Shakti 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Soham persuades Kareena to get rid of Heer

Shakti 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sant Baksh and D.I.G hugging each other and congratulating for becoming Samdhis. Parmeet congrats Jharna for winning Virat. Jharna tells that she has won the relation, very soon she will win his heart. Parmeet takes out her bangles and makes Jharna wear. She tells that these bangles were searching its real hands and tells D.I.G that Jharna is their safe keeping now in his house. Virat comes there and smiles. Gurwinder sees injury on his hand and questions him. Jharna shows her bangles to him and asks about his injury. Virat says it is nothing and shows the ring in his hand. She asks him to keep it safely and says next time it shall not get lost. They leave. Virat comes to the college and asks everyone to have sweets, as his marriage is fixed. A friend says Heer…Virat says he is getting married to Jharna and she will be his wife after 21 days. He hears someone clapping and thinks she might like to clap and that’s why came behind him, tells that he will get married in 21 days and she will be left clapping. Heer’s friend claps and asks him to be sure if his wife will be Heer or Jharna. He says you couldn’t get away from Heer as when I was clapping, you thought heer is clapping. He says when someone is near you, you want to fight and when she is far, you yearn to fight with her. Virat asks what did you say? Friend says you are holding my collar repeatedly, this is different type of anger and asks him to understand it. Nutan thinks Virat’s problem is not that Heer is a kinnar, but that how did he fell in love with a kinnar. He can’t digest this. She thinks to end the disgusted feeling and hatred for kinnars in his heart and thinks she has just 21 days to give climax to Virat and Heer’s love story.

Heer asks Rohan to solve the exercises after the chapter. Heer tells that she has started solving it and shows him. She says she got the text books too. Rohan says you will pass in first attempt. Harak Singh, Preeto and Veeran looks happy seeing Heer happy. Preeto says Heer will get a good job. Harak Singh tells that he will feel proud of her success when she gets good job. Veeran says he is happy to see Harak Singh happy. Preeto gets emotional and tells that when she gets the job then we have to tell her the truth. Harak Singh asks Preeto not to take tension and tells that she will tell her. Shanno comes to Heer and asks her to have food and then study. Heer calls Soham and asks him to feed her food as Veer ji is teaching her. She says if I sit back to have food then my time will be wasted. Soham refuses to make her have food. Rohan asks him to make her have food like in childhood. Soham says now we are grown up and asks if she will take us to her sasural as a dowry. He says I will not fulfill her stubbornness. Rohan says don’t know what happens to him suddenly. Heer says she will tighten his tools. Rohan stops her and tells that even I am your brother, shall I make you have food. Heer says ok and smiles.

Shanno comes to Soham. Soham asks her to give her address of Kinnars’ Gurumaa and asks what is her name? Shanno says Kareena. Soham tells that he has to touch the mud to clean it and asks for her address. Kareena is shown doing puja in her house.

A little girl and her friends come to Virat and asks him to buy balloon for her. Virat buys balloons from Nutan who has covered her face with dupatta. The girl thanks Virat. Virat takes her in his hand and pulls her nose. The girl thanks him. Virat recalls Heer asking him to buy balloons for her. A fb is shown, he asks if he has befriended a little girl. He buys balloons for her. Heer releases balloons in the air. Virat gets happy. Fb ends. The little girl kisses Virat on his cheeks and leaves with her friends. Nutan takes off dupatta from her face and calls Virat. She tells that the girl in pink frock whom you took in your lap and talking to her, that girl is actually a kinnar. Virat gets upset and recalls Preeto telling him that Heer is a kinnar. Virat asks the girl to stop and takes the balloons from her hand, make it fly in air. The girl cries. Virat asks her to stop crying and asks her not to play with the boys again. Her mother comes there and tells that she is my daughter, I will tell her with whom to play and with whom not to. Nutan comes to Virat and asks him to think that until he comes to know that the girl was a kinnar, he didn’t differentiated between the kids, but when I told you that she is a kinnar, you started feeling disgusted and tells that this has happened because your parents or community had taught everyone to hate kinnars. She says like your brother and sister are different from you, the very same way, everyone is different but they are all God’s children.

Soham comes to Kinnars’ house and tells that he came to meet Kareena. Kareena says I am Kareena and asks him to tell what is the work? Soham shows them Heer’s photo and tells that she is a kinnar, asks her to bring her here in any circumstances. Kareena gives aarti plate to Rani and asks Soham who is he? Soham tells that he is Soham Singh, belongs to Harak Singh and Preeto’s family, son of Varun and Surbhi and brought up by Soumya. Rani and other kinnars make the sound and clap. Kareena asks them to throw him out. Soham tells that Harman Singh’s daughter Heer is a kinnar who was very dear to Soumya. Kareena is shocked and thinks Harman and Soumya…now years old revenge will start.

Precap: Kareena tells Soham that she will do his work and asks him to listen. Soham stops his jeep on the way as planned and tells that he will bring water for engine. Kareena and other kinnars come there and try to kidnap Heer. Preeto and the family members come there searching Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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