Shakti 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi transfers property on Preeto’s name

Shakti 21st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling that if the baby girl will stay with her and asks her to leave. Angel says you will stop me. Preeto says we will stop you, it is very sad that you being a kinnar herself couldn’t understand the pain of a kinnar, but being a woman, I have lived the pain of my bahu and grand daughter and felt their pain. She says that’s why we will not let this girl have the same pain and troubles. Angel says I will not hear your lecture. Preeto slaps her and threatens to not leave her to live. Angel and the kinnars are about to attack Preeto, but Inspector stops them and asks Angel if she got bail to do this and threatens to arrest them. Angel says I will not leave them and goes. Preeto asks Inspector, did you see how cheap is she? She says until this baby’s parents are found, I will take her to my home and will do the formalities. Inspector says I trust you fully, take the girl to your house, I will complete the formalities.

Soumya and Preeto come home with the baby. Harman, Harak Singh, Simran, Raavi and Veeran look at the baby. Chintu also looks at the baby from far. Harak Singh asks if this is the same girl? Preeto recalls that the girl is a kinnar. Harak Singh asks her? Soumya says yes Papa ji and says until her parents will be found, we can keep her at our house, we talked to the police. Harman smiles. Harak Singh takes her to his lap. The baby smiles and makes sound. Everyone gets happy hearing her voice. Chintu looks puzzled and thinks they have brought another one, will make her dramebaaz like them. Harak Singh says she is so lovely. Chintu goes to his room. Raavi says it seems she is hungry, I will bring milk for her. Preeto says she is just one day old girl and asks her to add water in milk so that she can digest. Veeran says we shall get diaper, powder, small clothes etc. Harman says we shall do shopping. They leave to shop for the baby. Soumya thinks everyone is happy due to this girl.

Angel comes to her house and throws the vase. She recalls Preeto’s warning. Other kinnar says we couldn’t bring a small girl, if this is known in kinnar community then what will happen. Other kinnar says you will become a joke, we have to bring that girl here. Angel swears that if that baby don’t become hers, she will not leave her alive and will bury her in the same pit from where they had rescued her. Doctor tells Virat that he is fit now and can go home, and asks him to take medicines for a week. Harman hears him and asks if he was going without telling him. Virat says no, I was about to come and meet you. He says my friend is in Delhi and I got job there. He says I will be in touch of everyone. Harman asks if you will not go to your house. Virat says which house, where my Heer’s murderers stay. He says there are many memories of Heer and me in that house. He says neither he wants his father’s house or his wealth. Harman says you can’t break your relation with us and says there is a part of Heer in you, and everyone of us. He asks him to come home else he will call Preeto. Virat asks do you want me to send to hospital again. Harman says if you come with us then we will think that Heer is with us. Virat hugs him and agrees. They leave.

Preeto does aarti and gives to everyone and also to baby, praying for her safety. Raavi rings the bell. Baby starts crying. Preeto takes baby and she still cries. Soumya takes baby in her hands and sings lullaby to make her quiet. Preeto and Raavi smiles. Baby calms down. Virat and Harman come home. Preeto smiles. Virat looks at the baby. Harman tells him about her, which is muted. Music plays…..Preeto takes the baby in her hands. Lawyer comes there and knocks on the door. Raavi asks him to come inside. Lawyer shows the papers to Raavi. Raavi checks the papers and tells Preeto that she got property papers made on her name. Preeto says Harman looks after everything so get it named on his name. Raavi says I named it on your name, as per his sayings. Preeto says if I have to go to foreign. Harman asks her to sign. Raavi takes pen to sign on the papers. Chintu fumes with anger and holds Raavi’s hand to stop her. Raavi asks him to leave her hand. Chintu says I am hearing you since yesterday, but you are really signing on it. Raavi asks him to leave her hand and let her sign. Chintu says if you sign then they will kick us and will throw us out of home. Raavi asks him to leave his hand. Virat goes to stop Chintu. Chintu asks why are you interfering. Virat says I want to make you understand that you got a lovely family and lovely mother, and asks him to respect them and asks him to look at him and says he feels like an orphan though his parents are alive. He asks him to value them. Chintu asks with which right, you are lecturing me? Preeto says he is the son of the house and has full right to interfere and asks him not to raise a question on him. Raavi signs on the papers and gives to lawyer. Raavi checks and says I will call you after doing all the formalities. Chintu gets angry. He thinks I will snatch your property and family, Harman Singh.

Precap: Someone throws stone on Harak Singh’s house with a letter. Harman reads, handover this girl to us, else you will repent. Soumya says this is Angel’s doings. Angel comes there disguised herself with an old man and asks them to return their grand daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Chintu is the most useless villain I have ever seen. 😂😂

    1. Fantastic 1

      haha so true. Like why is he even in the show?? Makers please think of something else than this baseless Chintu moment….

    2. Seriously yaar, he is giving me vibes of Saahil’s character from Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz. Supporting child actor becomes a spoiled villain in the future. Why yaar does this happen always?!

  2. I know right


  4. I am so Happy that Virat didn’t leave Shakti❤️

    1. Yep. VIRAT is Accepeted as Son by PREETO’S FAMILY.

  5. What happened to GURVINDER?

    1. Leave Her Alone, Buddy. She was forced to take Culprits Side. She NEVER Deserved to VIRAT. VIRAT has left his own FAMILY to Stay with PREETO FAMILY

  6. Precap?

  7. Viheer didnt deserve to end like this, i wish they had a happy ending
    I’m pretty sure next friday shakti will end with everyone being happy, and that baby being a prt of soumaya’s family
    I wish instead of soumaya, virat can adopt the child and become a father to it
    Also for the new title page for shakti with soumaya, what does it say on it in hindi
    VIHEER SHOULD HAVE ENDED BETTER, just taking out my anger

  8. Till now I can’t believe that our beloved heer has gone🥲is she really gone guys?😞

    1. I dont want to believe this, but yes she is gone. This is the worst ending to viheer

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