Shakti 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya’s life is in danger if she goes out and that’s why she will stay here. Preeto slaps him and blames him for crushing their hopes and wishes for a kinnar. She asks where did we go wrong in your upbringing. She says it is our mum’s dream to see her son settled. Harman says where will Soumya go? There is no place for her. He says you have taught me in childhood that we shall help others. Preeto says she can’t forget that he is her. Harman says I am still your son and can leave this world for you. HE asks her to understand. Preeto says she can’t be your wife and can’t give our grand kids. Harman says I didn’t refuse to get married or to give you grand children, just let Soumya stay with her. Shanno says you have taken all decisions and says she will not let Mahi marry Harman now. She says Mahi is not a machine to give him kids, and says he loves kinnar and wants kids from Mahi. Harman says it is Mahi’s right to take a decision. He tells her that she might have understood him by now, and says Soumya will stay here in his house. He says he will hold Soumya’s hand all his life.

Shanno says my Mahi will not marry you. Mahi says I am ready to Harman ji even now….Everyone is shocked. Harman looks on. Soumya is crying still. Mahi says I have a condition. She asks him to wait and brings sweater. She says if you mean what you have really said, and if you agree that Soumya will not get any relation in this house, and you have just soft corner for her. She asks him to burn sweater in the havan kund, and says I will marry you and take pheras with you. Harman takes the sweater and looks angrily. Mahi says I am not forcing you…you do what your heat says. Harman says I was a man who loves Soumya, but he died. Now I am her friend and Soumya is my responsibility. He says we have no relation, but I have one relation and I don’t want to burn our unnamed relation. He says I want to marry you and give you my wifey rights. Soumya will never come in between us.

Mahi says Soumya came in between us already. She says I am ready to do any adjustments, but I can’t share my husband with a woman or a kinnar. She says I know she is a kinnar, and can’t give you any happiness, but she can snatch my happiness for sure. She says I wanted to marry you as I want to become your life partner, not to fulfill your wishes. She accuses Soumya for snatching her dreams and ruining her life. She calls her Kinnar and is about to slap her, but Harman holds her hand stopping her from slapping Soumya. He says even if I had married you, you don’t have any right to slap her. He says you have no relation with us, don’t dare to see her. Mahi gets angry and is about to leave. Shanno tries to stop her.

Varun gets happy and offers to drop Mahi till bus station. Mahi says no need. She wears her casual clothes, and greets everyone before leaving. She apologizes to Preeto. She tells jiju…Viren asks her not to worry. She leaves. Shanno tells Preeto that she will not get such a good girl like Mahi again. Preeto sits down shocked. Harman is taking Soumya inside. Harak Singh asks him if he don’t realize what he has done, and killed many relations. Harman reminds Harak Singh that he brought someone 25 years ago to save his respect, and asks Preeto if she remembers then make Harak Singh understand. Harak Singh and Preeto looks shocked.

Preeto comes to Harman, says I remember everything and haven’t forgotten anything. She says your father gave place to me in his life and in his house. She says I gave him a son and heir to the family. She asks him to ask Soumya what she can give to him. Harak Singh says you can stay with a kinnar, don’t show us mirror of past. He says there is nobody born in Gurdaspur who can teach me gyan. He asks him to lift Soumya in his embrace and take her inside. Harman tells him that all relations are not made for business and says some relations are made by heart and are selfless, which you people will never understand.

Harman talks to Surbhi over phone and tells that everything will be fine in 2-4 days. Just then he hears Preeto calling Harak Singh and hitting on the plate. She gives him toys saying it is their grand children. Soumya and Harman to shocked to see Preeto’s anger and drama.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. THE new montage looks amazing, I hope H Hasan changes it ASAP…. Loved the episode….haya ruled, no Surbhi…..Now curious to know about 25 years old Raaz…

  2. I like the Harman supports for sowmya against his family.harman plz realize ur relation between somu its not friendship its love .

  3. Angelk1

    Please let soumya find the truth that she is indeed a women. Bit harman can’t move from the stage of friendship, because he sees soumya as a kinner. I’m sure when the truth is reveal his feelings will blossom

  4. wow mahi exited so soon?? amazing. .. How does the new montage look??

    I feel harak n preeto should have been more human towards soumya.. How cruel is this world very sad…

  5. Mahi was actually ready to marry him shocker would have been interesting to see that played out…. I know Harman is. Not preeto and harak kid maybe Harman found out truth. Preview looks funny preeto going crazy again

  6. Plz writers don’t bring surbi in between harmya.don’t change the track then the serial will be flop.

  7. This is total nonsense how nimmim never knew somaya is not a kinnar did’n she bathe and dress somaya and potty trained her as a baby .if baby was switched in birth

  8. Even if a Kinner could not have a family of her own there is something called adoption or suragacy. This lot just going round and round in circles.

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