Shakti 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Nihaal Singh as Preeto’s ex-husband

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Shakti 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman and Ankush bring Nihaal Singh home. Veeran says he returned after 27 years and that after Sinyasi. Shanno comes to Preeto and taunts that Nihaal Singh returned as a live ghost after years. Suomya tells the family that he suffers from brain tumor, and in its last stages. Preeto gets hold of herself and leaves the hall. Harman tells Suomya not to worry, she didn’t know who he was; it’s not her mistake. He goes to speak to Preeto.

In the room, Preeto felt restless. Harman comes to her and says they didn’t know who this man was. They only knew this man was a Sinyasi who was ill and needed help.

Nihaal Singh opens his eyes and was shocked to see Harak Singh and Veeran. Shanno wish this old man’s memory is perfect, it will then be fun. Veeran helps Nihaal Singh sit up. He looks around the house, remembering it was his last wish. He stands up with trembling feet, joins his hands to everyone and weakly walks towards the door. The villagers question Nihaal Singh where he is going, this is his house. He replies a Sinyasi has no house, no family and no ties. Shanno stops Nihaal Singh, she says he is the eldest of the house; he can’t leave in such an ailing condition.
Harman leaves Preeto’s room.

Harak Singh and Veeran stop Nihaal Singh, requesting him to stay for some time. Shanno asks Suomya to prepare the herbal medicine for him.

Sindhu takes Ankush inside. Ankush asks Sindhu what is happening. Sindhu asks him to go. Shanno stops them, she says Ankush is a part of family and must know all this. Nihaal Singh is the eldest son of the house, he is Preeto’s first husband and left home for some reason. Then Harak Singh married Preeto.

Nihaal Singh says he worked hard for years, not to return to this worldly affairs once again. He must leave.
In the kitchen, Suomya cries that she badly hurt Preeta, how to speak to her now. Suomya asks Harman to speak to Preeto. Harman was tensed, and tells Suomya he would speak to Preeto.

Harak Singh comes to the room. Preeto was uncomfortable and asks Harak Singh to tell this man leave. Harak Singh calms Preeto down. He convince Preeto that times and situations have changed, he is sick and has left the world altogether. Preeto wasn’t ready to understand, she says kids would know about them. This man should leave. Harak Singh calms Preeto down. Harman leaves from outside the door.

Harman comes to the hall and suggest Veeran to construct a room for Nihaal Singh in the land near the factory. Nihaal Singh agrees, but villagers objects. Harak Singh comes outside and says no one would leave. Veeran takes Nihaal Singh to his room.

In the room, Harman comes to Nihaal Singh and says he always heard about him, it’s good to see him. He feels for Preeto; she is a good mother and wife. He wants to know why he left Preeto. Nihaal Singh replies to get rid of such a question, Harman must drop him where he brought him from.

Shanno comes to Suomya and sends her outside to take the medicine. She cheers over the excitement in all this drama. Suomya brings the Qara to Nihaal Singh’s house. She asks Nihaal Singh if he knew who they were. Nihaal Singh weakly smiles and says he read the ID card of Harman. He didn’t want to stay here, but fate brought him here. Suomya says she didn’t know who he was. Nihaal Singh tells her not to worry, he would find a way and leave the house. He would not let her house ruined. Suomya comes outside the room. Shanno watches her from behind the wall. She now comes to Nihaal Singh and serves the medicine, she introduces herself as Veeran’s wife Shanno. She says Veeran missed him a lot, she had prayed that Nihaal would return. They hear Preeto calls everyone downstairs for Suhagan Pooja.

Preeto hurries everyone to leave for Pooja. Sindhu tries to stop her as Suomya must be here. Suomya comes downstairs, but Preeta leaves the house hurriedly. Harman watches Suomya was left behind.

PRECAP: Suomya apologizes Preeto as they were unaware who this man was. Preeto tells Suomya to as this man leave now. Suomya argues that he is ill now. Preeto says Suomya can’t win both sides at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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