Shakti 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto’s brother Sukha makes an entry to take revenge

Shakti 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veeran getting a letter from someone and is shocked to read that. Soumya informs Saya that they named the child Soham. Saya says it is a combo of Harman and Soumya. Harman comes and tells Soumya that Soham sleeps always. Soumya says kids grow while they sleep. Harman says that’s why your height is less. Soumya says just 2 inches. Harman asks her to give the baby and says he will take care and asks Soumya to sleep. Soumya asks him to give milk to baby if he wakes up and if does potty then change his clothes. Harman says ok and asks her to sleep. Veeran comes and asks Preeto about Harak Singh. Preeto says he might have gone out. He shows her letter. Preeto says it is Sukha’s letter and says he has returned. She asks what is the date? Raavi says 16th January. Preeto says Sukha will be released from jail today. The photographer meets Sukha as he gets released and tells that family members are waiting for him. Sukha says first he will meet Harak Singh and his family. Photographer shows their pics and tells about Soham. Veeran tells Preeto that they shall tell Harman everything. Preeto says no and calls Harak Singh. Harak Singh is in the car. Sukha calls him and tells that he is factory manager and asks him to come factory fast. Harak Singh says ok. Sukha smiles and says there might be happiness in the house and the bad news is that I have returned to eclipsed your lives. Preeto calls Harak Singh, but he doesn’t pick her call and thinks she will again ask me to accept Soumya and Soham. He switches off his phone. Preeto gets angry when his number comes as switched off. Veeran says I am feeling afraid for Veer ji. Preeto says nothing will happen. Veeran thinks Sukha will catch me first. Raavi says we shall go out and check if Bau ji is there.

Baby wakes up and cries. Harman asks him to become quiet. Soumya is awake and thinks to check how he handles the baby. Harman sees Soumya’s saree there and puts on himself. Baby sleeps. Harman says you will become Maa’s laadla and not Papa’s pahelwan. He says you got quiet when I kept your mummy saree on me. Soumya gets up and laughs. She clicks their pic. Preeto smiles and thinks to keep Sukhwinder away from her family.

Nani tells Maninder that he tried to snatch Soumya from Nimmi and now trying to snatch baby from Soumya. Varun says that thing will not happen whatever happened with Nimmi. Harak Singh reaches the factory. Sukha and the photographer push the Manager while he is tied. Sukha says I called you and reminds him if he remembers who is he? He calls him jija ji and asks if he remembers who is he? Harak Singh says you have come out of jail and tells that he is not afraid of him. Sukha says I will ruin it. Harak Singh threatens him. Sukha points gun at him and says Preeto didi said that I am dead for her and she doesn’t care and says if you die then I will not care. A fb is shown, Veeran traps Sukha and tells Harak Singh that he tried to steal in their factory and killed the manager. Harak Singh slaps him. Sukha tells him that Veeran was involved with him. Harak Singh asks how dare you to blame my brother and asks Inspector to put him behind bars. Sukha asks him to call Preeto. Preeto comes there and slaps him. Sukha says I didn’t do anything alone. Preeto asks him to go and says you are dead for me. fb ends. Sukha says I did half crime, but bear full punishment. He says you didn’t say anything to Veeran, but today I will take my decision and shoots at the door. He says if I wanted then can shoot you now itself, I have revenge fire in me and it will subside seeing you cry blood tears, will make your tamasha and will show to the world. He asks him to remember this and leaves from there.

Harman makes Soumya sit and asks if she have anything. Soumya says no. Harman goes to bring food for her. Raavi comes from outside. Soumya asks her what happened? Raavi thinks how to tell Soumya and gets worried. Soumya finds her tensed.

Harman tells Soumya that he is going out for some work. Soumya says ok. Harman says you are not caring for me much since Soham came. Soumya says Soham needs his attention as he is small, but you are my life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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