Shakti 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya catches Maharani red handed

Shakti 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya asking Surbhi when did she meet Rani? Surbhi says she didn’t meet her recently. She says she called her sometime back and said Soumya di went to meet Kareena and Raveena. Saya is worried for Rani. Later Chanda and Saya see Kareena and Raveena going and follow them. They are about to enter the house, when Chanda stops them and asks what you are doing here? Saya says we shall go inside and check. They go inside, but couldn’t see anyone. Kareena and Raveena go inside, and say we thought we will get big nek. Saya and Chanda leave.

Kareena and Raveena wonder where did Rani go? Maharani holds their neck and says do use the things which you don’t have, ie, mind and says it can stop the thing which you have, ie breathe. She says when working with me, you have to be alert else your breath will stop. She tells Rani is alive and is kept somewhere. She comes home and collides with Mohini. She says she managed the situation and asks where is Harman and Preeto. Mohini says they went out to Math and Soumya is sleeping in room. Maharani calls Soumya and says I want to enter Math and killed your husband and mother in law. She says I am not doing anything because of the promise.

Soumya comes out and think if Mohini’s Didi is calling me. Soumya comes near her. Mohini comes and is shocked. Soumya keeps her hand on Maharani’s shoulder. She hides her face and acts to faint. Mohini shouts and asks what did you do to my Didi. She asks Shanno to bring water and tells that her Didi fainted as Soumya kept hand on her shoulder. Maharani pretends to gain consciousness. Harak Singh scolds Soumya and asks why did you keep hand on her shoulder and shouts at her.

Harman and Preeto ask her to tell what happened? Soumya says I got call from unknown number to scare me and I thought she called me and that’s why kept hand on her shoulder. She asks did you call me. Mohini says why Didi will call you. Maharani is about to take the phone when preeto takes it and checks the phone. Maharani says why shall I call you. Harman asks Soumya to call back on the number, but the number is switched off. Maharani smirks. Mohini calls Harman from her phone and says simcard is still inside. She acts to pacify Maharani. Once they all go to room, Maharani tells Mohini that she is burdened by her favours. Mohini recalls keeping the other phone in her hand and shouting at Soumya.

Preeto says she will take off evil eye from her. Harman goes to bring the things. Preeto asks what the person said? Soumya says he/she was saying hello and then the call ended. She takes out bad sight from her and they cough. Preeto says bad sight is is gone. Harman coughs and asks Soumya to be happy always.

Saya tells Surbhi and Nani that may be Rani went to meet Guru maata. Chanda comes there and says Rani didn’t go there. Surbhi says it is clear that she is kidnapped. Chanda says I feel Kareena and Raveena know everything. Saya says we have no proofs against them, and we can’t ask them, else they will alert the main culprit for whom they are waiting.

Preeto ties taveez to Harman’s hand and says now everything will be fine. Harman says tomorrow he will go to Doctor. Preeto asks him to keep eye on Soumya’s phone. Maharani hears them and says there are other ways to threaten him. She asks him to go and sleep. Just then door bell rings. Preeto opens the door and sees Saya, Surbhi, Chanda and Nani. Saya says Rani is kidnapped by someone and says her kidnapping is related to Soumya somehow. Preeto says we shall not let Harman and Soumya know this and shall solve it. They leave.

Harman stops Maharani and asks her to lift her veil. Mohini says she will not lift veil. Harman lifts the ghunghat and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Boring episode
    Focus on Harman

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