Shakti 17th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Harman’s sindoor falls in Soumya’s forehead

Shakti 17th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman showing sindoor to Soumya. Shakti song plays….Soumya looks at him and holds his collar, asking who is he, who has sent him here and how did he know about Harman ji and her moments. He says I want to get my Gulabo, whom I couldn’t get even after getting her. He tells that God has sent him to get her. He talks about love which connects two people and tells that he wants to unite with her. He shows the sindoor in his hand. Soumya looks on angrily and asks if this is a joke, this is not your right. She throws off the sindoor from his hand, but some of the sindoor falls on her forehead/hairline due to the wind. Temple bell rings. He smiles looking at sindoor in her hairline. Shakti song plays…..

Nayan tells Sant Baksh that she has made laddoo so thought to bring for them. She tells that they found heer unconscious on the road, they saw her and that’s why took her home. She says Heer was unwell and when she gains consciousness, she told us everything. Parmeet recalls asking Heer not to reveal her identity to Kamini and Nayan, and asking her to go when Virat goes to jog. Nayan says you had kicked her out, just because she had added more salt in dal. She says this is not right. Heer says Parmeet madam is already upset and Virat sir don’t like milkshake made by me. Virat asks her to go and rest, and when she gets fine, then take recipe of milkshake from him. Heer thanks Nayan and says you don’t know what you have done for me. She recalls Nayan telling that Virat is foolish to get mad about her, thinking her as a good girl and that Heer is with them. Fb ends. Heer walks inside.

Harman asks Soumya to understand Mata Rani’s sign and asks him where was he since many years? Soumya says people have broken her trust so much that she don’t trust anyone. Harman says he can’t bear anymore. Soumya says you can’t prove yourself as Harman ji so don’t waste time, if this is the conspiracy for me and my family then you will not be successful. Harman says if my intentions were bad, then I would have approached them first, but I thought to make you realize and so that you can identify me. Soumya asks him not to come closer to her. Harman says I thought you will not forget me, even if I die, but you are not identifying me when I am alive. He asks why? He hits his hand on something and tells that he was alive with the hope that he will meet her one day. He asks if she don’t see love in his eyes and asks God, why his Gulabo is refusing to believe him, then why is he alive? Soumya asks are you done? She tells that you are never Harman ji for me and can’t be in future, so stop following her. She walks away from there. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Preeto does the aarti of Mata Rani and gives it to everyone in the house. She gives aarti to soumya also. Just then door bell rings. Soumya goes to check. Preeto senses something when the flower falls in her hand. Kabhi khushi Kabhi Ghum plays. Soumya sees Harman and says you came again. Preeto asks who has come.

Precap: Harman holds Soumya and says he won’t let her go. Simran calls Soumya as she gets labour pain. Soumya says she will reach there. Harman asks her to tell what is the problem.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I Think I Understood Why HaYa Fans Not Trusting CezanneKhan than VivianDsena. I have understood the present Storyline. The Fact is: “Harman (which was supposed to be VivianDsena), underwent Plastic Surgery To Look Like The Young Harman that Soumya (RubinaDilaik) loved the most 25 yrs Ago. He is Finding it Really Difficult to get Soumya Trust Him and His acts.” That Harman Was supposed to be played by VivianDsena but the Makers brought CezanneKhan into the Show. That is Why There Still Going Confusion Regardingvthe Storyline of Shakti Serial. Right?


    1. @Ojas I agree that every fan wants #viviandsena back but I don’t think that storyline will include any instance of plastic surgery…Well the show is definitely not predictable at this point!

    2. That Grown Up Harman(VivianDsena) Was Supposed to be shown as Younger Harman(VivianDsena) whom Soumya(RubinaDilaik) Loved The Most 25 yrs Back. But The Makers Brought CEZANNEKHAN Instead.

  2. What are you guys saying,it’s obvious that since they could not get Vivian,that brought in an equally good actor,now to get us to believe him as Harman,there has to be a plastic surgery story done somewhere to explain the change of face,maybe after the fall encountered crocodile ,face was scarred badly and unconscious for years to explain his absence for so long etc,just my thoughts anyway.

    1. But their Memories are NOT showing the Face of REAL HARMAN (VivianDsena). That Means The HARMAN Story Has Shifted from VivianDsena to CezanneKhan. The Present HARMAN was also Supposed To be Played by VivianDsena but the Makers Brought CezanneKhan Instead. Hence Vivian Face won’t Be Shown in the FlashBack of HaYa Memories.

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