Shakti 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shanno shatters with Veeran’s selfish move

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Shakti 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Soumya that we all are related to your past and is important part of your life. Soumya says Sameer is my present, my dead parents wished was to see us married. She says whom to believe, Sameer and you. Preeto says we are your past and you will get your memory back. Soumya says if I get back my memory then I will come to you and will never forgive Sameer, but for now I believe Harman is a liar. Veeran talks to Police and asks about his wife. Kishan Lal says Varun played his trick and says we have to take away our money and leave. Varun comes there. Kishan lal and Balwinder remark on them. Veeran tells Police that his enemies are all around. Varun says he thinks balwinder has kidnapped Shanno and says Kishan Lal came to help him. Balwinder gets angry and says everyone

knows who is cheap, who left his pregnant wife. Varun beats balwinder and vice versa. Kishan Lal stops Veeran from helping Varun and asks balwinder to break Varun’s legs and hands. Veeran gets a phone call and goes to attend. Harak Singh calls Veeran and says your wife is sitting infront of me and is tied. Veeran says do you feel shame to kidnap her and asks how he can stoop low. Harak Singh asks him to bring the papers and take his wife if he is great. He asks him to make the papers ready? Balwinder and Varun are still fighting. Veeran scolds them and says Harak Singh has kidnapped my wife. He asks the ladies not to hurt his brother’s wife.

Chameli gives food to Soumya. Harman comes to Soumya and asks what did you tell me? that you will break the challenge. Soumya says I am not a God to know the truth. Harman says you are not trying to understand what I am trying to show you. Soumya says she doesn’t want. Harman asks her to make him eat food and reminds of the challenge. Soumya makes him eat food. Harman gets hiccups. Soumya says she will bring water. Harman says I don’t want as Preeto tells that someone remembers you when you get hiccups. Harman says I don’t want to drink water as you miss me. Soumya says why will I miss you, you are infront of me. Harman says your heart miss my heart and you talks to yourself about me. Soumya says not even a bit. Harman says my Soumya misses me and calls my heart. Soumya gets hiccups and is about to drink water, but Harman stops her and asks her to let the hiccups continue, says my heart is missing you so much. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Soumya packs her bags. Harman asks her to hurry up and says we shall leave now. Soumya says you shall be with your mum. Harman says there are many people who will take care of her. Preeto asks Harman to take Soumya and says she shall get her memory back. Soumya asks Preeto to take care and Saya to take care of them. Harman says I can’t waste any moment. Soumya asks about Sameer. Harman says he went somewhere in the morning and asks Soumya to come. He asks Preeto to take care. Saya tells Harman that you will win eventually. Harman says I am true lover and will win. They leave. Preeto says even I will leave now.

Shanno tells Harak Singh that he shall be ashamed to kidnap his own bahu and says I didn’t hope this from you. Harak Singh asks her to see herself in mirror and see that it is her Karma. He says I thought about the relation and made you stay here. He calls Veeran and asks him to bring papers and gives the papers. Veeran says what you will do if I don’t return your papers. Harak Singh says then you have to live without your wife. Veeran says do whatever you want with Shanno, or kill her, but I will not give you papers and this is sure. Varun asks Veeran what did you do? Veeran says I am black from heart although I look innocent by face. He says until I have money, I will get many wives like Shanno. Shanno is shocked to hear their conversation and thinks I don’t hope this from him. Harak Singh says this is your karma and says I am leaving you, think what you can do. Shanno looks on revengeful.

Harman and Soumya are standing on the road when someone comes there in car and calls her khushi. The lady asks her about Khushi and cooks up a fake story asking Sameer. She tells that she is her Gulaab jamun aunty. Sameer comes there and asks uncle and aunty what you are doing there? The fake uncle tells that Soumya’s papa insurance agent is searching her. They ask who is he? Sameer says he is a friend. Soumya sits in their car. Sameer tells Harman that his lies will overshadow his truth. Harman thinks our identity is related to each other, your lies can’t separate us.

Soumya and Sameer take them to their house. The fake uncle and aunty cook up a fake story. Harman is still waiting for Soumya outside. Fake Insurance agent comes there and gives the money to Soumya. Harman sees him. The insurance agent asks her to sign. Soumya thinks if Jolly is lying, it seems they are saying truth. Sameer smiles. Sameer tells Soumya that he knows that this is not just money, but her parents’ last safekeeping and says I can feel what you are going through. He asks her to sign. Soumya takes pen and signs. The fake uncle tells whoever we lose, don’t return. Harman comes inside and scolds the man for lying. He says Soumya’s mum is dead, but her father Maninder Singh is alive. He scolds them for hurting Soumya. The fake uncle and aunty leave. Soumya scolds him. Harman says I can’t bear to hear their fake stories and says I am right. Soumya looks angrily.

Soumya asks Harman to wash his face. Harman asks shall I show how my Gulabo washes her face and splashes water on her face. Soumya also splashes water on his face and smiles. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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