I will not go anywhere. Heer holds Harman’s hand and says I never thought that I will meet you, I had just heard your name and your stories. She says I had just imagined you as my Papa. She says I am happy that you are with me to do my kanyadaan and since you both are back, I am sure that Mata Rani loves me and returned my everything to me. Harman says you talk so maturely and might have learnt this from Gulabo. Heer says she is not just your Gulabo, but mine too. Harman says surely. They go out. Heer closes the door. Virat asks why did you hide me? He says I am your husband, and will be your husband too. He says they shall know how much I love you. Heer says there is no problem, but if they have seen you here, then would have asked you to go, as we can’t meet without the rasams and then you have to go. Virat says then what would have happened? Heer says then I wouldn’t have spent time with you like this. She hugs him. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Virat says tomorrow we are getting married and will take 7 vows, and asks if we shall take some other vows today. Heer says we will never think about tomorrow as our bad sight fall on it, that’s why we will live in present. She hugs him again.

Precap: Heer and Virat are seated for their marriage. Pandit ji calls the bride’s parents to do the ghatbandhan. Mahi asks Harman to come and ties ghatbandhan with him. Soumya and Harman see the ghatbandhan knot opening and hold it. They tie the knot together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Guys I don’t understand this: 1. why does heer use tum for Soumya and tu for preeto? and why does harman use tu for his mother preeto? Harman and Heer should be using aap for them since they are elder. If I used tum/tu to my parents or grandparents by mistake even once then they would scold me very badly.
    2. Why do harman and Heer call preeto by her name? She is elder right? Harman should call her Mummy and Heer should call her Daadi.
    3. Why does soumya use aap for Harman? They are both equal. Husband and wife are equal. So if Harman uses tum, soumya should use tum too. If Harman uses aap soumya uses aap. I don’t like this thing because it shows Husband being superior to wife.

    1. Yaar kaiyon ke Relations mein Naam bahut pyaara hota hi hai. Har ek ki apni marzi hoti hai, chahe achhe naam se bulaalo

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