Shakti 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Suamya refuses to attend the anniversary party

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Shakti 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman tells the workers to decorate the whole hall till morning.
The next morning, Chintu comes downstairs. He appreciates Harman’s efforts of decorating the hall. Everyone come downstairs, Preeto reminds everyone its marriage anniversary of Harman and Saumya. Harman comes upstairs to take Saumya downstairs by blindfolding her. He carries her into his arms. Saumya looks around as Harman wish her their anniversary. The workers appreciate the value of love in Kharak Singh’s family. Harman asks Saumya about her remarks over the arrangements. He reminds her about a relation they share other than servant and maid, they are husband and wife. The caterer comes to ask about the number of people for cooking, Preeto goes to instruct him. The tailor brings the ordered dress, Preeto sends him away as well.
In the room, Chintu reminds Saumya when they had decorated the room Harman thanked them, but she didn’t even say thanks to him nor was she happy. Harman comes to the room and asks Saumya why she is ruining the dress tonight. He hands her the dress. Saumya throws the dress and shouts at him, reminding she is a slave of him not a wife. Harman asks her to finish this all. Saumya says she wants freedom from his slavery. Harman says he would see how she doesn’t come to the party.
The group of kinners complain Malika for being considerate of Tarana only. Malika reminds each of their important dates to them as well and leave for temple. She discusses with Chambeli that she will pray Saumya lives happy with Harman.
Harman comes downstairs, he asks everyone to invite their friends to party. Preeto says Saumya doesn’t want to come to party, if he would create a drama in the party. Harman says there would only be drama. Nani, Surbhi and Varun come to the party. Preeto says its good they have arrived, Harman made the arrangements but Saumya doesn’t want to come downstairs. She asks them to speak to her. Surbhi assures to speak to her.
When alone, Preeto asks Varun if Surbhi lets him sleep at night or keep him awake. Surbhi asks Saumya to wear the dress. Saumya says when they don’t share the relation of spouse why celebrate the day. She tells Nani that their relation doesn’t mean anything. Surbhi says there is a relation, only then Harman arranged the party. Saumya says she suffocates here, Harman makes her wife at one time and a slave at the other. She tells them to leave.
At night in the party, guests had arrived. Shano was happy that everyone would understand the reality of Harman and Saumya’s relation. Harman comes to the room, Saumya was still stubborn. Harman asks Surbhi and Nani to go outside, he wants to speak to Saumya. He asks her for the last time if she would get ready, she sits silent. Harman takes a bottle of wine and says even he won’t go, he will drink wine here. Downstairs, Surbhi calls Malika to speak to Saumya once, she has been very stubborn.
A guest had arrived with reporters. Harak Singh promises him a reply, it would cost him high.
In the room, Harak gulps the wine. He asks Saumya if she would go downstairs, she refuses. Harman says alright, she will then be answerable to people. Chintu watches them and was upset wondering what will happen now.

PRECAP: Harman and Saumya come downstairs and celebrate the anniversary. Harman gifts her a ring. He thanks her for going to the party as a slave, he only considered her as a wife. He has and will always love her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Harman looked so nice in the orange dress in the Precap
    Sona and there are few errors in this update:
    1)It was kishan lal,Harman ‘s sister father in law who came with the reporters
    2)Harman gulped the wine, not Harak

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