Shakti 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman sees Soumya in the temple

Shakti 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman and Jasleen coming near the temple. Man comes there and says they are very dangerous, I called you with much difficulty. Harman asks where is Soumya? The man asks Harman to come with him to the room and says if they see you they will kill you. Surbhi asks Sumit not to go. Varun holds Surbhi’s hand. Sumit tells Varun that he will stay here in his house and asks him to vent out his anger on him and not on Surbhi. Harman and Jasleen go to room. Gill locks the door. Harman asks him to open the door. Gill says even network will not come here and smiles. Harman tries to open the door. Gill calls Sameer’s mum and says I have kidnapped that person who could reach Soumya, now get her married. Harman thinks who is this man and why did he kidnapped us? Varun says hero and villain both is me, and says everyone will die. Sumit asks what you will do. Varun says I will burn them and make them tandoor, and says you didn’t know how crazy I am. He asks Maninder about petrol rates and asks Sumit how he will feel then. Jasleen peeps out and knocks on the door for help.

Soumya makes birthday cake for Sameer. She asks his mum to come with her and says we will wish him happy birthday. Sameer’s mum praises her. They go to Sameer’s room. His mum wakes him up and tells that Soumya came with his birthday cake. Sameer wakes up and sees Soumya. He cuts cake and makes his mum have a cake. She blesses him. Sameer says his last dream shall be fulfilled first. He tries to feed cake piece to Soumya, but she takes in her hand. She asks what you need, I will buy for you.

Sameer takes her with him. They go to the same temple where Harman and Jasleen are kept captive in the room. Sameer tells that he wants his birthday to be same, wants her to make cake with her hand like today, bring excitement in my boring life like you brought now, and put life into something if it is stuck, and I want to hear your voice saying tea is ready, he says if I get stuck in calculation, then you make it fine with your calculation, if I have headache, then make food and feed me and apply balm, and says you have been involved in my life so much. He asks her not to go leaving them and says Maa and I got habituated to you. Soumya says you have done big favors on me and says until I am here, I promise to support you. Sameer thanks her. He says let’s sit there and talk. They sit on stairs. Soumya says Auntyji and you have done favors on me and I will support you always and will make your birthday cakes. Sameer thanks her for making his lifeless life colorful. Harman knocks on the door and peeps outside through the keyhole. He sees Soumya and shouts her name. Soumya hears his voice and looks here and there. Sameer says nobody is here and asks her to come. Harman gets shocked and hits his head with door. He faints. Jasleen shouts his name.

Preeto wakes up and thinks why Harman’s call is not reachable. Jasleen tries to make Harman gain consciousness. Preeto calls Jasleen, but her number is unreachable also. Chintu comes and asks her to think positive. Soumya prays to God and tells that Sameer and his mum have many favors on her and prays for their happiness. She goes to get ready.

Balwinder asks Raavi where did she go every day with so much makeup. Raavi says she has important work and asks him to go and check his father who is in hospital. Balwinder shows Jeet Singh’s card and asks who is he? Raavi says he is my friend. Shanno comes and says he is very close to giving you credit card. Raavi taunts her and says nobody cares for you in your mayka and no friend outside. Shanno says she has so much respect in her sasural. Raavi says you are saying too much. Shanno says your dramas have increased these days. Raavi asks her to tell what she is talking about? Shanno says if I open my mouth then you can’t stand here, and tells everyone that Raavi has duplicate keys of the locker. Preeto says you can take anything you want and asks them to stop the drama. She says my son and I are really tensed. Harak Singh asks them to meet him in the room and tells that he has earned money with his hard work.

Sameer’s mum does his aarti and prays to fulfill his dreams. Ladies workers come there. Sameer asks them to go and attend his birthday party. Soumya comes there wearing an orange dress. Sameer looks at her and thinks if I tell everyone that moon color is orange then they will think me mad, but it is orange for me. His mum comes and applies kajal under her ear. Sameer asks her to apply kajal to him also and says even I can get a bad sight. Sameer’s mum prays to God to give Soumya to Sameer as his wife. Jasleen tries to wake up Harman and sees water jug there. She sprinkles water on him. Harman gains consciousness and asks where is Soumya? Jasleen looks at the window and shows to Harman. Harman opens the window and tries to break the mesh.

Harak Singh asks Raavi and Shanno to give his money back. Raavi says I will give. Shanno asks from where you will give? Harak Singh says she said that she will give and asks Shanno to give money. He gives them two days time, else will throw them out with their stuff. He thinks once my shera settles in this house, then….everyone will be out, just Harak Singh, Mrs. Harak Singh, and Harman will be in the house.

Sameer and Soumya come to the shop. His friends praise Soumya. One of the men tells that Sameer’s life will be set if Soumya marries him. Other man says it is a surprise for her. Soumya says everyone loves you a lot. Sameer says even I love and looks at Soumya. Soumya is shocked.

Harman shows Soumya’s pic to Sameer and his mum and asks about her. Sameer looks sad seeing her pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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