Shakti 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeto and Raavi help Harman to escape from Police custody

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Shakti 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lavneet thinking Soumya will not be saved next time. Sameer’s mum calls Harak Singh and asks him to get Harman in jail until Sameer and Soumya get married. Harak Singh says I already talked to Inspector and says he will not take Harman to Police station, but will tour with Police. Inspector tells Constable that they will not take Harman to PS and tells that they have to make him travel till tomorrow, as he don’t want his family to bail him out. Harman asks if I am a toy. Inspector asks Constable to stop the car. Soumya tells Sameer’s mum that Lavneet tried to take her life, but Jolly saved her. She asks her to talk to Sameer and freed Harman from jail. Sameer’s mum asks her not to worry. Soumya says he didn’t do any mistake.

Varun asks Harak Singh if he is in tension.

Harak Singh says my Shera got beaten infront of my eyes and didn’t say anything. Preeto hears him and tells Raavi that Jolly is like Harman and listened to my sayings. She says he didn’t raise his hand as I asked him not to. Varun asks where is he? Harak Singh says Inspector took him. Varun says Mami got him freed last time. Harak Singh says this time she won’t do anything as he is in the PS. Preeto asks Raavi to come with her and says she will take him out of the trouble.

Preeto and Raavi come to Sameer’s mum and ask her to let Khushi go to Jolly. Sameer’s mum thinks she is helpless, and asks Preeto why are you worrying about Jolly, he is not your son. Raavi looks at her shocking as she lies to Preeto. Preeto begs infront of her and touches her feet. Sameer’s mum asks Raavi to take her home. Preeto tells that Jolly is like my son and will get Khushi. Sameer’s mum tells that Police have taken him for tour of village and will not leave him till marriage happens tomorrow. Raavi says how you will fight with the destiny? Harman and Soumya will meet surely. Preeto and Soumya hide their face and come near the jeep in which Harman is kept captive by Police. They argue and act as saas and bahu. Inspector gets down from the jeep followed by the constables to end their argument. Harman realizes his mum and sister’s voice and snatches gun from the constable and asks him to get down. He then gets down from the jeep. Preeto and Raavi end their argument and leave. Harman also escape from there. Preeto and Raavi smile.

During Sameer and Soumya’s sangeet, his mum asks Sameer and Khushi to dance. Sameer asks Soumya to dance. Soumya says I am feeling unwell. Sameer says if you don’t dance with me then I will think that Jolly is everything to you. Soumya goes to stage with him. They dance on the song Saajan ji ghar aaye… She gets sad while dancing. They end their dance. Harman comes playing dhol..Duniya me kitni hai nafratein plays….in the background. Soumya is about to go to him, but Sameer’s mum holds her hand. Guest guy tries to hit him, but Harman pushes him. They throw stones on him. Soumya asks Harman to go from there. Sameer takes Soumya inside. The neighbors throw stone on Harman’s head. He calls Khushi and falls down. Sameer locks Soumya in the room. Harman calls Khushi again and again and faints.

Soumya asks Sameer to understand and says she will only talk to him. Sameer locks her and goes. Soumya feels helpless and cries.

Next morning, Harman gains consciousness there itself and sees nobody there. Harak singh tells that saas bahu were fighting there and tells about the incident. Preeto laughs and says that saas bahu was Raavi and me. Harak Singh asks why she did this, when she don’t regard Harman as her son. Preeto says she will welcome Jolly and Khushi as son and daughter in law, and goes to temple. Harak Singh tells Raavi it is enough, and says he will kick Soumya out even if she brings her 1000 times.

Veeran says Harman can’t do anything if Khushi gets married. Harman comes there and asks Harak Singh to tell Khushi’s whereabouts. He threatens to shoot Preeto. Harak Singh asks him to shoot. A bullet is fired and Preeto falls down. Harman is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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