Shakti 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman names the baby as Soham Soumya Singh

Shakti 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya telling Soumya that she is very lucky to become a mother and asks her to dance. She says we all will dance and asks kinnars to play dhol. Harman comes and asks them to take nek from boy’s father. Saya says we will definitely take nek from boy’s father. She blesses them for happy life. They leave. Harman tells Soumya that they will oil massage baby so that he becomes macho like Harak Singh and him. Raavi tells Preeto that they shall celebrate Lohri grandly as it is first for the baby. Preeto says we will celebrate Lohri and do baby’s naamkaran. Harak Singh says there will be no function. Preeto asks him to accept the baby like they have accepted him. She asks Harman and Soumya to think of baby names. Neighbors come and ask if they need help. Preeto asks them to come for baby’s naamkaran and says Raavi will come and invite you. Harman says it is a big day for us also and says I will be known from my son’s name. Soumya smiles.

Neighbors come to the function and ask Veeran about Varun. Preeto says he can’t become of his wife and son. Raavi says they will question us. Preeto says we will reply to them so that they support us. Soumya is making the baby get ready. Harman asks her to make him wear jeans and jacket. Soumya refuses and says I will make my Prince wear clothes which I like. Harman asks her to make him wear saree. Soumya asks him to go down. Harman says I am a father also and I have decided that my son will wear these clothes. Soumya says no. She says he will start crying. Harman asks her not to make his son as cartoon. Raavi comes there and asks Harman and Soumya to come downstairs. Harman asks her to go and says we will come there. He asks Soumya to make him wear jeans and jacket.

Preeto comes to Harak Singh and asks him to come. Harak Singh tells that he can’t attend the function and can’t accept the baby as his grand son. He says he will die if she troubles him. Preeto asks him to come out and see the baby once. She tells that today their son is giving his name to the baby. Bebe gives tea to Maninder. Maninder says he wants the baby from Harman. Bebe says we can’t fight with them alone and tells that they have to think about taking Varun’s help. Maninder asks what are you saying, he is Surbhi’s killer. Bebe says we have to use him and get back the baby, as he is father of the baby. She asks him to think from calm mind. Inspector comes to Varun’s house and slaps him. Varun asks what did I do? Inspector accuses him for killing Surbhi. Maninder comes there with his lawyer. Lawyer shows hotel bill and says he was not here, when Surbhi fell down from the stairs. He gives him Varun’s bail papers. Inspector checks them and leaves Varun. They leave.

The lawyer tells Maninder that he will prepare case file and asks him not to take tension. Varun thanks Maninder and says I knew that you will trust me and asks him to believe that he didn’t kill Surbhi. Maninder says I have nothing to do with you, I am just worried about the baby. Varun says I am a khiladi and will get the baby. We will see what Harak Singh and Harman do. Harman and Soumya sit for the naamkaran. A man comes there and tries to take Harman and Soumya’s pic witt the baby. Pandit ji asks Harman and Soumya to name the baby. Harman names the baby Soham and says he completes us. He names his baby as Soham Soumya Singh and says you will be known by your mum’s name although she didn’t give birth to you, but have fought for you, and says I will be supporting hero, but Gulabo..your mum is real hero. He says your name is Soham Soumya Singh.

He gives baby to Soumya. The man as a photographer takes their pics. Preeto beats the plate and tells their family accepts Soham Soumya Singh. She announces that she is accepting Soham as her grand child and asks Harak Singh to accept him. A neighbor tells that the baby is adopted and it is their greatness that they are adopting the baby after his mum died. Other neighbor asks Harman to think about his own baby and says own blood is always own blood. Harman and Soumya look on. Preeto says it is own’s thinking and says Soham is Soumya’s younger sister’s son, whom she loved a lot, so he is more than life to her. They all go out. Harman congrats Harak Singh and says now it is declared that your son has become a father. Preeto also congrats Harak Singh. Soumya looks on.

Soumya, Raavi and others dance on the song Sha ra ra ra….Varun comes and says this is my child. Soumya says he is my child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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