Shakti 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman apologizes to Vedant

Shakti 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman dragging Vedant on his wheel chair and takes him out on the road. Vedant asks him to leave him. Soumya sees Harman taking him and come out shockingly. Harman asks him to say sorry. Vedant refuses. Harman says if you don’t say sorry then will die infront of the bus. Vedant says you are doing a big mistake and says I will not say sorry. Harman says if you don’t way sorry then will die. Soumya shouts asking Harman to move Vedant. She runs and comes there. They see bus coming there. Harman stops Soumya and holds his hand. Soumya asks what is this madness and asks him to leave her hand. He says I know I am mad, you can bear his misbehavior, but not me. Vedant says I will not say sorry and is not afraid of death. Harman says so die. Soumya bites on Harman’s hand and comes infront of the bus. The bus driver stops the bus. Soumya starts the wheel chair and takes him to side. She asks Harman if he wants to kill him. Harman says I will beat him. Vedant calls him poor man and asks will you kill me? Harak Singh and Mr. Bansal come there. Harak Singh says some worker called us. Harman says Mr. Bansal came to us and we didn’t come to you. He says you have ruined your father’s money and will again waste it. He says you are lucky to get such good caretaker, but you don’t value her. Harak Singh takes Harman from there. Mr. Bansal says his dream project stopped before starting. Vedant says this is happening because of kinnar and collapsed feeling pain in his heart. They call doctor. Doctor asks them to take care of Vedant and says I will observe him and if he don’t get well then have to shift to hospital.

Harman tells Harak Singh to call the workers and tells that they will not do project with them. Preeto asks what is the matter? Harak Singh tells about whatever happened. Preeto asks if you are worried as they will not meet now. Harak Singh says you thought right and asks her to celebrate by beating the plates. She laughs aloud and says she will. Soumya calls Harman and says you don’t care about anyone’s life. Harman says yes, I don’t and asks her to end the call. Soumya brings the water and gives them. She calls Harman again and asks him to meet her on the road. She goes there and waits for him. Harman comes there and thinks you was sure that I will come, then why don’t you tell me that you still love me. It starts raining. Harman comes to her and holds her hand. He asks why you are so stubborn, if you will wait in rain and get drenched in water. Soumya looks upset and tries to go. Teri Meri Kahani….plays….she asks why did you do this and tells that Vedant got paralytic attack because of you. Harman says you are saying this? Soumya says if anything had happened to him then I would have been blamed which I can’t bear. She says my job and that workers job would have lost because of you. She asks him not to break others dream. Harman asks her to go and kill her self hhhdo that small job. Song her pallu get stuck in his sleeves. He frees her Pallu and starts walking. Harak Singh says Soumya didn’t do wrong and asks him to think calmly. He asks him to sit alone and sit to get answers. He says I didn’t give you wrong values, I don’t hope this from you. He asks him to think and goes. Harman looks on.

Harman and Soumya think about each other. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..She recalls Harman asking him to live the moment in rain. Soumya thinks you did wrong Harman ji. Vedant thinks of Harman’s anger. Harman calls him. Vedant asks will you make me say sorry by getting in the phone. Soumya says I called to say sorry and tells that he should have done that for a servant and says we shall not cancel our work, says he will come in the morning and talk.

Vedant calls Bansal and tells that Harman called and said sorry. Mr. Bansal gets happy and tells you will get successful. Vedant thinks to take revenge from Harman and thinks welcome to hell Harman. Harman feels peaceful apologizing to him and thinks Soumya was right.

Precap: Harman comes to Mr. bansal’s house and apologizes again. Vedant acts to forgive him. Harman doesn’t drink tea made by Soumya. Soumya asks Servant to make tea for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. such a hopeless disgusting looking man is that vedant.he looks like a robot oval face.oh when he will hurt harman aur woh use nuksaan dega tabhi saumya kya karegi.still she will take vedant side because he is disabled.agar woh harman ko physically or business main harman ko hurt karega tabhi woh vedant ka side degi.infact its very nice harman started ignoring saumya.she deserves it.everytime whether she is wrong or right harman always supported saumya.but saumya never did that with harman.she must realise his importance in her life.he is sohams father.vedant must make a plan where he will physically hurt harman,lets see how she reacts.when he will be injured what action she will take against vedant?and what a brainless father is that bansal.he is feeling happy when his disgusting son is telling that harman said sorry to him,where each an every person knew the mistake was of his rascal son.and this brainless man beleives his son.the show is full of negativity as earlier it was.preeto,kareena,shanno dirty things to watch.

  2. You are right sarita same old negative story has started.makers have started the same thing again.firstly they have brought a character looking like a crow.useless guy.he has played some very dirty game with Harman & Harman without reading the agreement has signed it.and now he has planned Harman accident now preeto has her cards in hand.pehle jab Harman ka accident hua tha saumya outhouse main rehti thi.abhi toh who use ghar main bhi nahin rehti.this time how Harman accident is planned by makers god only knows.either he will be blind,or disabled like crow character,or loose his memory once again or he might be in critical condition.whenever saumya has taken her mangalsutra and sindoor from her neck Harman has landed in accident.preeto saumya ko milna toh door ki baath dekhne tak nahin usual Harman will get misunderstanding that for saumya he is not important in her life.and this will be done by shanno & preeto.and one more negative cobra kareena has come.the show is full of negativity.saumya ne hamesha Harman ki jaan khatre main dali hain.the way that crow is humiliating Harman is disgusting.this is just because of saumya.usne Harman ka ghar choda kyonki Harman ne uski insult ki.but have you ever seen in the whole series how many times in three years Harman have been humiliated by the people because of saumya but he never backed out.harman ne saumya ke liye bahut apman saha hain.she is also spoiling the life of surbhi child.she is ruining the child future.a child must always get a family which Harman had given saumya.

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