Shakti 24th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer couldn’t bear her identity truth and hurts herself

Shakti 24th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer telling Virat that it is good that he also came and says even you are equally involved to make my identity fake. She asks when did you come to know about my identity. Virat says before first baraat….Her reminisces Virat refusing to marry her and insulting her. Heer says she was a big fool and mad. She says I was mad to blame Gulabo, that you didn’t bring baraat due to her. She asks why did you marry me then? Did you marry me for sympathy? She says we never had love between us, as a guy can never love a kinnar. Virat says don’t say this, even though I did wrong to hide from you, but raised doubt on my love. Heer says if you had loved me then would have told me. She says rather than taking the blame on yourself, that you can’t become a father, why didn’t you tell me. Virat says I didn’t show any pity on you, and didn’t betray you. He says when I came to know about this, I was very much shocked and went away from you, I tried to forget you, but I used to see you in everything and everywhere. He says your love drags me to you….Heer. Heer gets up crying and says now I understand why you people don’t let me go out since my childhood. Harak Singh says we don’t want your life to be like Soumya and wanted you to face the world with courage and stand on your feet. She asks Saya why did you hide from me, you would have told me. She says it would have been good, if you had sent me with Gulabo, atleast I would have lived life like her. Preeto asks her to be quiet and says yes, we hid the truth from you so that even kinnars have the right to live in this world and have all the relations, and be happy. She says I didn’t tell you, as I don’t want you to be another Soumya and don’t dependent on anyone, like Soumya was dependent on Harman. Heer says you didn’t do this for me, but did for yourself as you don’t want society to spit on your family. She tells that everyone knows that kinnar is a third gender and says even Virat supported `you. She says you all have lied to me and runs to her room. Virat says Heer.

Preeto, Rohan, Virat and others run behind her, but the door is locked. Heer cries and vents out her pain. They all ask her to open the door. Rohan knocks on the door. Heer gets shattered and cries. They all ask her to open the door. Heer imagines herself as a kinnar and Virat telling that she is very beautiful. She shouts and says I am not beautiful…girls are beautiful, but I am a kinnar. She cries and shouts. She imagines her innerself telling her that she was kinnar in girl’s avatar and laughs. Heer shouts asking them to stop and ruins her make up and hairs…she shouts aloud. Preeto recalls promising Harman’s soul and says I have promised my son to take care of you and says you are my son’s ansh. Heer shouts no and says a kinnar can’t be anyone’s daughter. Virat says I have loved a kinnar and married her. He says you will always be my wife and asks her to open the door for once. She throws Soumya and her photo frames and says girls keep such things and not kinnars. She tears the toys. Veeran asks her to open the door and says our love will not change for you. Preeto is taken aback and sits down shockingly. She says my bad dream came true, my fear came true. She says Heer was not ready and asks how did she know? Virat comes to Preeto. Preeto says what will happen if Heer does something to herself. Virat says she is Harman Singh’s blood and Harak Singh and your upbringing. He says she is in shock, but not weak. Preeto says yes, leave her alone, may her pain will end with her tears. Heer looks at herself in the mirror and says you don’t have the right to look as a girl and breaks her head on the mirror angrily. Harak Singh asks Virat to break the door. Virat breaks the door and they get inside to find her unconscious on the floor.

Sant Baksh gains consciousness and asks where is Virat? Parmeet says he ran behind that kinnar. Sant Baksh says I will kill Heer and also Virat. Parmeet gives Virat’s message to Sant Baksh and tells that he had jumped down from the valley and also declared himself………..even after knowing everything. Teji says what if the people will come to know the truth? Sant Baksh says you knew, but you didn’t tell us and asks Daljeet to throw her out. Teji says my stuff. Parmeet smiles. Sant Baksh says I don’t want that kinnar in my house and in my son’s life. Parmeet says we are not Harak Singh and Preeto to accept kinnar as our bahu, we will learn from their mistakes and take action. Virat lifts unconscious Heer in his arms. Doctor bandages Heer’s injury and says injury is not deep. Virat says I will drop Doctor and bring the medicine. Harak Singh says son. Preeto sits at Heer’s side and says when she gains consciousness, then she will hurt herself again. She says we have to make her understand with love and answer to all her question. Just then Saya, Chameli, Roma and many other kinnars come to Harak Singh’s house wearing red and white sarees and clapping. Preeto goes down and asks what is happening? Saya reminds her of their condition. She says the condition was when Heer comes to know about her identity and when she breaks, we will take her with us. She says today that day came and we came to take her with us. Preeto is shocked.

Precap: The kinnars lift Heer and are about to take her from there after she agrees to go with them. Preeto comes there indisguise of a kinnar and tells that she can become anything to stay with Heer. Rohan, Mahi, Sindhu and Raavi also get dressed as the kinnars and get adamant to go with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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