Shakti 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya saves Harman from Lovneet

Shakti 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Man telling Kinnars that Mr. Kaushal has hidden them both. Kinnar says we will stay here until we take Khushi from here. The man says ok.

In the restaurant, Harman likes the food and tells Lovneet that he liked the food, his life has become hell after eating hospital food and that green tea was horrible. Lovneet looks at him. Mrs. Kaushal comes and asks what happened? Soumya says she is worried as Lovneet and Jolly didn’t come home till now. Mrs. Kaushal calls Lovneet and gives a call to Soumya. Lovneet says we will come after having dinner. Soumya ends the call. Harman appreciates Lovneet for taking him out to have a wonderful food. He asks if she wants roti. Lovneet says no. Harman calls the waiter and notices there is no water on the table. Meanwhile, Lovneet adds

some medicine in the juice and offers him to drink. Harman drinks it. Lovneet thinks she will be his present and future Gulabo after tonight. Mrs. Kaushal asks Soumya to sleep and tells her that Lovneet and Jolly will have dinner outside.

Lovneet brings Harman home. Harman gets drowsy because of medicine effect. Kinnars looks at them. Lovneet takes Harman to her room. Soumya wakes up hearing the sound of the door. Lovneet plays a sensual song kiss me love me…and tries to dance with Harman. Soumya peeps in her room through the keyhole and is shocked to see Lovneet forcing herself on Harman. She gets angry and tries to open the door. Harman smiles as he is in medicine effect. Lovneet is about to get closer, but just then Soumya breaks open the door and interrupts her. Lovneet gets angry and asks how dare she to come here. Soumya says she never thought she will take advantage of Jolly’s inebriated state. She asks Harman to get up from the bed. Lovneet says Jolly will not go anywhere, but you will go. Soumya threatens to tell Mrs. and Mr. Kaushal. Harman refuses to leave his Gulabo. Soumya tells him that Lovneet is using him as a subject. Harman asks what is it? Lovneet pushes Soumya. Harman gets angry on Lovneet for pushing her and says she is already hurt on her hand. Lovneet threatens to leave the room if he doesn’t ask Khushi to go. Harman asks Soumya to go and takes her out. He closes the door.

Soumya knocks on the door. Lovneet hugs Harman and says you are my Jolly, says I love you. Soumya breaks the door and comes inside, pushes Lovneet on the bed and takes Harman outside the room and locks the door from outside. Lovneet asks her to open the door and thinks I will not leave her. Mr. Kaushal and his wife see Soumya and Harman. Soumya asks Mrs. Kaushal to tell that Lovneet is her daughter and not Jolly’s Gulabo. Mr. Kaushal asks what is she saying? Mrs. Kaushal tells that Lovneet is my daughter and not your Gulabo. Soumya asks Harman to come. Harman says she said that she is my Gulabo. Mr. Kaushal asks what is happening? Mrs. Kaushal says I will explain to you and asks Soumya to take Harman. Soumya takes Harman outside the house. Harman calls her mental and says Lovneet said that she is my Gulabo. Kinnars follows them. Soumya senses someone is behind them and tells Harman. Harman says he can’t run being drowsy and falls down. Soumya is shocked.

Preeto wakes up from sleep and runs out of the house. Harak Singh tries to stop her. Veeran tells Varun that Preeto got attacked again. Raavi is shocked. They come out to search Preeto. Preeto thinks they don’t search her son neither let her search for him. She throws a stone on the other direction. Veeran and others go there. Preeto runs at opposite direction. Soumya takes Harman to side. Harman says he is feeling pain on his knife wound. Soumya hugs him and tells him that she will get some medicine, makes him sit and goes. Kinnars search for them and think where do they vanish? Harman thinks of Lovneet and says Gulabo. He then thinks of Mrs. Kaushal’s words and thinks if she was my Gulabo then would have healed my pain. He thinks where is my Gulabo. Harak Singh, Veeran and Varun continue to search Preeto. Veeran says we will find Preeto. He gets Shanno’s call and she asks him to kill Preeto just like he killed Harman and Soumya. Veeran asks her to end the call. Preeto comes out of a tempo somewhere. Soumya brings medicine and applies on his wound. She tears her dupatta and ties on his leg. Kinnars hear their sound and is coming near them.

Kinnar says kill them on spotting them. Preeto hears them and so are Harman and Soumya. Preeto says you want to kill Harman and Soumya, picks a stick from the road and threatens to kill them. Kinnars think she is mad and runs away. Soumya sees Preeto, but don’t recognize her. Preeto doesn’t see her and sits on the road. Harman asks who is she? Soumya says don’t know. Preeto thinks they were talking about killing Harman and Soumya and runs while trying to inquire about them. Soumya asks him to rest on her lap. Harman rests on Soumya’s hand. The song plays Teri ore Chala re…..Soumya thinks Jolly is fine and determines to make him meet his Gulabo.

Soumya holds Harman’s hand and is walking on the road. Kinnars come in front of them. Harman asks why are they following them and what do they want. Kinnar says we will tell as you are asking, we want her..pointing at Soumya. Soumya and Harman are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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