Shakti 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Suomya sense Lameet’s false intentions

Shakti 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was last performance by Harman and Suomya. Agni await Jolly to come on stage, she would sent him to another world. Mr. Kaushal comes to stage and announce Jolly and Khushi’s performance. He requests the public to click as many photos of them and share them over social media and others so that they meet family. Lameet wonders why her father is doing so, she can’t live without Jolly.
Harman and Suomya perform on ‘Saree k fall saa kabhi match kiya re’ in good chemistry. In the midst of performance, Agni takes the aim. A stabber come hit Jolly at his back. Everyone was shocked. The lights were turned off. Mr. Kaushal orders to fix the lights. Everyone notice that Harman and Suomya weren’t there in the hall. The kinners had wrapped Harman in a black cover. Suomya reach behind them shouting

for Jolly. Suomya brings about a knife deterring to hurt the kinners. She helps Harman out of his wrap. Suomya then attacks the kinners. Agni gets hold of Suomya and slap her hard. Everyone from the hospital reach there, the kinners run away hurting both Harman and Suomya.
At the hospital, Mrs. Kaushal do the dressing for both. Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal hear the conversation between Harman and Suomya. Harman blames that the kinners wanted to take Suomya. Mrs. Kaushal says she wonders it’s not a coincidence that they both lost their memories together, then their beds were also together. Mr. Kaushal finds it dangerous to keep Jolly here and suggests about taking him home.
The next morning, Suomya watch Lameet kiss Jolly’s cheek wishing him morning. Harman holds her hand as she gets up. He makes her sit with him on bed. Lameet demands him a good morning kiss but Harman was reluctant. Mr. Kaushal calls Jolly to come out in open air. He walks outside. Lameet thinks she wish good morning and good night kisses from Harman only, and that forever. Suomya hear Lameet’s planning, and thinks she must save Jolly from Lameet.
Lameet locks the door from outside. Suomya use a pin in her hair to unlock the door, her attempt goes invain. Mrs. Kaushal comes to her from behind. Suomya was startled and explains she only attempted to open the lock with safety pin. Mrs. Kaushal instead brought her the key. She allows Suomya to go and find out what she wants, she won’t let Lameet hurt them both.
Inside, Lameet’s room Suomya finds a board with Harman’s photos. She was worried about what Lameet wants to do and hurries outside the room.
Mrs. Kaushal offers Jolly green tea, he called it poison. Suomya comes running to Jolly and insists on him to come along, she has to show him something. They were headed to Lameet’s room when Lameet stops them. She says she helps Harman get well, and offers to go for an outing. Suomya wish to come along, she would get bored at home. Harman insults her for always wanting to interfere. Lameet takes Harman along.

PRECAP: Lameet offers Harman juice in the restaurant, making him drunk. She brings Harman to her room. Suomya wakes up at night and was shocked to see them together through the keyhole

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona it’s lovneet not lameet.
    Do take note of it!

  2. Again A best serial bcm boring serial..Soumaya n harman get soo young..evn wid pssses of tym writer have to show them older but they look soo younger. and they both have lost memory but a coincidence. story was about kinnar bt now story is about Memory lose game. This serial also hv to air off.bcause TRp has gone so dwn bcause of Boring storyline having no sense.. #SoStopThisSerial Or #ChangeStoryLine

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