Shaadi Mubarak 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: KT helps Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 3rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT saying Preeti has a daughter and family. Preeti makes little Preeti wear the dress. The girl hugs Nani. Preeti smiles. KT says she has a family, she loves her daughter a lot. Kushala says come with me, we will get her, just you had a belief that she is alive, she will come back, I have seen her coming back in your life, I will not let her go away. KT and Kushala cry. Kirti comes and asks who has made you cry, tell me. He says nothing, go and sleep. She asks him to stop crying. She consoles him. He says you are just like your mom.

KT says I will enter Preeti’s life indirectly now. He goes to meet Preeti. He sees her working. He smiles. Vishal gets a dress for his daughter. He argues with Preeti. KT looks on. The girl asks Preeti how can you do this with me. Preeti says I will always be with you. They see the window open. Preeti and the girl run away. Vishal looks for them. He sees the window open. KT follows Preeti. Preeti hugs the girl. KT turns away.

Preeti and the girl talk about the school fees. KT hears their talks. Preeti says my work spoiled because of KT. Preeti says we will arrange money. KT calls Chawla and says meet me. Vishal calls out Preeti. Preeti gets a call. She sees a man calling out and announcing about a golgappa competition. Preeti reads the reward money 35000rs. She says I never thought that golgappa will fulfill my dreams, now this competition will get my daughter’s admission in her fav school. KT pays the money and says well done. Preeti goes to participate in the competition. She says I have to get my daughter’s admission in school, I will win, give me one chance. He says fine, have this.

KT says Chawla, you did great arrangements in less time. Chawla asks what’s the need to do this, you could have given money. KT says she would not take money if I give her, she likes panipuri a lot, she should win the competition, love isn’t just taking, but giving, my joy is yours, your problems are mine. Vishal comes. The girl gets scared and hides. Vishal asks how dare you take Preeti here. Preeti says please, come with me. KT says he is Preeti’s husband. He goes to see. Preeti says Preeti doesn’t want to study in that school. He says its my decision, how will I get money. She says I will arrange money here. He says I will also play this game and win over you. Preeti and Vishal go for the competition. KT says Chawla, make Vishal out. Chawla asks how can I make him out. Preeti thinks I have to win. KT thinks come on Preeti, you will win.

Vishal says leave from my house right away. Preeti says don’t make me out, I promised Shikha. He says leave her, just go. He shuts the door. She cries. KT reaches her to console.

Update Credit to: Amena

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