Shakti 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Soumya and Virat expose Mahi


Shakti 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman holding Mahi and asking if she is fine? Mahi says she is feeling weak and dizzy. Preeto says we shall do this later, Mahi is unwell since morning. Harman asks Soumya to leave it, we will get it done later. Mahi again says that she is feeling dizzy. Soumya keeps the papers and ink pad on the table and tells Harman that she has to say this today. Preeto asks what? Soumya says that Mahi will not sign on these divorce papers, today, tomorrow and never. Mahi asks what are you saying? Harman gets up and asks what are you saying? Soumya says I am saying truth. She asks do you think this is all coincidence, just as she has to sign, she got her right hand injured and feigning dizziness when she has to leave the thumb impression. She says Mahi is fooling everyone of us. Harak Singh asks what are you saying? Soumya asks if you think that I am lying and then ask Mahi to sign or leave her thumb impression. Mahi acts innocent and asks Soumya what is she saying? Soumya asks her to stop her drama and says I am not a woman, but can understand what a woman can go through. She says I can understand your pain, if you had told me once that you want to stay with Harman ji then I would have gone, tells that she was already going. She says this is not your love, but your stubbornness. She says you are hurting everyone’s hurt and playing with their sentiments. She calls Virat. Virat takes out his phone, kept in the vase. He connects it with TV in Mahi’s room. Harman asks what are you both doing? Soumya says we are bringing out her truth, her acts. She says it was necessary, if I had told you all then you wouldn’t have believed me. She says since she acted to sacrifice, I doubt her. She says she seeks Virat’s help to catch her red handed. A fb is shown, Virat keeps his phone hidden in Mahi’s room. Fb ends. Virat plays the video on the TV.

Everyone sees Mahi telling that she can’t divorce Harman. She says Soumya wants me to sign with this hand, she hits on the glass mirror and injures her hand. Everyone is shocked. Virat says sorry to Mahi and says I love your daughter. He says Heer and I believe in earning love and not to snatch someone’s love. He says I have always heard from Heer about Harman and Soumya’s love story. He says I didn’t want to ruin the love by supporting you and that’s why supported Soumya ji so that their love don’t have any hurdles. Mahi turns to Preeto and says mummy ji. Preeto says enough and tells that we were trusting you and you are cheating us, we regarded you as our daughter. He says now we don’t want to see you infront of us. Soumya says Mummy ji. Preeto asks Soumya to ask Mahi to leave and says she can’t trust her as she will break her house. She asks her to ask Mahi to leave. Veeran asks Mahi why did she betray them and hurt Harak Singh and Preeto.

Harman asks Mahi what did you get by doing this, you made yourself fell down infront of everyone, you played this game to get me, you have never understood Soumya and my love. I didn’t trust her due to you and she is the one who exposed you. He says you have betrayed everyone. He says today is the last day for you in this house, and then you will not come here again. Soumya tells that she didn’t want her to lose her respect this way. She says if you wanted Harman ji, then would have proved your love. She says I was leaving from your way, but not anymore. She challenges her that she will never come between us. Mahi says you will not understand, if you would have been on my place then would have understood. She says I am his wife and not picked from the road. Soumya says if you are his wife then would have supported him. She asks her to sign the divorce papers and not look at the home again.

Next morning, Virat comes to Mahi’s room calling her. He finds divorce papers on the table and takes it. Simran tells that she has checked everyone, now Virat went to Mahi’s room. Virat comes there and tells that Mahi is not in the room and shows the divorce papers. Soumya says Mahi haven’t signed on it. Harman checks the papers. Preeto says it is good that she went without meeting. Soumya says no, she has not gone, she will return. Harman asks how? We don’t have any place for her in our hearts and home. Soumya says if she wanted to go from there for forever then she would have signed on the divorce papers and went. She says we have to be ready for the storm which is dangerous to handle. Just then they hear kinnars coming there. They go out of the house and see kinnars dancing. Angel comes there clapping with Daljeet. Angel song plays….Soumya and Harman looks at her angrily. Virat also looks on. Angel and Daljeet smiles. Virat gets thinking and thinks how did Angel come here, free from jail.

Precap: Angel challenges Soumya to come in her real avatar. Soumya embraces her kinnar avatar and tells Angel that she will answer her as Tarana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I knew it. Angel will come back. Again. The luckiest character gets saved every f***ing time! And everytime with new allies. Parmeet Daljeet Mahi and one other person as well, i forgot her name. she was a doctor and tried to stop Heer’s Surgery.
    Whosoever she’s not a part of the show now. Soumya will take her Kinnar avatar now to face Angel. But i dont get one thing, if Simran is here, who is taking care of her baby daughter? And what about Rohan? OMG i am major missing Heer. If it was not for Saumya, i would have stopped watching Shakti..however nobody can fill in the void for Gulabo’s Heer. Please Come back soon Jigyasa! You hearing me? 😟

    1. Heer aka JigyasaSingh is Corona Positive. I don’t know if she recovers quickly or not as her whole Family Contracted to COVID-19.

      Also Now SAUMYA will be Embracing her KINNAR Avataar from Next Week Onwards. Waiting for the Moment to Come in upcoming Episodes of SHAKTI

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