Shakti 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat and Heer’s romantic moment

Shakti 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gurwinder calling Heer and Virat and telling that Parmeet got consciousness. Virat and Heer rush to Parmeet’s ward. Doctor says she is fine now, you can take her home and be very careful. Heer says I will personally care for my mummy ji. Virat holds Parmeet’s hand and says I am sorry Maa. I came in Dr’s talks and doubted you. He says I will not leave Angel. Heer says Virat said right, whoever tried to break our relation, we shall not leave them. She says we shall file Police complaint against the doctor. Virat says whenever we do anything against Angel, she will do something. She asks him not to do anything. Heer says Mummy ji is right. Virat says what do you mean? Heer says whoever tried to separate us, have now understand the depth of our love, and that we are one. Virat says ok. Heer asks Parmeet to leave all worries and take care of her health. She says if you do any mistake then the matter will get more worse, says I mean if you get careless about your health, then your condition will deteriorate. Gurwinder asks Virat to go home with Heer and says she will complete the formalities and will bring Mummy ji home tomorrow. Virat says I will be with Maa. Parmeet asks him to go home and rest. Virat says ok. Heer asks her to take care. They leave. Parmeet gets up and tells Gurwinder that he didn’t question Heer, he trusts her so much. Gurwinder says we have to break their trust. She says I will keep eye on them 24 hours and will play our trick when the right time comes.

Parmeet appreciates Soumya for handling the responsibilities. Soumya says responsibilities don’t look like burden as Harman ji is with me. Virat and Heer sit in the car and he drives off. Heer asks him to stop the car and come out. He asks what happened? Heer says you are not romantic at all. Heer says she wants to coffee wala romance in this weather and says you don’t want to romance with me. Virat asks what is her idea of romantic date. Heer says I will show you and take bubbles mix bottle in her hand and blows bubbles on Virat. Virat takes it and blows the bubbles on her. Tu hi mera khuda plays….She looks at the balloons. Virat buys balloons for her and runs behind her, while she runs holding the thread. He asks where are you running away from me. She asks him to look at balloons and think that our troubles are inside it. She asks him to release all the balloons in the sky. Virat leaves the thread. Heer hugs him and says all our troubles are going away from us. Virat says I am always happy with you. She asks if I am boring. Virat asks what do you need? Heer says weather is good, date is just an excuse, I have to make you drink coffee. Virat says you are bad at poetry. Heer asks him to come and have coffee. Virat orders coffee. Heer holds his hand and thanks him for giving him all the happiness and big thanks for trusting her. She says she felt for a moment that he will think her wrong. Virat says such thought came in your mind, I promise that we will always have love and trust between us. He says I don’t understand why Angel wants to break our relation. Heer thinks Mummy ji and Gurwinder want us to break up and thinks she can’t tell him and can’t hurt him. Heer sees Guru and his friends. She hides. Virat takes coffee and turns to Heer, but couldn’t see her. He asks Guru what is he doing? Guru says he came to drink coffee. Virat says sometimes I come to have coffee. Guru says you are drinking two cups coffee. Virat says no, he took two coffees to have romantic feel as if someone is with him. Guru asks him to keep the coffee and asks him to come with him to have party. Guru asks his friend to bring his bike and sits in Virat’s car. Virat thinks how to leave Heer alone. He sits in the car and signs Heer. Heer asks him to go. Virat says today I don’t want to have party. Guru asks him to drive off. Heer looks on, as Virat drives off.

In the restaurant, Guru tells his friends that he promised Virat of party, so drinks are must. Virat hesitates. Guru says you joined our gang so shall party. He calls waiter and orders drink. Heer reaches there and thinks they are partying here. Virat misses Heer and thinks about her.

Precap: Virat has a drink. Other side, Heer also has a drink. She gets dizzy and loses her balance. Virat catches her. In intoxicated state, she tells him that she was following him and asks him not to tell that to anyone. He says that he will tell everyone that they are husband and wife and how much he loves her. She says, let’s go and tell. They turn and Guru is standing in front of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Now PARMEET is Behind SAUMYA & HARMAN😡. WTH is going on?

    1. No, it’s not Parmeet. Preeto said that she appreciated Soumya. Preeto, not Parmeet. Parmeet is not after Harman and Soumya.
      And thanks to H Hasan and whole team for adding WUs regularly.

    2. 50roomescapelover

      But iam not liking this parmeet saazish anymore …irritating really..😵😵😵

    3. I know. HAYA story mein Preetovne SAUMYA ko Zyaadatar Support bhi kiya tha. Shuru Shuru mein hi dikkat thi, but SAUMYA aur PREETO ki RISHTEY PEHLE SE KAAFI BEHTAR HI THE.
      YaHaan VIHEER mein PARMEET ka Dimaag Shuru mein hi ZEHREELAA HO GYA THA.

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